Election Fraud, The Federal Courts, And More – On Good News Friday:  Have you heard how many cases of potential election fraud have been uncovered since the last election? Are federal courts upholding laws designed to prevent fraud? Have you heard the inspirational story of John Ponder? How many fake news sites from Iran has the government seized? What the Great Barrington Declaration help stop the lockdowns? Tune in to hear some stories you may have missed on this Good News Friday program!

Air Date: 10/30/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


This is the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live, where we talk about today’s hottest topics on policy, and faith, and the culture. We’re always looking at those things from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. And we appreciate you joining us.

My name is Rick green, I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach. I’m here with David Barton, he’s America’s premier historian. And Tim Barton with us; he’s a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. 

Man, we’re so glad you’re with us today on this Friday. It’s Good News Friday. Now people email us all the time talking about how much they love our Friday programs, because we bring you this good news that you don’t typically hear in the major media.

So a lot of great things are happening in our country. I mean, obviously, there’s bad things happening too, but there’s great things happening as well. So I love it when David and Tim get these good news stories and just share them with us rapid fire throughout each Friday program. We’re going to do that today.

And I got to start us with the first piece of good news, which is that earlier this week, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to serve on the United States Supreme Court. This is Donald Trump’s third appointment to the court. It is a phenomenal appointment. 

We’ve talked about it several times already this week. But it’s just worth pointing out that when you talk about good news, this is a huge, huge piece of good news. It’s going to have great impact for years to come. And especially because she’s not going to be a policymaker, I love that she keeps talking about that.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Speech

I don’t know if anybody out there had a chance to watch the speech after she was confirmed. But she said the same thing she said all along, which is that the court is not a policymaking branch that that is what the Senate and the House is supposed to do, the Congress in its entirety, and the President and not the court. So I love hearing that. 

And look, we’re going to see if she’s going to hold true to that. But everything about her career, and everything she has stood for in the past and the things she’s done, tells us that is exactly what she’s going to do. So super, super good news coming out of the judicial branch; and the fact that she has been confirmed, she is now on the United States Supreme Court.

And congratulations to President Donald Trump for making such a great decision and who he appointed and for having the political will. And to McConnell, I got to say, Senator McConnell, the Leader McConnell, in the Senate, we got to say, kudos to him as well and to all of the senators that supported her, and got this done. Did exactly what the constitution calls for, that’s the other part of the good news. 

Is that the constitution was upheld, they didn’t give in to all this whining and crying out there that is completely making up what history is and what precedent is, instead of saying this is what has happened throughout history every time this opportunity arose and a party had both the presidency and the Senate.

So anyway, great news on that front, I know, we’ve got a lot of other great news to get to. So David Barton, what’s your first piece of good news for us today?

Public Interest Legal Foundation


I’m going to start with the Public Interest Legal Foundation. They created the type of database that Trump wanted his, he created an advisory committee on electoral integrity, and he wanted that to make sure elections are real. And this is a long time ago he did that. But there were so many frivolous lawsuits by the Left that it just never got off the ground. And a lot of the Democratic governors didn’t want to supply information to see whether there was election fraud in their States or not.

So what happened was this Foundation stepped and said, well, let’s just do that. And so they obtained voter data from 42 States, and they even had to sue states like Illinois, and Maine and Maryland to get what is claimed to be public data. I mean, the State Secretary states etc, wouldn’t even comply with their own laws, they didn’t want the data going out. 

Nonetheless, this Foundation got information from 42 States, and what they documented was they found at least 140,000 instances of potential election fraud just in the last two elections. So it’s everything from people voting in illegally in multiple states and as somebody voting in the name of the dead person, and etc.

So just in what they did, and this is what Trump’s commission was going to do. This outside group has found more than 140,000 potential frauds just in the last two elections. So that’s not the good news, but that sets up the good news. 

Because even in the last presidential debate, part of the discussion, round it with pundits and you know, Tim, and I actually did election coverage after that night for an hour on one of the cable networks, talking about the margin of victory may be the ability to get past the cheated votes; because there’s been so many arrests that are already happening with potential election fraud, just going right now.

Drop-Off Ballots

So here’s where it gets really fun. I’m going to run through several of these that have come out in the last week or so. This one starts with Ohio. And Ohio, the Secretary of State there, it involves the use of drop-off ballots. And so drop-off ballots means that rather than going into an election site, whether you have an election Judge, and you have to show your ID, and you have to prove who you are. You just pull up the curb and do a ballot and give it to them and drive off and you may or may not be the person that you claim to be. And so that was a potential election fraud that was seen as a way of having a lot of election fraud.

