Persecuted Christians and Yazidis Rescued By Nazarene Fund-You Can Help! Persecuted Christians and Yazidis being persecuted all over the world at the hands of ISIS and other organizations. The Nazarene Fund is rescuing Christians who are targeted for sex slavery, torture,  and mass killings relocating them to friendly countries.  Today, we’re going to talk about what you can do to participate in helping save lives. You may think you live too far away and that you don’t have any way to practically help. Tune in now to find out what you as an individual can do to save persecuted Christians all around the world. 

Air Date: 08/01/2018

Guest: Rudy Atallah

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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We Can Help Persecuted Christians In The Middle East

David, Tim, we”€™ve talked about going to Israel coming up this next spring. The Middle East is not something that most people think about on a daily basis. But we have Christians that are being persecuted all over the place. Certainly in Iraq, Syria, and at the hands of ISIS and other organizations.

It is something we need to pay more attention to. And actually doing something about. Today we’re going to find out that you can do something about it.

You may think you can’t. That that’s too far away. And you don’t have any connections or anything like that. Today we’re going to find out what you as an individual can do to help save lives.

The Nazarene Fund Has Saved More Persecuted Christians Than Any Other Group In The World!


Rick, just about three years ago we started an organization called the Nazarene Fund. I was chairman of the board of that organization. It is still working actively today.

It has saved more persecuted Christians. Than any other group in the world over the last three years. About 10,000 last year. We’re at about 14,000 this year.

And we go directly into harm’s way to pull Christians out of harm’s way. In the middle of the ISIS fighting in Syria and Iraq. We went in there and were able to rescue Christians. We also even were able to do actual physical extraction.

The Kurds are very great allies. They hate ISIS. So when we find that Christians are being enslaved. Or held in slavery or that they’re sex slaves or Yazidis or other religious minorities.

The Kurds are willing to go in and take down ISIS. And get those people rescued. Get them out. We’ve been able to send those people all over the world.

Unfortunately, when we started this three years ago under the Obama administration, we could not send Christians to the United States. That was just nearly impossible to do.

So we send them to Australia. Send them to Canada. We send them to Brazil.  Sent to Slovakia. Just not the United States.

Now the good news is it’s changed under Trump. We’re now taking Christians in at a very high rate. But that’s something that had not been there before.


Well, it’s worth noting too why is it called the Nazarene Fund?  Where does the name Nazarene come from?

Isis Marked Christian Homes With A Nazarene Sign, And Troops Would Kill Them


Yeah that”€™s a great question. And what was happening is ISIS was storming into these areas in Syria. As they were advancing so rapidly across Iraq. The scouts for ISIS would go in and they would be ahead of the ISIS troops coming in.

Anywhere they found that a Christian lived, they would put the mark of the Nazarene on the side of that house. And that meant troops when you get here you kill these people.

And so they were impaling them, they were beheading them. They were blowing them up.  So the mark of the Nazarene is what got them killed. Actually, what got them killed is they were Christians. By the mark of the Nazarene.

20,000 Christian Slaves In Syria

So we took that mark from ISIS. We turned that into the logo for the organization. Actually made jewelry on that. Still have jewelry to remind people, persecuted Christians. And so that’s where the Nazarene Fund concept came from.

And so we’ve expanded that. By the way these Kurds are fearless.  And again they hate ISIS. We’ve been told that ISIS is now pretty much chased out of Syria. Out of Iraq.  And that is somewhat true.

But in Syria right now there are still four pockets where ISIS controls about 6,000 square miles. They have about 20,000 Christians slaves in that area. So we’re still working to help those people.

Using Christian Slaves For Body Harvesting

One of the other problems we have recently uncovered in the last year and a half. Is that ISIS is now taking these Christian slaves and taking them to Turkey. And doing body part harvesting.

They’re taking these kids and killing them. But taking all the body parts and selling that in Europe and making big money. That’s how they fund what they do.

So we’ve been able to expose some of that. And get that stopped. Get that knocked down. It”€™s still going with some. There’s some more we’re about to expose we think soon.

There is a lot going to be able to really help Christians. And there’s a lot that Christians can do to help these folks and Yazidis.

