ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ With Carol Everett: Did you know the abortion industry is still funding itself with our tax dollars? Planned Parenthood and abortion providers are still getting over $400 million dollars a year through Medicaid reimbursements. How do you make sure people in your state are not referring for abortions? Tune in hear former abortion-clinic owner, Carol Everett shed light on what we can do to save lives!

Air Date: 02/12/2020

Guest: Carol Everett

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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My name is Rick Green. I’m America’s constitution coach and a former Texas legislator. David Barton is our founder. He is America’s premier historian and normally here with us today and Tim Barton is normally here with us today. He’s a national speaker and pastor and the president of WallBuilders. But David and Tim are going to be bringing us a program from the ProFamily Legislators Conference today. It’s a recording actually, of Carol Everett.

Carol is a phenomenal woman. She’s just an amazing, amazing activist that that came out of an incredible story. She owned abortion clinics. She participated in the scourge of our generation”€™s history. And God brought her out of that, miraculously brought her into a place where she now saves lives and is just a wonderful, wonderful voice in the prolife movement. And frankly, not just the prolife movement, I’ve known Carol for years. And it’s great to have such a woman of wisdom that God can use to breathe into the activist. And today, you’re going to hear her breathing into legislators, sharing with these legislators from across the nation at the Legislators Conference, how they can make a difference and how important it is to win on this issue of life.

An Incredible Story

Her story is incredible. You’re going to enjoy today’s program. I should mention the Legislators Conference, it happens once a year. And if your legislator has not been, you should encourage them to go. If you don’t know your legislator, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call your legislators office. So look them up by zip code and find out who represent you if you don’t already know. Your state rep and your state senator are more accessible than you would think.

And if you are a constituent of theirs, you live in their district, you can vote for them. They will probably be willing to meet with you and visit with you. Take advantage of that. Make sure you go build a relationship with them and encourage them to attend the ProFamily Legislators Conference that we do once a year. It is a wonderful time for legislators to come together and exchange ideas and sharpen each other’s countenance and hear from great speakers like Carol, who you’re going to hear from in just a moment as well as so many others.

We love this Legislators Conference in the impact that it’s having in state legislatures across the nation. It is a wonderful time of respite, if you will, for these legislators to get away with their spouses. And husband and wife come together and they get to relax a little bit and hang out with like-minded folks and be encouraged and inspired and equipped. And they go home fired up and ready for the next legislative session. Is a really, really good thing.

The ProFamily Legislators Conference

And you can send your legislator, you get information about it by going to and then that will take you to the ProFamily Legislators Conference website. We’re going to now take you out to the Legislators Conference and you’ll get to hear this great presentation by Carol Everett. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Moment from America”€™s History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. As this election draws closer, we hear increasing numbers of partisan candidate commercials. Unfortunately, many votes will be cast completely along party lines. While parties are not necessarily harmful, any loyalty which places a party of principle is wrong. In fact, signer of the Declaration, Benjamin Rush confirmed the same truth nearly two centuries ago.

Benjamin Rush had served under three different presidents, each of whom was from a different political party. When once asked of his own party affiliation, he wisely replied, I’ve been alternately called an aristocrat and a Democrat. I am neither I am a Christocrat. In this upcoming election, Christians, no matter their party affiliation, need to remember above all to vote like a Christocrat. At each position, remember to vote for the most Godly candidate.

For more information on God’s hand in American history, contact the WallBuilders at 1808REBUILD.

Welcome Carol Everett


I had an abortion, couldn’t justify it. Sold abortions to other women because each time I sold an abortion to another woman, I couldn’t tell her I was bad enough to have had an abortion, but I could tell her how good abortion was for her.

Started working for an abortion provider right here in the Dallas area. But I saw something else. I saw the profit in the abortion industry. And I opened my own clinic by the airport on Mockingbird in Dallas. And my commission was $25 for each abortion, I didn’t take money out of the business. I just took a commission. My plan was to sell 40,000 abortions a year and be a millionaire. And all I had to do is have five clinics surrounding the Dallas Fort Worth area and that would work.

