Parents Sue School District – Religious Case Wins In Tennessee And More – Parents sue school district for encouraging transgender identity in their 12 year old girl. The crosses in Elizabethton, Tennessee are still going to stand to shed the light of Christ and more!

Air Date: 06/17/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live, and we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith and the culture, always looking at it from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. It’s Good News Friday, so we’re going to be bringing you some good news throughout the program today.

You can get more of that at our website, Now, that’s our radio site. So that’s the place to go for archives of the program over the last few weeks. You can also learn a little bit about the Constitution and quarantines right there at, click on that video link and it’ll take you to a series of those. And that will also give you a chance at, to sign up as a host and start hosting classes to help save our Constitution. Folks, we’re not just defending the Constitution anymore, we’re not just educating about it. We’re literally fighting for the life of the Constitution. But let’s get into some good news. We’re here with David Barton. He is America’s premier historian and our founder of WallBuilders, Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. And my name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach. Looking forward to our Good News Friday today.


Okay, Rick, the one I’m starting with actually deals with what we thought might happen this past Monday that didn’t happen. Everybody’s kind of anticipating the Supreme Court coming down with the Dobbs decision telling us what it thinks about Roe v. Wade, not that’s a real mystery to a lot of folks. We think we know where it’s going. What we don’t know is how they’re going to word it and what that’ll do for future implications.

But it’s kind of crazy that we’re in the position of having nine unelected people tell us what our national policy is going to be on something. It’s just crazy in itself. I mean, this was not supposed to go to the court under the Founders beliefs. But nonetheless, it is there. And so maybe this coming Monday, we’ll hear something.

But however, in something that happened just a few days ago, Walmart had its annual shareholders meeting. Unlike a lot of big corporations, people that have bought into these public companies, they have shareholders and most people don’t actually go to the meetings, they will send a proxy to someone else to let the company have their proxies. Or if they think the direction company’s going good, then they’ll just leave it alone.

But as Walmart shareholders meeting just here a few days ago, somebody said, hey, since we’re about to see a decision on Roe v Wade, we need Walmart to be a little more active in promoting abortion to all of its employees and making this a healthcare option and etc. And it’s significant because that’s really a big deal. Walmart is the single biggest private employer in the United States. The only employer, I think that’s bigger than that is the federal government. So the federal government’s got 2 million plus employees. Walmart has 1.6 million. So that’s a lot of folks.

And so here, this resolution comes, it says we need to make abortion services available for Walmart employees, etc. And interestingly enough, that did not pass, which is really good news. So Walmart, they’ve done some things that at times cause you to raise your eyebrows when it comes to woke stuff. But they really haven’t gotten woke like a lot of companies have. They’ve really kind of just maintained right kind of in the middle and so many ways. And here’s another example of that, where that they seem to understand their retail market. They’re not trying to take sides. They’re not trying to get anybody ticked off one way or the other. They’re trying to provide goods and services.

But the good news is that the largest single private employer of employees across the United States has said no to making abortion services available through its health care. So that’s good news.


Alright. Well, that’s our first piece of good news. Tim, what’s our next piece of good news?


Alright, guys, this one is from a school district in Wisconsin. It’s a really interesting case. It’s something that unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of similar cases around the nation. It’s really shocking on face and surface level. There is good news in this case, so that nobody misunderstands. It’s Good News Friday, we’re definitely got good news. This is good news.

The title of the article says “Judge allows parent lawsuit against school district over policy allowing kids to identify as opposite sex”. Now, there’s actually a couple of students in this. But one example they give is of a 12-year-old girl who was struggling with her gender identity and she ends up talking to school counselors, talking to teachers. And then she tells her parents that she identifies the boy now, she wants to be called by a boy’s name. And her parents say no, you’re a girl. We’re not calling you by a boy’s name. And the school says, well, we’ll call you whatever you want. If you identify as a boy, we’re going to do that.

And the parents asked the teachers, asked the school please do not call her this name, call her given name, gender, she’s a female, she’s a girl. And the school said, well, you don’t have any power over students at school, what we do here at school, and we don’t even have to tell you what we’re doing. And this is where it’s kind of shocking. And yet this is the reality of what we are seeing in the culture and the nation today is that school districts believe they’re not accountable to parents, that parents have no power and authority of our kids and parents shouldn’t even be informed of what they are doing.

