Air Date: 12/13/2011

Summary: Our Christmas programming continues! Today, we bring you an extra special program. The focus of this episode is how you can make a difference with a very special group of people, by helping to bring Christmas to the elderly in nursing homes. At Wallbuilders, we have a tradition of wrapping gifts and presenting them to local nursing homes. You’ll get to hear from Wallbuilders employees, Misty Huddleston and Damaris Schuler, as they share their experience in blessing some very special people in nursing homes. A very significant portion of elderly in nursing homes are veterans who have served for our freedom. This is our opportunity to give something back to them and to tell them we haven’t forgotten their sacrifice. After our staff talks about their experiences guest, Laura Mott, activity director of West Side Campus of Care, calls in to tell us how we can get involved, and how we can touch someone’s life for Christmas.

Guests: Laura Mott and WallBuilders Staff


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