And we had two open. They”€™re cash cows, like make money the first day. And the second month, money is pouring out of them. So I was running along there, making money and Jesus Christ came into my life and changed it. And that was July the 27th, 1983. And now, I was so excited to hear all of you talking about how you wanted to do something with the life issue. I was so encouraged by listening to you talk about the things you want to do. And I want you to think for just a minute, this is not why I’m here to talk today. I’m here to talk about how they fund themselves with our tax dollars and still do that.

This is the largest unregulated legal industry in the nation today still, still. Now, think about it. What kind of regulations do you have in place in your state for the abortion clinics?

2013 HB2

It’s day surgery, put them under ambulatory surgical facilities and what we did when we did that in Texas, you probably heard about HB2 in 2013 when the other side stormed the statehouse and the Christians came, we regulated the abortion clinics, we put the physician requirement for hospital admission, which they won’t do because nobody wants an abortionist. They just don’t bring good things, they bring bad things. 21 of our 42 abortion clinics closed. But what you don’t, yes, what you don’t hear is this. 183 pregnancy resource centers in the state of Texas had an additional 40,000 women walk through their doors that year, lives were saved. No, the Supreme Court did not uphold it, but lives were saved because of that bill. Think about that. That’s something of course, you can call me I’ll be happy to talk to you.

But what I want talk to you about today is how the abortion industry funds itself with our tax dollars because you see, they still yes, the Trump administration worked hard to get them out of Title 10. That’s $60 million. And I don’t know how much of what you know about Title 10.

But Title 10 is, I’m going to have to read the numbers because I can’t remember it. It’s a $286,479,000 program. Every state can take this money. And now Title 10 forever had required that you refer for abortions. So the federally qualified health care clinics, the places that were taking that money recognize that they could refer for abortions.

When the Trump administration took over, they took the Texas rules that say, no abortion providers or affiliates can receive these funds. And they put them in place. I don’t know how you followed that, but there was quite a show.

The Trump Administration”€™s Mistake

First of all, the Trump administration hired a lot of pro-lifers in Health and Human Services Federal. They were there, they were doing a good job. They made a huge mistake. They did not change the reviewers, the reviewers that reviewed the Title 10 applications. They were still prochoice.

But long story short, lots of legal, back and forth, back and forth. The Ninth Circuit Judges upheld the rules and because of that today, the rules are in place. Now they’re being rewritten again of course, the rules are in place that no abortion provider or affiliate can get these funds. But several states: Washington, Illinois, Vermont, sent them back, 33.6 million came back to HHSC because states refused to take that money because they could not refer for abortions.

On September the 30th of this year, the federal government disperse that money to the States, they will not tell us where it went. But it went to the providers that were already saved receiving the funds. And if you will look at this list, this Title 10, it’s in your book. If you will look at this list, there are still Planned Parenthood’s getting this money.

Now how they do that is this. They want government to take it first, State, County, whatever. If they don’t take it, they want some federally qualified health care clinics or certain other nonprofits and if no one else can get the money, Planned Parenthood steps back in and applies for it. And look at this. They got the money in Alaska, in Connecticut, Idaho. Anyway, you can see the highlighted, you can see where Planned Parenthood got that money.

Title X Money

Now, why am I worried about that? We need to understand how they’re doing this. First of all, a federally qualified health care clinic probably does not normally refer for abortions. But if they’ve been getting that Title 10 money, they can. And the other thing is they’re not secure, safe prolife organization. Federally qualified health care clinics can refer for abortions. But this is what bothers me. This is what bothered me before. If the money is not in that program, for instance, the center we worked with in Tyler had 32 programs. So if they want to refer for an abortion, they just take it out of that program and put them in another one when they can. So you’ve got to be certain that the people in your state are not referring for abortions. And how are you going to do that? You’re going to have to talk to them.