Well, as the story unfolds, the parents pulled their daughter out of the school. And after a couple of weeks of being out of the school, the daughter comes round and says mom and dad, I don’t want to feel like a boy anymore. I don’t want to be a boy. I want to be a girl. She’s grateful them. I appreciate you taking care of me. And the parents but why did you feel like you were a boy? And the daughter said, well, they just kept affirming that I was a boy and they just said it so much. And I was confused and then I thought I was a boy. And the daughter said they call it ‘Gender Affirming Care’.

And when the parents are hearing all that this indoctrination was happening to their 12-year-old daughter, they said, okay, we are suing the school. And the school district said you can’t sue us because you don’t have a child in the school district. Well, the reason they don’t have a child there is they pulled their daughter out because of what the school was doing. But they were not sure they’d even be able to bring a suit against the school for what they did. And this is where a Judge did intervene and the judge overseeing the case. And this is where in this case there is more than one parent child scenario. There’s actually multiple children, multiple parents that are in a suit in this together. The Judge looked at and said, absolutely, you can bring this case against them.

So it was Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Michael P. Maxwell, who told the school district that they’re filed the dismiss would not work. So the parents going to carry forth a lawsuit, which the good news here is, first of all, now that daughter got out and without this ‘Gender Affirming Care’, she recognized oh, I am a girl. So the good news is this is certainly an individual it looks like they have been saved from this nonsense propaganda gender confusion the school was doing. But more importantly, is it looks like the school district might be held accountable for the nonsense they were teaching.

And what we are seeing now is more and more parents are waking up. And, guys, we’ve talked about this a lot for parents who still have kids in public school, and we get it, there’s a lot of parents in those scenarios, and they’re not sure what they can do and how they can do it and we can’t afford other options. Were just telling you, right, the Bible says what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? You’re going to at some point have to count the cost. And so much of what is being taught in the schools is such garbage.

And I know there’s public school teachers that we know and love and many listen the program. And we’re not trying to specifically criticize individuals. There might be some very good teachers. In fact, we know a couple of superintendents who are really good people. We know some school districts where they still say the Pledge of Allegiance, they still have prayer, they’re trying to do something. The problem is that is not a reflection of the vast majority of public education, is not a reflection of the vast majority of public schools. And there might be some good individuals a part of the system, but the system itself is incredibly broken. And there are a lot of very twisted, secular, immoral, and even amoral people, anti-moral people in the system that are promoting this propaganda all the way up from pre-K through the university system.

And so definitely something parents, the more that keeps coming out about the schools, the more you need to pray and figure out what you need to do for your kids because their soul is far more important than anything else going on. Looking at the education system, finances, etc, there are many parents that might not feel qualified to homeschool kids. And we can tell you, there’s a lot of great resources. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed. You don’t need to be discouraged. The average parent who does not have any kind of educational background, what we have seen statistically in the homeschool community is those parents are able to help their kids perform academically higher on average than a public school student who’s gone through all kinds of “certified” teachers for 12 years.

A noncertified parent is able to produce better results because of what they’re able to pour into their kid. It’s definitely something worth looking at. But the good news here is there is the opportunity for the school district to be held accountable. And that’s the important thing.


We’re going to take a quick break, guys, we’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news for you when we return on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back with David and Tim now to get some more good news on our Good News Friday. And David, I think you’ve got the next piece of good news?


Rick, this one deals with a religious expression, it kind of goes what Tim was talking about, that we’re in a system now that attacks biblical values and biblical morals and biblical beliefs and biblical expressions. And the schools do that. But it’s also happening in the culture as well.

And there’s a battle that’s been going on in Elizabethton, Tennessee and that’s a place in Tennessee, where there’s just beautiful rolling hills, etc. I just got back from Colorado this morning. And man, the hills out in western Colorado, remind me Wyoming, Montana, elsewhere. And of course, you got the really big mountains in the center of the state. But those hills are beautiful. And that’s the way Tennessee is, these wooded hills.

And up on top one of the wooded hills there, and it’s city property there in Elizabethton, they’ve got three crosses on top of that hill. And they actually maintain those crosses and they light those crosses and they’re taken care of. And those crosses were put up in the 1950s by some young boys, they had an Easter project. And so some neighborhood kids put those crosses up on top of the hill as part of the Easter project.

