Our Greatest Warriors Are Being Shamed With Pastor Jeff Durbin – Our greatest warriors are being shamed for refusing the vaccine. Hundreds of our servicemen and women have sought counsel for what the biblical response should be towards the tyrannical mandates imposed by the Government. They are the ones who fight for our Country and freedom, and are being punished for it. Will you help fight and stand for them? Pastor Jeff Durbin shares this important interview with us.

Air Date: 10/04/2021

Guest: Pastor Jeff Durbin

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Welcome to WallBuilders Live. This is the intersection of faith and culture. We are taking on hot topics from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. Intro, very short today because we want to dive right in to a very important interview with Pastor Jeff Durbin, this has to do with those Navy SEALs that are potentially going to be discharged for not getting the vaccine. This is very important information we want to get to folks. So we’re going to take our one break of the day right now right up front. And when we come back, Pastor Jeff Durbin with us to discuss this very important topic. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. Really excited to have Jeff Durban with us. I am embarrassed for my country with what is happening, not just to all of us as citizens, but now to our members of the military. We are absolutely shaming the very people that are defending our freedom. Pastor Jeff, thanks for coming on, man. Thanks for what you’re doing. Appreciate you spending a few minutes with us today.


It’s my pleasure, brother. Thanks for having me on.


As we’re talking, I want to encourage people to pull up the website standwithwarriors.org. But tell us how as a pastor, you ended up involved with all these Navy SEALs and other members of the military and helping to protect their rights and keep them from getting thrown out of the military. I know you’ve teamed up with good legal counsel as well, but they’ve asked for your help.


Yes, I was made aware of this situation a couple of months ago, and a significant number of Navy SEALs from across teams from across the country were struggling with facing this unconstitutional, tyrannical vaccine mandates. And a lot of them are aware of my ministry and listen to my teaching and radio program and those sorts of things. Ultimately, one of these Navy SEALs approached me at a conference and asked if I’d be willing to give more counsel and help. And so, ended up meeting with a lot of these Navy SEALs in a significant number of fields from across the Navy SEAL teams from across the United States are a part of this.

And it’s been an encouraging thing to see that these are such godly men who are so firmly dedicated to Christ and the gospel and God’s law, the biblical worldview. It really, honestly in this whole process it’s been shocking to me to see just the work that God is doing in these men who are our greatest warriors. I would argue they’re the greatest warriors in the history of mankind just in terms of technology, training. I mean these men are disciplined, they’re sharp, they’re intelligent, and these men are devoted to Christ, and to the biblical worldview and to their oath as seals to uphold the Constitution as defended against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


Man, Jeff, I’m encouraged just by how you’re describing their approach. Because one of the things I’ve been worried about over the last couple of decades, honestly, is that we stopped teaching just war theory, we stopped teaching the biblical right of self-defense, the biblical idea behind when you do go to war and when you don’t go to war. So for these guys who I would not have thought would ask those questions, right, for them to be asking of you, what’s the biblical way to do this, what’s the constitutional way to do this? But also what is the biblical way to do this? I mean, that in and of itself is encouraging that these guys that are on the front lines still have that mindset and are still willing to ask those questions and get that good counsel for you. Was it surprising to you at all, I mean?


Yes, I mean, that was the thing that was so stunning to me, is when I got involved in this process, and I’m talking to all these Navy SEALs face to face, that was very surprising. I didn’t expect these men, I mean, folks to just think about the nature of a Navy SEALs. These men are courageous men. They’re silent professionals, kind of like modern day ninjas and to that point about being shocked by all this. They are very committed Christians. I mean, I’m sitting in a room full of men that are the best of the best in terms of discipline in mind.

But these are men who are, I mean, the word devoutly, doesn’t seem to fill it out enough. I mean, they are dedicated to Jesus Christ. And their main concern is what is the thing to do that most glorifies God? What is the thing to do that is most consistent with His law word? And you’d be surprised to hear the words coming out of these men’s mouths in terms of their commitment to the Lordship of Christ, their desire to make sure that he is first obeyed and that the decisions they make are honoring and glorifying to him. And so yeah, it was very surprising to hear these men.