So what happened was the Ohio Secretary of State issued a directive that said you can’t have those kind of drop-off ballot boxes. You have to deal what the state law requires. You have to be able to prove who you are. And so what happened, it was a federal Judge who stepped in and said, well, that’s just not right. I mean, if people want to vote, they should be able to vote. 

They don’t have to prove who they are. And so all this went through the courts. And it finally got to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, where the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the lower federal court. And it’s a great statement they made, they said, “The Supreme Court has repeatedly emphasized that lower federal courts should not alter election rules on the eve and election.” Great! That’s exactly right. Just follow the election laws. So that’s a federal court in Ohio.

Here’s a federal court that deals with Alabama. In Alabama, there was a five month long legal battle on trying to prevent Alabama from enforcing its voter ID law. This is a law that had been passed. It’s a law that was upheld. The courts upheld the law. 

And so now, as the COVID stuff has come along, you have all these election officials saying well, we can suspend the voter ID and we don’t require a witness for absentee ballots, which is what the state law required. If you’re an absentee ballot, someone else has to attest to that so the two people are on record that that’s actually you.

Federal Judges

And so a federal Judge, an Obama Judge dismissed that and said, well, no, we’re not going to do that, because that’s not good for people over 65, and it makes it harder on them. And the law actually allowed for people over 65 to have exemptions, but nonetheless, this federal Judge appointed by Obama just kind of struck down all these election laws. Well, the 11th Circuit stepped in and said, no, you’re going to follow the law. The law is really clear on voting, and you’re not going to make new rules.

Here’s a federal judge in Florida. And in Florida, they had a glitch in their system. They have a deadline for voter registration that was supposed to end at midnight on October 5th and on that last day went down for several hours. So the online registration went down for several hours.

So the Secretary of State stepped in and said, alright, it went down for several hours, we’re going to give you one more day, and that will do it, and that’ll make up for that several hours. Well, group suit and said, no, no, it needs to be a bunch more days. I know it went down for five hours, but we need 10 days or whatever. And so all these groups started suing to have really unlimited registration, not follow the law.

And now you had a federal Judge in Florida who was an Obama appointee, he said, nope, you got to follow the law. And it was really kind of interesting. He begrudgingly said, I really don’t like this, basically, but this is what the law says, and you’re going to follow the law. So in Florida, they’re upholding the law that, is passed there.

Then in North Carolina, you go to federal Judge in North Carolina, and in North Carolina, North Carolina official since a Democrat-run State, they made it possible for state voters return their ballot without having a verifying signatures. On absentee ballots, there had to be someone else to said yes, this actually is the person who is actually voted. And so they suspended that and said, no, I just send it in, you don’t have to have a confirmation who it is.

140,000 Potential Cases of Voter Fraud

And so what happened was they made it possible that you didn’t have to have a witness. Well, the Judge said, no, no, this is law, you’re going to follow the law, you’re not going to skip the law. And it’s interesting in all of these States, the democrats are arguing that voter fraud doesn’t exist, it is non-existent. Well, you know, again, I started this segment with 140,000 potential cases of voter fraud just in the last two elections. And so this is the consistent argument they’re using, but the federal Judges are not buying this. They’re not going with it.

So there’s just a lot of stuff happening here. One more, I’ll pick from Texas, down in Harris County, Texas. Texas has a state law that says if you’re over 65, then we can mail you a ballot; if it’s difficult for you because of age to get there, we’ll mail you a ballot. But down in Houston area, Harris County, the clerk there said we’re going to mail every single voter in the area ballot, 2.4 million ballots we’re going to mail to people. 

And of course, that’s a problem because there’s only about 295,000 seniors in that area. But then we’re going to mail essentially 15 times that that many ballots to everybody to make it easy for everybody to vote, except that’s not what the law says. They want you to come. They want you to be there. They want you to show ID, etc. And so the Texas Supreme Court overturned that attempt by Democrat official in Houston to again make the voting process unprotected.

So I mean, just starting off the first segment, there’s a whole slew of lawsuits that have come in the last week or so that are upholding the integrity of the voting process. And I think that’s really, really good news, especially to go into an election where we’re already seeing lots of examples.

Matter of fact, Tim and I were at a meeting with some congressmen here recently, and one of the guys was telling us that he was doing work up in Pennsylvania, and in the rural parts of Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, you register for a party, Democrat, Republican, whatever. He said, but in the rural parts, there are so many rural Democrats that are voting for Trump. 