And so as you can imagine, that’s not acceptable to people who don’t like other people practicing religion. So the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and I just always marveled at that, the Constitution guarantees of freedom of religion, and these guys are seeking freedom from religion, just by their very, I would think just branding wise, surely you could come up with a better name than that. I mean, the name by itself is actually going at the Constitution and it just seems ironic, they would even choose that.


But at least they are very clear on their purpose, and they don’t have to be confused at what they are doing. I appreciate when the other side is at least clear on their intentions and they’re not misleading. And you’re going wait a second, so are you for this or against it? I’m not sure. I appreciate when their name is that clear that there’s no confusion.


And it’s ironic that with a name like that they actually tried to sue under the Constitution to do something that the Constitution says, oh, you’re right, they do have the courage to stand up for what they believe. And so they came at the city, and the city has come back and the city attorney said, no, the crosses stay. And this is part of the significance. We’ve talked about this in previous programs, how that we now have more religious expressions today than we’ve had in like 60 years.

And part of this goes back to the case, what was it, Tim, three or four years ago, the Bladensburg cross Case, three, four years ago anyway, the Supreme Court rule 7-2, that it’s okay to have crosses in public. And that was in the case of a war memorial that was from World War One and Maryland. And the lower courts have said, no, you got to take the cross down. And the court said, no, no, if something… And this is the language the court gave back in that decision. They said, if something is a long standing monument, symbol and practice, and it has religious associations, the court said we’re going to presume that it’s constitutional.

So in this case, you go back 70 years, it’s a monument. It’s a symbol to practice. It’s a religious association. It’s longstanding. It’s not only longstanding historically, as long standing in that community. And so this city attorney had the courage to stand up, say, no, we’re not taking it down. And guess what, no lawsuit as a result of that, because the court is been pretty clear on this. So getting city attorneys and getting just public officials in general to stand up now, they’ve got more chance of winning than they’ve had in 60 years on cases like this. But this is good news out of Tennessee that those crosses stay there on the hillside where those boys put them some 70 years ago.


Alright, Tim Barton, what’s our next piece of good news?


Alright, guys, this one’s coming out of San Francisco. And one of the things that we saw in a recent primaries where there were many cities that they had some recall efforts over some district attorney’s software crime policy. One of the efforts we know over the last several years George Soros, who probably people who have listened our program very long have heard us go into detail about a little bit of who George Soros is and the millions and billions he spends trying to overturn the Constitution and promote Marxism destroy America.

In the midst of that, he has targeted a lot of district attorneys and state attorneys and attorney generals and trying to get really ridiculous, terrible unconstitutional people in those positions. And we’ve seen in some of these major Democratic stronghold cities that they’ve elected with, again, many of these being George Soros backed district attorneys, they have come in and these district attorneys have refused to prosecute criminals for doing criminal activity, including even felonies in many cases.


Let me add an example of that. One of the Soros attorneys, district attorneys we have in Texas is in Travis County, Austin. And in Austin, when all the statues monsters are being torn down, all the violence and attacking the public buildings, destroying stuff, you had that going in Austin. And so the police stepped in to stop that. They didn’t allow the structure and go forward. And the DA down there actually indicted 19 police officers for arresting the protesters. So instead of going after the protesters, he’s going after the police officers and that’s typical the Soros days.


Well, and this is where for people that remember in some of these cities where they were “BLM protests”, where many of these were riots and there was destruction of property and actually attacks on federal buildings and courthouses, and there literally were people killed and murdered in some of these things. And the district attorneys have refused to bring charges against the BLM protesters.

Now you have some of your wild individuals, your police officers, dad, as you’re mentioning, oh, they’re okay going after some of these people, but the BLM crowd or whoever might be associated with that, they want to leave it alone. Well, the good news is out of San Francisco is there was a recall election for the district attorney Chesa Boudin, and with 61% of the voters in favor of removing Chesa Boudin from that position. Even San Francisco is waking up to recognize the problem with the soft on crime policies.

And this is one of the things that we know to fundamentally be true. The Bible talks about the principles of sowing and reaping and you know a tree by the fruits. Sometimes all you have to do is let these bad policies ferment enough that they produce, you let them grow and not just aid to where they’re going to produce. And when people see the results, they go, oh, this is terrible.