And I will tell you that there is a trend amongst pregnancy centers in this State and nationwide to become full medical clinics. Pregnancy resource centers do that free pregnancy tests, do that ultrasound, do like counseling, they’re there for clothing, to help that woman all the way through the pregnancy and beyond and they do a wonderful job. But the reason I love pregnancy resource centers is they share Christ. They are Christ centered.

The Largest Mission Field in America

And let’s think about it. This is the largest mission field in this nation. Why would I say that? In every community, there are unplanned pregnancies. I mean, even in little bitty towns, they”€™re unplanned pregnancy. So a pregnancy resource center can share life and can share Christ again. The largest, actually, missionary outreach in the nation, I believe, really good work. They’re now becoming well woman and prenatal care providers. And as they do that, you can help them in your area, in your state, get these funds, you can direct those funds. So you can actually walk them through that. There are people that we can refer you to that will help them with the grants. Don’t let people be afraid of it. Find good providers in your area.

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Another Rulemaking


HHSC announced that they’re going to do another rulemaking. I don’t believe they’re going to get by this administration. I believe this administration understands the prolife arena is few others do. I believe Mike Pence is very prolife, I believe our president is very prolife and I believe they’re going to take care of life. So we need to”€¦

Now we need to think about this though because remember this Title 10. These Title 10 women are getting this money because these women don’t qualify for Medicaid. If they qualify for Medicaid, they can be taken care of anywhere. The problem is this. Planned Parenthood and abortion providers are still getting $400 million a year in Medicaid reimbursements. Now there are many, many higher estimates. That’s my low one. $400 million a year in Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood.

So we can’t do anything about that. Only the president, the federal government can change that. I suspect after this election, that will be addressed. I can’t promise that I don’t know that, but I think that’s where we are.

So then we’re looking at these women who are at 200% of the federal poverty level. They don’t qualify for Medicaid, but they need help. Where did they go? They can go to a Title 10 Clinic. But for instance, let’s just take Texas. In Texas, they’re getting $14 million to serve 200,000 women. That”€™s $70 a woman. They’re going to take probably 15%, 30% off the top will go to administration, because they have a statewide organization that’s going to take at least 15, maybe 20%.

Where Planned Parenthood is Getting Funds

They will allow them to take up to 25%. And then they’re going to send it to an organization in some little town in Midland, Texas and they’re going to take 15%. And by the time it gets to that woman, she’s going to get $42 in care.

She’s not going to get a full STD panel. She’s not going to get a pap smear. She might get a physical exam. She might get a manual breast examination. But she’s not going to get an ultrasound if she’s needs it. She’s not going to get a mammogram. She is not going to get what she needs medically. This program is not even a good band aid. But it’s there and we need to be aware of it and we need to change those things and we also need to be certain that we are helping our prolife providers apply for these funds.

There’s another program, this is where Planned Parenthood has been getting their money for years. The 1115 a Medicaid Waiver. Now what is that? Well, again, here we go. There are women who do not meet the standards for Medicaid, but still need medical care. And so, each State can develop their own criteria for an 1115 a Medicaid Waiver. And what they do is they develop a project, it can be a demonstration project. I know about Texas. You can look at all these others online on your State. But in Texas, they did a demonstration project for a woman to have a well woman exam once a year. It was for $290. Well, that’s better.

1115 Medicaid Waivers

This was the good thing. The federal government paid 90% of it and Texas paid 10% of it. And why don’t we have that anymore? When we funded Planned Parenthood in 2011, and we only did it with a rider to the budget, we did not do it permanently. When we took that money away with the rider of the budget from abortion providers and affiliates, Obama administration would not let Texas continue with the 1115 a Medicaid Waiver.

And they had quite a discussion with our governor at that time, Rick Perry. I’m certain, it was a very colorful conversation. And he told them Texas would take care of its own poor women. So that money went away. Texas developed its own project. And now because it’s all Texas money, there’s $240.1 million in the biennium budget. Now, abortion providers and affiliates cannot get that money. Although they try and I know they lie and I know they get it, but now she can have probably as high as some of the providers want to do $1,000 worth of health care for one woman and that’s probably adequate. The average is $285 for that program.