Good News for Our Elections

And they were telling him as someone representing Trump and working for Trump there, they were telling him that we keep getting calls from these other areas telling us hey, you need to sign up for mail-in ballot for Georgia, we need your vote in Georgia. And they said, but we live in Pennsylvania, we’ve never been to Georgia in our life. That’s alright, you can vote in Georgia.

And so these Democrats are actually telling this Trump official that we’re getting calls recruiting us to vote in other States, to vote double States. So we know the efforts are out there, and it’s really good to see Judges upholding state law. Each of these States have enacted laws because they have had hearings, they’ve had legislative investigations that are found fraud, and we don’t want fraud going on in the elections. Now, the Democrats claim that fraud doesn’t go on. But that’s why these laws were passed because there was evidence of it.

So the fact that the federal courts are upholding the laws designed to prevent fraud is really good news for the election. And by the way, this also goes to the point that this is what happens when you get someone appointing constitutionally-minded judges on the courts who are saying we’re not supposed to legislate and make policy, legislators do that. 

We’re just supposed to look at the law. So this is really good news from several perspectives. One is you don’t have activist Judges here, and the second is that is upholding the integrity of the voting process.


And this might carry over into future elections, right, not just this election, but hopefully begin to improve the systems for our future elections as well. Stay with us, folks, we get a lot more good news for you. By the way, visit our website wallbuilderslive.com, in the archive section, you can listen to more of those Good News Friday programs. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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But we can do the best we can with what we got. Where we are, there a lot of great candidates running for office, there are a lot of candidates that have stood up for righteousness that have done great work and we need to keep them in office. And then there are others that need to be thrown out because they’ve shown bad fruit. So make sure that you’re casting that informed vote. Go to Christianvoterguide.com.


And we’re back here on WallBuilders Live. It’s Good News Friday today and Tim Barton’s got our next piece of good news. Tim.

Jon Ponder


Alright, guys, this first one of my stack is something that happened a couple of months ago. And we remember it, I don’t know if everybody listening remembers well, but there was a guy named Jon Ponder, who, at the Republican National Convention made an appearance and really, really special. Because in that moment, Jon Ponder was a former criminal, he was a bank robber, he was a felon. And that night, President Trump actually pardoned him, which was really, really special.

And the reason I’m highlighting Jon Ponder is because he now is doing things, involved in ministry, and trying to help get guys in prison to get their life turned around. And I think we’ve even talked about him on Good News Friday before probably several months ago when this was unfolding. This is just another article highlighting some of the details where Jon Ponder says “I want to thank God for turning my life around. It was 100% Jesus that turned my life, in 180 degree turn another direction, I cannot stop thanking Him enough.”

In the midst of this, one of the things the article points out is back in 2018, he actually was there in the Rose Garden when he had been released from prison and President Trump had brought him in to honor him. And this is what President Trump said. “While Jon was in prison, he began reading the Bible and listening to Christian radio.

One day he heard the Reverend Billy Graham on the radio proclaim, “Jesus wants to be Lord of your life.” On that day, Jon dedicated his life to Christ. He spent the rest of his time in prison studying the Bible. And then he gets out.” I’m going to encourage you that you can look up Jon’s story, it gives a lot of great details about it.

It’s just neat, looking back, remembering some of the things that have happened in this administration, but specifically, seeing how God radically changed somebody’s life, turned their life around. He was in prison, happened to hear Billy Graham on the radio, and it even makes me think of the impact of Billy Graham. And now even though he’s gone now, a lot of his legacy is still living on through people whose lives were changed hearing him share the Word of God. And Jon Ponder is a really neat example.

Fake News Sites from Iran

And by the way, one of the things that article highlights as Jon pointed out, that he is so excited now that he’s pardoned that he gets to participate in the electoral system. Because as a bank robber, as a felon, the constitutional right of voting is suspended when you are a felon; when you commit certain crimes part of the consequences that action is you are sacrificing certain rights that you have been granted under the constitution, one of those is the right to vote. But now that he’s pardoned, he can vote again. And he said “He’s so excited to be able to vote along the lines of voting.”

And dad, even as you’re kind of mentioning with some of the voter integrity and how we’re seeing a lot of attacks and a lot of corruption in areas, but a lot of states are stepping up and they’re trying to stop the cheating and corruption. Well, the federal government also stepped in. And something that happened earlier this month, is the federal government seized over 90 fake news sites belonging to Iran, specifically Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has been an arm of kind of Iranian military.