I mean, these men were walking into this meeting with me with their Bibles in hand. There’s hundreds, hundreds of Navy SEALs who are resisting the vaccine mandate. As many of them have already had COVID and beaten it, they’re recovered so they have the natural immunity, which all the studies are showing really across the board right now is robust and even better than in many, many cases than the vaccine itself. And the vaccine itself represents a very narrow attempt at a particular spike protein. These men already have had COVID, and they’ve beaten it. These are some of the strongest, the most physically fit men on the planet…


Yeah, that’s why I was sitting here, thinking these are some of the toughest guys on the planet in better health and you know, 99.99999% of people alive today, the least likely to be affected in a negative way by COVID. And whether it’s these guys or I was just sitting with a fireman the other day, and I mean his life is about to be totally uprooted because he refuses to get the shot, has had COVID and I can’t imagine your house’s burning, your family’s trapped inside that you care one bit, whether or not that fireman running into save their lives has had the COVID vaccine. I just can’t believe that these cities are firing these guys over this, and then of course, the military guys.

And I want to come back to them because that’s the purpose. We want to get these guys help, standwithwarriors.org, standwithwarriors.org. But I got to take you down the trail a little bit on the theological answers to these guys. Because we have so many religious leaders absolutely distorting Romans 13 and making Christians in America think that they have to be like Christians in Nazi Germany were told to be, to just because of Romans 13 submit to Hitler, I think it’s absolutely evil what we’re teaching in the church right now. We’re leaving out Acts, we’re leaving out what Paul was actually doing, not just what he said. So what do you say to these guys from a theological perspective as a pastor, hey, here’s what you can do biblically in order to stand for your rights and for your family’s rights and the rest of the country?


Yes, that’s a really important question. And I thank God that the Founding Fathers of this nation and the Christian worldview that was in the atmosphere then, they didn’t hold to the modern day evangelical and the West perspective of Romans 13. I mean, if you think about the history of Christianity from the very beginning of the church, the early Christians were persecuted not because they worship Jesus, it’s pagan, Roman’s pagan; you can worship anything you want. So it wasn’t that they just didn’t like Jesus. And the Romans didn’t like Jesus, Roman Caesars didn’t like Jesus. They didn’t like that God. They didn’t care.

The issue was Heiser curious, Caesar is Lord, Caesar has to be seen as ultimate. Just a little pinch of incense, that’s what the Christians are being told, just give a little pinch of incense to Caesar and we’ll leave you alone. Christian said we’ll be good citizens, we’ll be obedient citizens. But wherever Caesar tries to usurp Christ’s authority, Christians are called to disobey and to resist tyranny out of obedience to God.

So the early Christians said things like and we all know this, Peter says, we must obey God rather than men; when he’s being given a specific civil directive, not preaching in his name, we must obey God rather than men. And in Acts 17, the early Christian, the accusation about them, they go against the clear decrees of Caesar saying, there’s another King Jesus. So while God ordains governments, government, according to Romans 13 is supposed to be God’s servant, God’s Deacon. Now that’s key.

When people distort today, modern evangelicals distort Romans 13, they neglect the text itself. The text says that civil government is ordained by God to be God’s servant, not the servant of some other God, but the servant of the one true and living God. And the purpose, the ordained purpose of government by God is to essentially punish evildoers and protect the righteous to uphold righteousness.

And so Romans 13 is not descriptive. It’s not describing what Paul was dealing with in Rome with Caesar. I mean, they ultimately tried to slaughter Christians and destroy the entire church, for goodness sakes. So he wasn’t describing Rome. It’s prescriptive. This is the God ordained institution of government. This is its purpose.

And so when we think about that in the context of today, these Navy SEALs are solid believers. And they know our history, they know the word of God, and they know this very, very key truth that is run throughout the history of the Christian church. If no transcendent law is recognized above the government’s, and government will attempt to take the prerogatives of deity and become deified itself, in other words, government tries to become God, these men are Christians. They recognize that Jesus is God. There is only one God, the triune God of Scripture, and these men recognize that while they respect their chain of commands, and they do, for goodness sakes, these men run in front of bullets when their chain of command tells them to, they still recognize that government is not ultimate, it’s not gone.