This program, look at this, it”€™s in your book, but look at your State. The family planning are highlighted. And there’s only but you can develop anything you want and the State of Virginia chose to include abortions in theirs. So, again, you can go back and look at what your State is doing. There, Virginia delivery system transportation section 1115, a Medicaid demonstration pays for family planning, including abortion. So in the State of Virginia, a woman can get an abortion with this money.

Find Out What Your State is Doing

Look and see what your State is doing. Because the truth of the matter is it may say family planning, but if it says primary care, they can also dispense birth control. Now let’s get to the reason that they would do this. Why would an abortion clinic be interested in something like this? This is their marketing.

I can’t say that Planned Parenthood does this, but I can tell you that we did it. We prescribed a low dose birth control pill that we knew the girl would get pregnant on. Because our goal was three to five abortions between the ages of 13 and 18. Now how did we do that? We prescribed birth control pill that in order to provide any level of protection had to be taken accurately at the same time every day, for we knew there’s not a teen in the world that does anything at the same time every day. We knew she wouldn’t take the pill. Her mother would know about it, she wouldn’t encourage her to take the pill. So we could look at the statistics until anytime she thought she was protected, that sexual activity went from zero once a week to five to seven times a week. The pill didn’t work. And she was pregnant. She went to the abortion clinic to get her birth control, the birth control pill didn’t work and she’s coming back to the abortion clinic.

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Constitutional Training as Well

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 Abortion as Birth Control


Three to five abortions between the ages of 13 and 18 and look at your state statistics, nationally, abortion is at 50% repeat rate. It’s a method of birth control in our country. And the reason Planned Parenthood works hard to get this money is because they can use it to fuel, to market their procedures.

I held the hand of one young woman, I’m sorry to tell you that had her ninth abortion, it is a method of birth control in this country. And now they do this next one on”€¦ Oh my goodness! All the side effects of all the drugs and things that they give these young women are just horrible. We now have a full medical clinic, we do well woman and we do prenatal. And these girls come in the door screaming about this Nexplanon in their arm, they actually want us to remove it. We remove more Nexplanon than we do anything else. And the Depo-Provera has so many side effects. And we don’t have time to talk about that. But I will tell you that there are destructive birth control measures. And when you talk to a woman about what birth control does to her and tell her the truth of what it does, she does not make that choice. She stops.

So we have two funding mechanisms. This one can be an unlimited fund. The state can come in and say we want to serve 5,000 women. We want to serve 500,000 women.

Tax Dollars Funding Abortion

Their 1115 a Medicaid Waiver will be a five year project, depending on what happens. Of course, the Trump administration is rewriting rules, but there were two, three year renewals in there previously. I don’t know what the Trump administration will do. But I do believe that they’re trying to clean this up even now as we speak.

Funding for the abortion industry out of your tax dollars. In Texas, the 241.1 million is all tax dollars, but it goes to people who have lied. We have a certification that you must sign and say that you will not provide or be affiliated with anyone who provides abortions and yet we know that there are providers in our mix that are lying and are using those funds and doing the very same thing. A lot of work to be done.

But these two mechanisms will be straightened out by believe through this administration. The big problem then will be the Medicaid reimbursements and I believe they’ll get that right after the election.


Well, friends, you’ve been listening to Carol Everett speaking at the ProFamily Legislators Conference that we do once a year. Hope you enjoyed that? We’re going to have some more programs from the conference here in the next few days. Tomorrow, we’ll have Barry Loudermilk, congressman from Atlanta, Georgia, just a phenomenal guy and has been with us for a long time. Used to be a state senator there in Georgia and spoke at our Legislators Conference this last time as a congressman. So pretty cool to have Barry on our program tomorrow and the next day.

ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ With Dr. Carol Everett

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