But they created all these crazy websites, and their goal was to really produce chaos and disinformation. And several those websites were in America and were noted as respectable news outlets when the reality was they were making up propaganda; they were really spreading disinformation. So the federal government stepped in and said, okay, we’re not letting this nonsense continue, because this is part of Iran trying to interfere in the election. And we heard a lot the last several years about Russian interference with President Trump and the collusion and all of that was debunked. None of that ever came to fruition.

Although what has been said even by the federal government now is we do see nations involving themselves, trying to interfere in the election. But again, the good news is we have federal election officials who are stepping up, the federal government stepping up saying, okay, we’re not going to let this happen. We’re going to try to stop this as much as possible.

And so you do see a lot of work to protect the integrity of the elections. And part of it, from this article, just highlighting the good news is that they were able to find over 90 fake websites from Iran and get those websites stopped and taken down so that disinformation can’t continue. And that is good news.

Trump is Not a Politician


Very good news. And Tim, I was thinking about even the pardon. You know, one of the great things I like about Trump is he doesn’t shy away from things because a sound bite could be used against him. You know, politicians tend to, they would avoid this because the headline would be, you know, Trump pardons bank robber. Instead, he looks at the long game and he looks at the heart and he knows that we need redemption and that people can be rehabilitated and all those and he would rather highlight that story and be able to help this man, help so many other people then worry about all the political correctness and anyways, I don’t even know if I’m describing that right. But it’s just another…


Well, and that’s also why he said in this last debate, right and talking to Joe Biden said, look, your career politician, I’m not a politician. I don’t even know how to play those political games. And I think probably he doesn’t want to play some last little games, but it’s true he’s not a politician. So a lot of things that he does and says it strikes people sometimes as weird or odd, because politicians don’t do that. But that’s exactly the point. He’s not a politician. And so he does step out in some pretty bold areas.

And you’re right, this could have been, Rick, and many of the people he’s pardon, it could have been very awkward situations that he’s pardoning these people who have done great wrongs. But he recognized no, these are changed people. They’ve paid their price kind of for the consequences of their actions. They’ve done their time.

But their lives are changed. They need to be forgiven. They need a second chance. And that redemption message which obviously is part of the Christian message, President Trump has been able to help kind of embody that in some of what he’s done with prison reform.


Powerful stuff! Powerful stuff! Quick break, guys, we’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news, stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. It’s Good News Friday and David Barton’s got the next piece of good news. David.


The next piece of good news is called the Great Barrington Declaration. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that. It was recently issued by 15,000 scientists and doctors worldwide and it was put together by doctors from Harvard and Stanford and Oxford University, not skimpy little names. So, 15,000 scientists and doctors worldwide have issued this Great Barrington declaration which calls for stopping the devastating lockdowns.

COVID-19 Policies

They go through the medical part of it, they go through the scientific part, and they say look, this is their quote. They say, “As infectious disease, epidemiologist, and public health scientists, we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies. And we recommend an approach we call focus protection.”

So what they’re asking for this again, in their words, we want people to live their lives normally to build up immunity through natural infection while at the same time improving safeguards for the elderly, and others who are at greater risk of death and COVID-19. Which is what we’ve been arguing for, for months, use common sense stuff. The people that are healthy don’t need to be isolated, is the people that really need extra care and protection that need that extra touch around them to keep them from getting it. So, it’s interesting.

They say “Coming from both the left and the right and around the world, we devoted our careers to protecting people. Current lockdowns are producing devastating effects on short and long term public health.” So that’s their declaration. It’s good to hear so many, and I mean thousands of medical voices and professionals from around the world saying, look, what the political guys are doing makes no medical sense.

Here’s the way to go at it and the long term and they talked about how many deaths may come in future years because of all the depression, the isolation, everything else. So they’re looking at the big picture, which is really good. Now, having said that, and having called for ending the lockdowns in the first segment, I looked at a lot of courts that are doing the right thing…

The Great Barrington Declaration


Hey, David, real quick, if I could just say on this Barrington deal, yeah, hundreds of thousands of citizens have signed, tens of thousands of medical practitioners, of experts, epidemiologist, I mean, all this, it is massive, and in fact, encouraged people to go sign it, Gbdeclaration.org. I’ve signed it, I’ve read it, these guys are spot on, saying exactly the same thing we’ve said on this program from day one. And they’ve got a ton of professional saying the same thing. And there’s been a media block on it.