And so from their perspective, these men recognize there is a not only biblical line of truth that would reject something like this vaccine mandates, but they recognize this an historic Christian tradition consistent with that biblical truth. That is Lex, Rex, Samuel Rutherford, Lex, Rex. Go buy that book, read that book. That is an standing historic Christian tradition that the law is king. It is not that the king is law, and not a law unto himself. He can’t just dictate law that violates God’s law. There is a divine law that transcends all of this.

And so the law is king, Lex Rex. That’s an historic Christian tradition. Very important. This country was started by the descendants of the Covenanters, the Huguenots, the Puritans, they came out of a context where they had to really work these things out as Christians to really be able to speak against the tyranny of the king, or the lawlessness of the king, or the massacres that were being perpetrated upon Christians by the king and those in authority: Lex, Rex, the law is king.

In other words, while God has ordained government is an institution that is given by God that is good that has a purpose, we have to recognize that God’s law reigns supreme over the government. The king must obey the law. Now, when these men raise their hand to swear an oath that God would witness before their countrymen, they swore an oath to something that they meant to keep. And what they understood when they made that oath before God was that they were making an oath to defend the law, not the king, the law. And the law says life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. There’s a lot of things in there that are solidly biblical, these men are swearing an oath to a man tend to keep it.

The Navy SEALs that I’m speaking on behalf of, these Christian Navy SEALs, again, there are hundreds of Navy SEALs rejecting this mandate and being told that even with a religious exemption, they will not be SEALs. So we’ll lose a significant number of our SEALs potentially.


Yeah, for people that may not know, I mean, you’re talking about a force of about 2,500 or 3,000 total SEALs?


Yeah, what we can know is there’s maybe somewhere around 2,500 Navy SEALs, you’re going to lose hundreds of those Navy SEALs. Let’s just say you lost 30% of the Navy SEALs, what’s that going to do to military rest?


Right. No doubt. And I’m sorry to interrupt you, Jeff, I got to kick on the theological one thing. So I know you had a great sermon on defiance to pirates, we got late last year sometime. And where we draw the line at this point, and where we’re pushed over the edge who knows where all of this goes right now. We’re hoping for peaceable solutions to all of this. I don’t want anybody to take our words out of context in what we’re saying here, but to stand up and legally fight back as you guys are doing to have good legal counsel that is pushing back and saying we’re going to stand up for our rights. Very much like Paul did, hey, you’re going to whip a Roman citizen?

I mean, that’s essentially what these guys are doing. They’re saying we have certain rights here, and there’s also just basic legal, there’s violations of our constitutional rights, but also our bodily integrity that’s happening here. You had mentioned, on one of the interviews I saw with you, look, these guys were used to be in jabbed, I mean, in the military, you get vaccines left and right, this is different, and they feel differently about it. So can we stress that for a second too?


Yeah. And just on that key point you made there in terms of just war theory, and Lex, Rex and the Christian tradition based upon biblical principles and truth, about resistance to tyranny as obedience to God, the Christian tradition also says that you speak prophetically to your government. You reason. You beg. You plead. You preach the gospel. You want hearts to change. Nobody wants a war. And particularly even the Christians, the New England pulpit that was so involved in the creation of this grand experiment we have here that we’re losing, the key issue for them was you only have a defensive posture, never offensive.

And so what these SEALs are doing is what they ought to be doing and that’s speaking against these unconstitutional mandates. And so when you talk about the vaccine issue, here’s what’s key for them. Everybody’s going to ask the questions, it’s right to ask it? It’s fair to ask it. We shouldn’t be afraid to hear these questions and be challenged by them. Why are they rejecting this one? They’ve been stuck 100 times and they walk through the lines in a bootcamp where they’re just getting hit with vaccines. There’s a difference between what’s happening with this particular technology that’s an experimental vaccine with no long term safety data, and what you’re talking about with those other issues.