The guy that we have running this for us is a guy named Rudy Atallah. Great guy. He’s a Lebanese Christian. But boy is he an intelligence officer. He was in the Air Force a long time.

Rudy Atalla

Matter of fact, when President Trump came in. He was the guy that was proposed and nominated to be chief of all intelligence over Africa. His assets are that good.

If anybody remembers the movie Captain Phillips. You know Captain Phillips from the ship and the Muslim pirates came to take him. It was Rudy who is behind so much of that operation. Able to pull that off.

So Rudy is just a brilliant intelligence guy. He is so good on the ground. And thought it be good to let him kind of catch us up on where we are in the Middle East. What’s actually happening there. Particularly in regard to persecuting Christians.


Rudy Atallah our special guest today. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

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Rudy Atallah Joins Us


Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Retired Lieutenant Colonel Rudolf  Atallah is with us. Rudy thanks for coming on man.


Thank you so much.


Hey, 21 years in the air force. Did everything from aviation to spec ops, intelligence, and counterterrorism. Now with the Nazarene Funds saving persecuted Christians. Man what an incredible career.

Thank you for what you’re doing. Most American Christians have no idea we’re so spoiled. But we don’t know how bad it is. And to have guys like you out there rescuing these Christians. Relocating them in homes.

All of the things Nazarene Fund is doing. Just incredible. So our listeners want to say thank you to you and your whole team.


I am deeply honored thank you as well.


But you see this stuff firsthand on the ground. Most of us just get what we can get from the media. And you’ve been saying for a while that ISIS is making a comeback. Now the media is finally reporting that.

Give us what you see as an update on what’s going on over there. And the reason we need to be helping Nazarene Fund. Helping save some of these Christians.

Resurgence In Terrorist Groups


Absolutely. So we’re seeing a resurgence in small pockets in Iraq and in Syria. Syria out of the two countries is the one country of concern for me. At least the way I perceive it.

So, although the sanctions that the United States has right now against Iran are.   Nobody will dispute and it’s very, very good. And I hope it continues.

The one thing it’s going to do over time is diminish the power of the Shiite militants in the region. Some people claim that it’s good.

But the problem is that the Shiites are natural enemies of the Sunni radicals. And the Sunni radicals are primarily ISIS and the al Qaeda members. So as this unfolds what we’re seeing is a resurgence of Sunni militants. Primarily ISIS and Al Qaeda groups.

So for example, today I was in Idlib, Syria. Which is one town about 300 kilometers west of Raqqa. The big city that ISIS used to control. That the U.S. forces and coalition forces destroyed.

It is now seeing a massive resurgence. Some people claim up to 50,000 plus ISIS and Al Qaeda supported fighters in that city.




As some of the groups include Jabhat Al- Nusra. Which is now operating under a new label called Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham. Hayyat Tahrir al- Sham was recently labeled by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization. But this is just to illustrate that these groups are kind of rebranding themselves.

To make matters worse Turkey under the helm of Erdogan the president of Turkey. Is also providing safe haven for some of these groups. And making it far more complicated for like say Kurdish forces that are close allies to us to do anything against these groups.

So you’ve got a very big mixture in Syria happening.  In ISIS by the way when we destroyed Raqqa. Many ISIS families and ISIS fighters were also given safe haven and safe passage to Italy. That’s why they’ve kind of also emerged in that context. And are working with their brothers from al Qaeda.  

In Iraq we’ve seen over the last two months. Also a resurgence of hit and run irregular warfare kind of fighting going on. And that’s in three areas inside Iraq.

Iraqi forces are doing a good job going after them. Of course lead with the support of U.S. coalition.

However, ISIS fighters still hide in remote mountains and remote regions. Some villages are also disenfranchised with the Iraqi government. Which is not giving them the proper aid and support that they were supposed to receive. So some of them are ripe for recruitment.

Elections Tainted

In addition to that, back in May Iraq was going through elections. And unfortunately because the elections were tainted there was some fraud. So they called for a recount of the ballots.

Well, that caused all kinds of anger amongst the population. So the Iraqi government is attentive. Although they’re trying to hit the ISIS fighters that have emerged. And been doing attacks over the last couple of months.

Are also struggling with other political issues. So all of this is causing a strain on the refugees that we’ve been rescuing.