They’ve they tried to block them on Twitter and Facebook and take them down all the social media stuff, you know, it’s just crazy. But if you’ll share it, folks, if you’ll go there, and you’ll share it, you sign it, you share it, we’ll continue to get more and more momentum going on that. Sorry to interrupt you, brother, but I mean, it’s a really good declaration and tons of people have signed it. Gbdeclaration.org


It is growing explosively and that’s really good. Now, with that, having called for them to shut down, it’s like the courts are starting to get that message as well, looked at courts in the first segment there were protecting the ballot integrity issue. Well, here’s a bunch. This one comes out of Michigan.

And back in May, May 4th, I mean, this is early on in the lockdown stuff. May 4th in Michigan, Karl Manke who was 78, you may recall he opened his barber shop, that was kind of the national news at the time. And this is what he said. He said “The lockdown is absolutely brought me to my knees. I just couldn’t do that. I’m a small business owner. Governor Whitmer has no concept of all the damage she’s doing to the state and the families.” But what happened was the courts said no, no, you have to do what she said. You cannot have your business open.

“Some Rob You With the Gun; Others Rob You with the Pen.”

What happened recently is the state Supreme Court came in and overturned the lower court ruling, said no, you can’t do and I love what they said. They told the lower court, they said, “You cannot let the rule of law become yet another casualty of COVID-19. Just because COVID-19 comes along doesn’t mean the constitution stops working or that laws go out of effect.”

So it’s a great decision by the Michigan Supreme Court saying Governor Whitmer cannot stop you from working and having a job and having the right to earn a living for your family, which the Founding Fathers identified that as one of the inalienable rights. In their writings, they talk about that’s a natural, that’s an inalienable right. And the governor’s had been shutting this down. So Michigan court stepped up and said, no, you can’t do that. And that’s not necessarily the court, you would expect to take a very conservative position. But again, this is great, they’re going with the Constitution.

And over in Pennsylvania, it’s interesting that in May, also the same month, back early in the thing, there was a restaurant owner, Mike Mangano who was ordered by the state to remain shuttered. He couldn’t do that. He said, I’ve got to open. And so he opened with no mask, no social distancing, and no plastic barriers. They explained that the family really needed it, they had to go ahead and make a living and etc. And this is what Mangano said.

I love what he said, “Some rob you with the gun, others rob you with the pen”. Talking about the governor having written that order that he can’t do that, because the governor also imposed thousands of dollars of fines on him for opening. So he said, “Some rob you with the gun, others rob you with the pen.” He said, “But I have absolutely no fear here. We’re going to continue to come to work. The governor ain’t going to do anything about it. We’re ain’t playing crap here.” So the governor can gamble if he wants to, but this is not a gambling game.

Well, guess what, the courts in Pennsylvania sided with him against the governor and said you can’t do this. And he has now won this in court. So the courts are starting to say that you can’t have this extended shutdown going on. You can’t violate constitutional rights.

Election Fraud, The Federal Courts, And More – On Good News Friday

And then one more I’ll point to real quickly. This is a case that Kelly Shackelford had in Washington DC, where that the mayor of Washington DC ordered that a church there, 142 year old Baptist church who has 850 members that they can’t have more than 100 people gather to worship on Sundays. And yet as Kelly pointed out in there are arguments, she’s letting hundreds gather on the streets to protest; hundreds gather and outdoor venues everywhere, and she’s saying this church can’t have more than 100.

So they sued in court and the court stepped in and said, look, we’re not going to allow this to happen. And I love what the Judge said, he actually quoted a scripture. He said, “It’s not for the church and it’s not for the district or this court to define the meaning of “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together,” which is a quote out of Hebrews, that Christians are not supposed to forsake the assembling of themselves, and that’s why they have church. So great decisions from courts now, starting to strike down some of these crazy political COVID restrictions that don’t make medical sense.


In the last debate, you know, last week, I made it pretty clear, you’ve got a clear option here. Joe Biden wants to shut things down even further, wants to join and support those mayors and governors that have done that, said he had shut the whole thing down and make everybody wear masks. Can you imagine that? Whereas Trump saying, let’s get this thing open, the cure has become worse than the disease. So pretty clear option. If you want things to open up, you better go vote on November 3rd, and make sure that you’re voting for the folks that want to open things up and not the ones that want to continue to lock it down.

Also a very clear option if you are tired of the rioting. I mean, what’s happened in Philadelphia in the last week, and all across the country, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, you name it, all of these blue cities where the Democrats are in charge, they’re allowing our cities to be burned and they’re not doing their job. They’re not defending our people. So if you want to put an end to that you’ve got very clear choices on who to vote for in this election next week. Make sure that you are showing up to vote, that you’re getting your friends and family out to vote as well.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the good news today? You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.