Now, sometimes, unfortunately, in culture, people don’t always make the connection they should of the fact that the fruit you don’t like is from this seed that was planted over here. So if you don’t want that fruit, stop planting this seed, stop voting for the soft on crime people, stop being anti-cop if you don’t want there to be more violence, whatever the case might be. Nonetheless, even San Francisco was waking up, it gives a lot of hope and indication that the rest of the nation might see the handwriting on the wall, so to speak, of things happening.

So great news that even in San Francisco, which again, San Francisco is completely one of the far most left cities in all of the United States of America, some of the most ungodly policies and principles, but their district attorney, the person that is responsible for prosecuting crime, for upholding the law, because this person is not doing that, even in San Francisco, they are recognizing we need somebody else who will uphold the law and prosecute criminals. That’s good news.


Okay, David, we’ve got just enough time for one more piece of good news. What are we going to close it out with today?


Tim, you were talking about San Francisco, and I’ve got a story related to San Francisco. But first, I’ve got to do a little side swerve here, do something that is kind of backdoor related. And we get this note from a listener. And it deals with a program that we had several weeks back where we’re talking about one of the Good News Fridays items was that a lot of Methodist churches don’t like where the United Methodist Church has gone. And so I think we reported one group of 107 Methodist churches saying, hey, we’re going to the global Methodist Church, which is much more conservative doctrine, it’s much more biblically-aligned, biblically-affiliated. And so I think we’ve had two or three stories where we reported on some of the churches leaving because they want to follow the Bible, not the craziness.

And then got this letter, and it’s really a very, very nicely worded. It’s a letter of correction quite frankly, this is Barton, hey, you missed that some. And she’s exactly right. And I’m going to read what she says here because it’s a really good point and it really makes a great point. She says, “I listen every day, and so appreciate what you do. I just wanted to point out that the doctrine of the United Methodist Church has not changed. It does not allow same sex weddings to be performed and it does not allow homosexuals in the clergy. Every time the issue comes up, the conservative side wins. But as you know, the Left doesn’t give up. Some bishops and pastors have ignored the rules and they should be disciplined. The conservative side has grown weary of the cause of fighting and decided to leave. And that’s really what we’re reporting on.”

I didn’t realize that the Methodist Church still had not changed their discipline, had not changed the rules. So it’s really people just getting tired of the liberal side trying to take it over, and they’re saying, hey, let’s go where we can be comfortable with conservative doctrines. That’s a really good point to make. And that’s a good clarification on what we were talking about.


Well, and with that being said, that is from a listener. So that’s something that we have not yet looked up and verified. So that wouldn’t be worth, organization, there’s a lot of research to look that up and verify that. But if that is, in fact, the case, that is worth noting that so often, even scripture talks about how a rudder can steer a very large ship. Sometimes it is the small vocal minority that does direct where a lot of the policy goes.

We’ve seen this in America for many, many decades that, unfortunately, some of the weakness happening right now, it’s not a reflection of the vast majority of America. When you look at what’s being taught in schools with CRT and some of this crazy sex Ed curriculum and this gender affirming care, and we don’t want parents involved, that’s not a reflection of the vast majority of Americans. But it is a reflection of the small minority that number one is in leadership, and number two, has been vocal for literally decades to work to shift policies in a lot of these organizations.

So anyway, it’s kind of a side notes. But again, if that is in fact correct, which certainly it very well could be, that is good to know that the organization hasn’t changed, but it does indicate who are the vocal people and maybe, unfortunately, some of the leaders of the organization.


You know, and this goes to one of the issues we’re facing that George Barna has talked about, and he calls syncretism, and that professing Christians attempt to wrap their faith around their own beliefs. And rather than making their beliefs line up with the Bible, you’ve got these liberals in the Methodist Church to say we’re Christians, here’s what we believe, therefore, this is what the doctrine should be. And it’s not what does the Bible saying let’s conformed to that, it’s really kind of going the other direction with it.


Well, in the Barna study that we’ve seen just in the last couple of weeks identify that only 37% of pastors have a purely biblical worldview, which means that this is not just a problem for the United Methodist Church. We can go down a list of denominations that have gone a very secular direction and some of them were their actual policies have in fact changed. Nonetheless, dad, as you mentioned, unfortunately, there’s just a lot of Christians, a lot of pastors that are being much more influenced and shaped by external things, and then having their mind transformed by the word of God.


