The ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Part 2: Marriage, family, money”€¦these are the essential elements that keep a culture from becoming slaves to government. Tune in today and learn why Judeo-Christian principles are still vital to true progress in a society!

Air Date: 01/08/2020

Guest: Rabbi Lapin

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders live where we talk about today’s hottest topics on policy and faith and the culture, always from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective.

My name is Rick Green. I’m America’s Constitution coach and a former Texas Legislature. David Barton is normally with us, he’s America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders, but we’re going to actually take you out to where David is along with Tim Barton our third host here on the program. He’s a national speaker and pastor and the president of WallBuilders. But we’re at the legislators conference that we do for ProFamily Legislators from across the nation today where we’re actually taking you back a few weeks, the conference took place a few weeks ago and we’re taking you back to that.

If you tuned in yesterday, you already heard the first part of this presentation from Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Now, the Profamily Legislators Conference is a chance for legislators to get together from across the nation. But WallBuilders Live is our chance to share some of the great speakers that we have at that Legislators Conference with you. And so we’re going to take you back out to that conference to pick up right where we left off yesterday with Rabbi Daniel Lapin on cultural and national resurgence. Here’s rabbi lapin at the ProFamily Legislators Conference.


Imagine somebody imprisoned wrongly for something he didn’t do and this put person sits incarcerated in a terrible penitentiary and he’s there for 12 years. And finally one day, these lawyer walks up to his cell and says, good news, everything is been cleared up and you are innocent, you”€˜re free to go and you know what, we going to  sue the earl out of them”€¦

Before We Walk Into Freedom”€¦

So guys is good, well, where’s the key, get me out of here. The lawyer voice says, wait, I’ve just ordered a really nice Armani suit to your measurements because I want you to walk out of here, they’re going to be camera, I want you to look great. So it’ll be another two days if you don’t mind, but then you’re going to walk out looking really cool. What does the guy say? Hey, you”€™re an idiot. I’m not waiting two days. We’re going out right now, I don’t care about the suit, right, any normal human being.

Listen to the Jews, after hundreds of years of slavery in Egypt, it’s about time to go and God says, you know, you really got to get out of here. In fact, I’m not even going to give you time to let your dough rise and to make really nice Wonder Bread, instead we’re going to just bake it right away and it’s going to be indigestible and we’re going to call it Matzah and for hundreds of generations into the future, people are going to wonder what we were thinking. But the key thing is there’s no time, we got to get out of here. After hundreds of years of slavery, the Hebrews, yeah, you’re right, you know what, we don’t care will eat this indigestible crackers stuff we’re at.

And then God, oh just one moment, I”€™ve had there’s one thing we got to do. I need you to go to all the banks and empty the safety deposit boxes. I need you to gather every financial institution in Egypt, clear out instruments of investment and instruments of value. Go to every safe and take out all the gold. What do they say?

Money Is an Essential Part

You’d think the answer would be, God, you know what, just you know, give us the suitcase of cheap jewelry let us loose in New York, we’ll make the money, but right now we want to get out of here. Get us out. God says, no. The money is an essential part of your deliverance, you’re not going without money. You”€™re going to go out and start your new lives as a free nation with money, but that’s not all. Okay, fine, we got the money.

Now, can we go? Well, God says, there’s a one little thing. We have to have a celebratory meal. Come on, oh really. No, got to have a celebratory meal and this is going to be a Paschal Lamb, we’re all going to eat the lamb. And you know what, it’s only to be eaten in father headed households. Did you catch that by the way, book of Exodus? Father headed households. And most English translations get it right. The Hebrew is absolutely unambiguous, there’s no question. It”€™s father headed households. Why? Because my friends, what is almost always the consequence of slavery?

Patriot Academy

Have you noticed the vacuum of leadership in America? It’s not just that we have a few bad leaders taking us away from our founding principles and down a road of destruction, the real challenge is that we’re looking around for leaders of principle to step up and too often no one is there. This is a generational challenge and we must have a generational solution.