When you talk about vaccines that have long term safety data and have been even accepted and utilized for decades, you’re not talking about the same thing when you’re talking about this. The short term data on this particular technology and treatment, the short term data is alarming. All of us should be suspicious of it. We’re allowed to be suspicious of something going into our bodies that could A, kill us; B, physically damage and harm us or even disable us. I mean, I don’t know if anybody even heard because stuff is being blocked constantly. But Eric Clapton came out recently, one of the greatest guitar players in the world, he came out recently, because he had to just tell a story, he said that I got the vaccine and he said, he lost the use of his arms and hands…


A major neurological reaction, and I’ve had friends with the exact same thing. Yeah, even the Pfizer study that the FDA use to approve the vaccine, a third of them had some sort of adverse reaction. Now a lot of those were minor, but some were serious. And all we hear is safe and effective, safe and effective. They won’t even give the warning to pregnant women, even though you’ve had something like a third with miscarriages. It’s criminal what they’re doing.


It is criminal. It is criminal. And it’s tyranny perpetrated upon the citizens of this country. And I would say globally, and this is what’s really important to consider is that it is just a fact, it’s an indisputable fact, there’s no reason to try to dispute it, it’s just the nature of the case. There is no long term safety data for these vaccines. How do we know that? Because we just got them.

And so when you take that into consideration along with the very alarming short term data that we see coming in, we have to ask the question. You know, in the history of vaccines, even the last 20 years, there’s been moments where they attempted vaccines, and they would lose 25 people, and they would shut it down and say that’s too much. We’re talking about thousands, and thousands and thousands of people have been killed by this thing and injured by it. And this is what’s really important. These are not anti-vaxxers. The Navy SEALs that I’m speaking on behalf of our Christian men who love their country who intend to keep their oath, and they’re not anti-vaxxers.

That’s not the same thing we’re dealing with when we’re talking about this particular technology. We have to recognize this has never been done before for a respiratory virus. When you talk about mRNA vaccines, we don’t know the long term damage. And what these men recognize is that it’s not just them that’s being affected by this, they recognize that this is a mandate that is coming to them and to their countrymen, and that’s the key. It’s not just Lex Rex, the law is king; divine law is above government. Is that divine law also says that these men as well as you and me are obligated to obey Jesus commands of love our neighbor as we love ourselves. And part of that law from God that runs through Scripture is the principle of the preservation of human life.

So when you take all of these things together, these men are thinking critically, they’re thinking as Christian men who are submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, it’s the gospel itself. These men are saying, okay, but wait a minute. What does this mean for my countrymen? What does this mean for my oath? If the short term data is proving to be very suspicious, and in some case is alarming, and the devastations of the public health that could come from this in the future.

You know, I have to consider as a Christian man what God commands of me to love my neighbor and to work towards the preservation of human life. This isn’t just affecting the SEALs. This is affecting their countrymen whom they swore to protect. And what they’re saying is that I must resist this because it is tyranny, because it is lawlessness, because it could affect my countrymen, and because it violates the oath that I made to the Constitution itself: life, liberty, those two issues, these men put a hand up to swear before God and country, I will defend those things. And this vaccine mandates disrupt that. I mean, life, liberty, just those two issues are biblical issues. And these men intend to keep their oath.

And so what they’ve been trying to get is more time. This has been fast tracked onto them, and they’re essentially being told we’re going to put you on hold. And even with a valid religious exemption, even with something that would violate your own conscience, even with fact that you’ve already had COVID and recovered and already have the immune system benefits, you will not be deployable, you will not be a Navy SEAL, which means, again, that affects military readiness. And this is key too, brother. This is what a lot of people need to understand.

When I broke this story, I was speaking on behalf of Navy SEALs trying to let the world know what’s going on with them. They don’t want the attention. They’re the solid professionals. They’re not trying to come out and put a spotlight on themselves. I’m speaking on their behalf. And when I broke the story, people started finally saying, oh, we’re in this group over here that didn’t know what to do. We’re with you, guys.

So you’ve got Blackhawk helicopter pilots, you got fighter pilots, you’ve got people who are part of Marine Corps force recon, you got Green Berets, you’ve got men and women from across the branches who are all resisting this and saying no, and they’re being told a number of very confusing, either you’re not deployable or you’re going to be less than honorable discharge or dishonorably discharged or you can go to jail. And this is what’s being told to our military across branches.