And you know, the syncretism kind of thing, I think you sit Nancy Pelosi because she’s just keeps saying, I’m a faithful Catholic. I’m a faithful Catholic. I’m a dedicated active Catholic. I go to Catholic Church. And we’ve seen a number of Bishops come out recently over the last several weeks saying, no, you can’t be a solid Catholic and be pro-abortion. And that’s inconsistent with biblical teachings and the church position. And you may say, you’re a solid Catholic, but not if you’re holding that position, you have to conform your beliefs to the Bible and to church doctrine.

And there was a statement that was given here, and this is her Archbishop in San Francisco. So I’m finally getting to what she talked about earlier, I said, this is related San Francisco. This is her Archbishop in San Francisco. And here’s what he said. He said, “After numerous attempts to speak with Speaker Pelosi to help her understand the grave evil she’s perpetrating, the scandal she’s causing, and the danger to her own soul that she is risking, I have determined that she is not to be admitted to Holy Communion. And so the archbishop says, no, you can’t… And in Catholic Church, you know, Holy Communion is very, very important to good standing. And so here, he’s saying, you can’t do this.


Well, and what’s so important about this too is he says, for her own soul, which one of the very significant things, the reason the Bible talks about how important correction is and then a father will discipline the son he loves, the Bible also tells that discipline is not pleasant in the moment in the season, but we know what it produces in the end, which is why in in Proverbs, there’s so much about discipline and the ultimate benefit that comes from it. And especially in this case, this is exactly what pastors, what bishops, what priesthood leaders what rabbis should be doing for the sake of their own people, is if people are not just participating.

But when you begin actively promoting this kind of stuff, this goes into that category where Jesus talked about it would be better for someone to tie a millstone around their neck, throw a big rock around your neck, like tie it on your neck, throw it in the sea, it’s better for you to drown that miserable kind of death than the consequences of what awaits you for misleading people, especially little ones, right.

What you just said, if we’re causing one of these little ones to stumble, well, some of the policies that Nancy Pelosi that that many of these wokeist, and leftists and secularists are promoting and encouraging and kids, whether it be in this transgender movement, or the gender fluidity, gender identity, whatever it is, there’s so much of this nonsense has been promoted. And unfortunately, guys, we have not seen pastors stepping up and speaking out where they should about some of these issues.

So it’s very encouraging to see in this case the Archbishop out where Nancy Pelosi is to come out, affirming biblical truth and reality that you should not be promoting and propagating how it’s acceptable to be a Christian, to be a Catholic, and to support abortion, on demand, third trimester abortion.

And again, just to remind people, third trimester abortion, this is not a normal thing, most nations of the world don’t have abortion like we do in America. You look at some of the industrialized nations, some of the top nations of the world, they might have abortion in the first trimester. That’s not an unusual thing in the first trimester.

Where it stops being normal and the rest of the world, the second trimester is where most nations of the world say, yeah, we’re not getting an abortion anymore. There are only literally a handful of nations. It’s like four or five nations in the world that allow abortion in the third trimester. And America is one of those nations. And the other nations on that list are not stellar nations on any level whatsoever.

And so when you have people that are professing faith, that are professing to be Catholics and active Catholics, and whatever else she might say about it, and then to promote something that is clearly not just anti-biblical, it’s not even socially accepted in the world, this is how woke and extremists and left these people are where they’re claiming to just want to evolve and just be accepting and tolerant. What they are promoting is something that the vast majority of the world would never tolerate. But that is exactly where the locus leftist Democrat Party has gone today. So again, it’s great to see the archbishop out in California calling this out for what it is


And it’s also great to see the arc Bishop talking about how serious communion is and for our own soul and relationship. You know, the Bible’s really clear that before you do communion, Scripture says you need to examine yourself. And you don’t want to take communion if you’re consciously aware of doing wrong stuff, because it says you’re then at risk of sinning against the body and blood of Christ. And Paul even makes it really clear, there’s super dangerous consequences for doing that.

So communion is not just something you kind of do because you go to church on Sunday. I mean, this is supposed to be something really, really serious. And I appreciate the Catholic Church keeping that seriousness around communion, that man, if you don’t examine your soul, and if you’re not in good standing with God, then communion is not necessarily a wholesome thing to do: you put yourself in danger of judgment. And I really appreciate the fact that Archbishop brought that aspect as well. So that’s a strong biblical content that’s good news.


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