Just step back for a second to give us a little bit of a 30,000 feet view as well in terms of American involvement. Because we don’t see it on the news much at all anymore.

So how much are we still involved in terms of troops over there? And like you said supporting. But how many do we have over there roughly? Do you think, I mean is that part of the problem? That we just don’t have the same level of force that we had before?


No. It’s not just that. Because General Votel for example came out recently. Actually a couple of days ago.

And said that Iraqi and Kurdish forces with U.S. led coalition. Are doing a good job at tackling some of the flare ups of the insurgency inside Iraq. That’s a promising view.

Unfortunately, it’s not doing the same inside Syria. Because the Syrian mess is far more complicated. You have other countries involved like Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

US Still Has Strong Presence

In terms of number or levels of U.S. forces. I don’t  have the actual number right now. We are still involved of course, inside both countries. But primarily in Iraq. Over supporting especially our joint special forces units and whatnot.

But I would venture to say that we still have a fairly strong presence. However, we have other bigger fish to fry.

The U.S. military is of course focused on North Korea. We’ve got the Russia thing in Ukraine. We’ve got Iran. We have got other places.

So that also puts a damper on how much effort. We can put against that terrorist threat in the region.

Persecuted Christians And Yazidi Still In Captivity


Yeah. Let’s talk specifically about what Nazarene Fund is doing and the need for this. One article I read said there are tens of thousands still captured and in control.

And these are mostly Christians, persecuted Christians. Is that still accurate? I mean is there that many that are still in captivity?


Yes. Actually, it’s persecuted Christians and Yazidis. Yazidis have been completely marginalized by the rest of the world. To its credit, Australia has agreed to take all of them.

Australia Is Taking The Refugees

And we are in a rapid effort trying to get as many of them out of the frontlines.   Move through process and move to Australia. To new homes where they can find new life.


Alright, Rudy in some ways you got to treat me like an elementary kid. So tell me the difference in Yazidis. I mean what is their background? Why have they been… Why are they being attacked as well?


They are a minority group from the region. They”€™re being attacked because like the Kurds. Because they are not large in number. And their belief system is a combination of I would say animism, Christianity, and Judaism all mixed into one.

Like they have they”€™re different beliefs. But the reason why they’ve been targeted is because. Initially they were targeted by ISIS. And everybody finds them as a minority.

Rescued 12 Year Old Girl Used As A Sex Slave

ISIS has gathered a lot of their women. And treated them and used them as sex slaves.

We recently took custody of a girl who’s 12 years old. She was captured when she was 8.  Then by 9, according to Islamic jurisprudence she is legal to be raped.

And she was raped for three years. Consistent every single day. We just rescued her. Brought her to her dad and we’re moving her to Australia.

We have countless cases like that. This also includes persecuted Christians. So Yazidi is like persecuted Christians are all minorities and have always been target of any radical Sunni, Shia, or political upheaval in the region.

Because they’re not and are not. They’re not a majority group. Now this year alone. We were on track to move 14,000 persecuted Christians and Yazidis out of a combat zone into Australia.



19,000 More Persecuted Christians and Yazidis Waiting To Be Rescued From Combat Zone


We have another 19,000 waiting in the wings. In addition to Nazarene Fund is also going after organ harvesting farms. Where some of these victims are also”€¦

Their organs are harvested and moved to the Eastern Bloc countries. In Europe or Gulf states. Where they”€™re in high demand.

Organ Harvesting Farms

And some of the people involved in some of those are former ISIS members. We opened up a front near the Golan on the Israeli side. We’ve been working side by side with the Israelis helping in that front, any wounded Syrians and Christians.

So we’ve got Nazarene Fund is working on multiple fronts. And we still have thousands and thousands of people to rescue


This is not. I mean you guys have been doing this for several years now. Last year several thousand were saved. You’re on track. You said 14,000 to be moved this year.


This year alone.


And I know you can’t get in. We had had Ballart on as well. I know you can’t get into operational specifics.

But I mean, you guys are on the ground. You all have people in the intelligence. And there to be able to find out where you can actually make a difference. Get in and get for instance. These these kids out and rescue them.