And what does it mean for us in United States of America when we say that the government has this kind of power to literally put something that is an experiment into the bodies of all American citizens or be able to tell people we will take away your livelihood, your ability to eat, your ability to feed your families, we’ll take away your career? And what does it mean if we lose 30% of our active duty military? What does it say about military readiness? What kind of position does that put us in as a country? And so these…


No, it’s destructive economically, it’s destructive military, I mean, every area of the culture…


That’s right.


And I’m sorry, you were about to say something else about the guys.


Yeah, I’m so proud of these men. I really am. I’m so proud of them. And I’m so grateful for them. I mean…


And normally, Jeff, we would be sitting here saying that because of their willingness to march into battle to, as you said, literally run into bullets, I mean, normally, we’re talking that kind of bravery and courage. You don’t normally expect that these are the guys that are going to stand up and defend us constitutionally, theologically, intellectually, I mean, all of those things. I mean, they’re literally being the ones that are thinking through the long term effects of this cowering in the culture and just sheep-like mentality of following whatever the government says. They are actually leading the way at this point in defending liberty itself.


That’s right. And I want to say please, everybody pray for these men, because this is an easy. I mean, these men they’re the epitome of courage and bravery more than any of us could possibly ever understand. But these men are dealing with some deep struggles right now as Christian men, and even the Navy SEALs that aren’t Christian, they’re just wanting to fulfill their oath. They’re dealing with a lot right now because if they were ready, and they are ready to go and to get blown to pieces and to get shot and to watch their brothers die in the mud, they’re always ready for that. They were ready to lay their lives down. But in this case, they’re having to come to grips with the fact that laying their lives down might not look like they intended. Laying their lives down might look like suffering long term with a dishonorable discharge. Or laying their lives down for their countrymen might look like not having the ability to feed their families.

And so I said to these men, I said, I’m so grateful for you. I love you. I’m praying for you. And you know, determining to die for your country was what you were willing to do and you committed to do. I know that you guys didn’t intend dying to look like this. But that’s what it looks like. And one of the things my friend, very well-known pastor, he made a special video just for the SEALs while I met with him, he said something that really affected me, it was powerful. He said to these men, and I hope there’s victory here and I hope someday I can release all this stuff to everyone so they can see them, not just me, but the other men who were speaking into these men’s lives. My friend said to them, he said, “Men you inherited a heritage of courage from our forebears, the men who gave us this country, the men who fought to give us our liberties, you inherited this heritage of courage.” He said, “It is your duty now to do what is right before God and your countrymen and to pass that courage down to the next generation. Do not let that courage die in the graveyard you build for it.”


Wow. Wow. Man, Jeff, I wish I was Joe Rogan so we could go three hours, bro. This is so good and so needed and I wish I didn’t have the time constraints. I want to send people to two websites. Standwithwarriors.org, you can learn more about the specific steps being taken now, the calling of the right people in political office, the letter signing on donating. Legal representation costs money, folks. Even with the folks that do it pro bono, you still got a lot of bills to pay to get it done. So please consider helping. These men are willing to die for us. The least we can do is stand with them here, standwithwarriors.org. And then Jeff, you know, we can get more of your stuff. I’m assuming Apologia Studios is where you want me to send folks?


Yeah, people can go to apologiastudios.com to get more content from us. And I just want to say to everyone, as you mentioned that I know you’re running out of time here. Standwithwarriors.org was set up specifically for these men, their benefit legally. I want people to understand the money is all good. If we’re able to raise money for them, it’s going to them and their legal defense. It’s not going to me, not one red cent is going to me or to anybody. And we’ve just been giving everything away to these guys. And that is there for members of the military who are suffering right now. If we need to get them help financially for legal counsel, it is going to them.


Excellent. Excellent. Good stuff. Jeff Durbin, God bless you, man. Keep up the great work only man on the planet that I know that gives Voddie Baucham a run for his money for the best beard on the planet. Appreciate man. Thank you, man. Thank you for coming on today.


Absolutely, my honor. Thank you for helping these men.


Thank you, Pastor Jeff. Folks, be sure and get those websites today, they’ll be available at wallbuilderslive.com. Thank you so much for listening to WallBuilders Live.