You see the results. It’s phenomenal. People at home are going to say what can I do to help.

Well, obviously these missions take money. I mean let’s be blunt. It takes dollars to do these things. To have the boots on the ground to do all that you do.

Is the easiest way to just to go to the website and donate? Is that the best way to help you right now?

You Can Help Now By Donating


Yes. It would be amazing if we can get donations to the Would be phenomenal because we are. I mean we literally got it down to a science.

Where it’s costing us to move one person out of a hot zone, all the way to Australia. Sixty seven dollars a person.

And I mean we are literally stretching every single penny. Providing security. We still received death threats from ISIS. ISIS members that are hiding in the mountains. In the deserts of Syria and parts of Iraq.

That want some of these people that we’ve rescued back in their custody. But we are protecting them. And we’re basically the voice of the voiceless.

Threats Still From ISIS


We do see stories sometimes. And we feel a little bit disconnected from it. I mean here’s a chance for people to be connected to it. Actually, do something that’s going to make a difference. Literally saving lives.

In some ways, I”€™m jealous of you man. And what you get to do. Because you get to see lives change.

I mean you see their faces. You see the results. And I know people at home want to be a part of that. They want to help and it’s so easy to do.  You become a part of Nazarene. Donate, get the T-shirt and advertise as well. Right. Let people know what you guys are doing.

I think really a lot of people don’t realize this is still going on. Once it comes out of the news we have real short memory.

Especially the church. I mean as a church we have a responsibility here. To help our brothers and sisters around the world.


Amen. Oh true. Yes that’s what the Lord wants us to do.


We appreciate you brother. Keep up the great work. And we’d love to get you back and get a regular update.

Before I let you go. How can folks pray for you guys as well? I mean obviously safety, wisdom, discernment? I mean what can we specifically pray for your team?


Yes. Please pray for us for wisdom. It’s a convoluted area. Very politically charged.

Please pray for safety. We are constantly on the frontlines. Trying to help people.

And then also pray that we get the resources that we need continuously. To try to make a difference out there. We”€™re the only ones really moving this many people out of a combat zone.


And I mean, I don’t want to reveal secrets here. But I mean obviously in Australia. People are willing to receive and care for the folks. That your moving as well.

I mean obviously we need to be praying that their hearts stay tender. And that they continue to do that right?

Australia Has Stepped UP


Yeah. We have churches in Australia that have stepped up. They are with the Australian Government. They’re providing education, homes, and jobs for these people.

They’re getting citizenship in Australia. So it’s a new lease on life. The rape victims that were three, four years ISIS sex slaves. Are now finally getting the medical treatment that they need. Because of the STDs that they picked .

They’re getting a new lease on life. It’s something that nobody else. I mean it’s what we’re supposed to do as Christians is help our brethren. Our brothers and sisters out there.


Amen. I hate to end on politics. But is there any advice for our listeners on these issues? Elections coming up. What are they listening for?

And people that are running for Congress and certainly federal office. What should be our strategy in this arena? For supporting folks like you? For how America should know what its role should be.

Political Strategy for Our Role As America To Save Persecuted Christians

I know that’s a whole other program. But you have a way to sum that up. Or a perspective we should have. On what our role as America should be in these regions.


Yeah absolutely. I mean reach out to your congressman, your senator. And say that for persecuted Christians are out there. We need to step up to the plate. Really help save some of these persecuted people.

Today in Washington, D.C. downtown, I’m going this afternoon. There’s a Save the Persecuted Christians event. And many leaders from Capitol Hill are coming down.

But this event just know I don’t want things to be just a talk. We need to action this. We need to action this in terms of providing funding for organizations like ours. To go out there and make a difference.

Be A Voice To Rescue Persecuted Christians

We also need to voice to leaders of other countries. That we’re not going to stand by and watch Christians being persecuted and do nothing. We’re going to stand up for these people.


Amen. Hey man Rudy God bless you, brother. We are so thankful for what you’re doing.

Avalon Project


Hey, guys, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders. I know you hear my dad and Rick talk a lot about our Founding Fathers about the original intent of our nation, a constitutional heritage that we have. And really we’ve seen how far we slipped away from that. And I know a lot of us as we hear my dad and Rick talk think, “€œI wish there was a place that I could go where I could see these documents and I could read and learn about the Founding Fathers firsthand.  See the things they did.”€

I want to give you some websites today that can help you accomplish that very thing. If you get online you can go to places like Library of Congress and you can look under their century of lawmaking or historical documents. You can go to the Avalon Project, to the Founders Constitution, Google Books, or even the internet archives.  

Or you can just go to We have a section for our WallBuilders Library. And under that section we have different subgroups for historical documents, historical writings, even a place where you can get helpful links to find out more information about other websites.  Where you can do research for yourself and find the truth for yourself. Friends, this is the time that we need to know who we are and where we came from. is a great place to go.

A Powerful Hands On Way To Help!


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us on WallBuilders Live!  Special thanks to Rudy Atallah for joining us today. And for all the good work at the Nazarene Fund. We’ll have that link today if you’d like to help out.

We’re back with David and Tim Barton. I don’t like telling people to contribute to something I haven’t contributed to. I thought that was so powerful. What he was talking about. I went online and made a contribution today.

I just think this is a hands on way that every single one of us can. We can no longer say well that’s too far away from me. I can’t do anything about it.

This is a real world. Real time opportunity to save lives. And David you being such an integral part of starting that organization and still a part of it. Gives us confidence that the money’s being well spent. And that is making a difference.

$67 To Save A Life


Yeah and it is something that is a fairly inexpensive to be able to save. We’re looking at sixty seven dollars a person. When we first started this three years ago. Our estimates were it was going to take 25,000 to get a family out of there.

We now have been able to turn that around. Down to 67 dollars a person to get them to Australia.

And by the way the question was asked who are these Yuzidis? They are a group that goes back to about the 12th century. They’re kind of a monotheistic group. Kind of a blend of Christianity, Islam and other stuff.

They’re really kind of started out of the Kurdish region. Kurdish area. And so they are hated by ISIS. Just like Christians are hated.

So both of those groups are religious minorities. Christians and Yuzidis we work to get them out of there. We have mentioned that these are armed extraction sometimes.

Three Of Our Rescuers Shot On A Rescue Mission

We’ve had three of our guys shot doing this. One of them is recovering right now. But it is dangerous stuff. These guys are willing to do that. To go on to save the slaves and these sex slaves.

So for 67 bucks it makes a difference. And as Rudy mentioned we send them where they have lots of faith support in Australia. We went over there before we sent any folks over there.

Made sure that we had churches on the ground. Willing to help partner with us. And help provide the spiritual network for these folks. So it is a good organization doing really good work.

Again we we’ve been able to save so many. And now because the military has somewhat brought a change in that direction in that region. We’re looking at other places that are persecuted across the world, including Burma. Where the shooter’s persecution is going.

So we’re active in helping save persecuted Christians and religious minorities. But for 67 bucks for each person you can do that.

And that’s just something everybody should be able to do. Sponsor some of those folks getting out of the Middle East and being saved.


And you can do it one time. Go on to make a contribution right now today to Nazarene Fund for that.

You can do monthly with them. To continue to support them in doing this. It’s just one of those things where it’s real world work.

Man, this is not something you’re hoping will make a difference down the road. It’s making a difference.  Huge numbers like you said, Dave.

100 Percent Of All Funds Go To The People


Rick let me point out something else too. What we do in this organization is 100 percent of all funds contributed go down range. They go to the folks. We hold fundraisers on the side to raise funds for staff and personnel, etc.

So when the money comes in 100 percent of it goes into saving those persecuted Christians. America has been really generous over the last three years. Sent about 20 million dollars. And that’s why we get about 25,000 saved so far. So this is one when you put your money in there. It actually goes to what you send it to do.


It’s a great way to to help. And the web site of we will have a link today to make it really easy for you. There at

We encourage you to be a part of that. We sure appreciate you listening today. Thanks for listening to WallBuilders Live!

We’re going to have a link today at our website. All our listeners out there. This is a great opportunity for you to be a part of making a difference.

Literally saving lives. I mean this is on the ground saving lives. Rudy, appreciate your time. Thanks for coming on.


Thank you. God bless you.


Stay with us, folks. Be right back with David and Tim Barton.