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When some government takes over responsibility of feeding you and housing you and educating your children, what do you think happens to men? We feel redundant and redundant is one step away from impotence and that’s a really bad thing for men. So we take off because you don’t need us. And so you don’t have husbands and fathers after hundreds of years of slavery, you just don’t. And if you are going to rebuild a nation and you’re going to fix everything up, you need money and you need father headed households, because you’re not going anywhere till you get farther headed households. And sure enough, they have to have this lamb meal and it’s only after that with the money and in father headed homes that they’re now ready to leave and start a nation. Those two things, my friends, family and finance are really all that matters.

And the struggle in America today, one which you all know well, you’re all on the frontlines, you’re all dealing with it is a struggle between two competing religions. The religion that says male and female he created them and the religion that says all genders, that’s right. Those are the two religions.

The Two Religions in America

Or to put it more scientifically. The two religions in America are between all of those who believe that Judeo-Christian biblical principles are vital for our nation’s survival and all those who believe that Judeo-Christian biblical principles are primitive obstructions to progress. Don’t we all want to be progressive and what’s stopping us? Well, things like the Constitution written by Bible believing men and based on biblical principles, needless to say.

So this is the struggle between these two sides. And what makes you independent of government? What stops you becoming a slave to the government? Marriage and family and money. You know the statistics, these are government statistics, you know them as well as I do. But what proportion of welfare recipients, what proportion of section 8 housing, what proportion of food stamps and are married couples with their biological children being raised? It’s very small. It’s teensy. It’s mostly single people.

And so if you believe not in the big G of God, but in the little G of government, then you do not want people to be independent of you. These are your clients, these are the people that give meaning to your life, you’re helping them. You feel as important as the farmer does when he goes out before dawn to take care of the cows. You feel as important as the zookeeper who goes to look after the animals. That is what a bureaucrat or legislator on the side of those who believe Judeo-Christian principles are primitive obstructions to progress. Well, they do not want people who don’t need government and so therefore, they undermine your family and your finances. How do they undermine your family? Easy.


We go with the ProFamily Network and they go with this. Yeah, if you can destroy their relationship, if you can destroy the distinction between male and female, if you can destroy the sexual tension that lies at the heart of this most productive and regenerative relationship, well, that’s easy, then you’re halfway there. Because if you can stop marriages, well, one way to do that is to define almost anything as a marriage. And if you’ve ever wondered why this obsession with transgender rights when it defects, when it affects a tiny minuscule proportion of the population? I mean, you all know that exceptions are not to be the basis of law, it’s always a bad idea to pass laws because of few occasional occurring exceptions. We’re sorry for them we try and help about an individual basis, but we don’t change the laws of an entire society. It doesn’t work well. Well, it does if what you’re trying to do is destroy the concept of marriage and family.

You have to know how important it is for folks who are on the other side of this. Folks are over at the Hilton Hotel in the Lincoln Center now, to them, destroying the primitive ideas of marriage and family. Very important.

Hey, friends, this is Rick Green, America’s Constitution coach and co-host of WallBuilders Live. 2020 is upon us and every one of us has a responsibility to preserve freedom for future generations. We want to equip you to be the catalyst in your community.

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Financial Independence


Finance and business, financial independence, no, we want people to become dependent. We’re going to give them Obama phones and we’re going to take care of them from the cradle to the grave. We’re going to take care of them from start to finish because we want to make people no longer have a need for money at all.

Now, these two things family and finance, pretty much or how the world really works. If you ever wonder what your constituents really want, it’s good family lives and freedom from financial worry. That’s what they really want.

Put it this way. If you have a fantastic marriage and you’re actually blessed with lovely kids who love you and on top of that, you’ve made good decisions and say you have no financial concerns, I think you can agree with me that there ought to be two bald spots in the carpet next to your bed where your knees go every night in gratitude. Like what more do you want from life? Oh you say well, good health. How many studies do I have to bring to show you that good health is tied very much to income, to marital status?

If we can take care of family and finance, short of catastrophic health problems that happen, but overwhelmingly, the things that we can take care of ourselves pretty much, you will discover that folks who are okay family-wise and who are okay financial-wise, not only don’t need the government but they actually don’t need a whole lot of medical care either, that’s all you’ve got to take care of. Family and finance.

Two Fundamental Things

It sounds so simple and basic. But these two things are absolutely fundamental, so much so that before Israel could leave Egypt and start off as their own new nation, they had to have family and they had a finance, had to be set up.

Adam and Eve being tossed out of the Garden of Eden and what are they tossed out with? Well, first of all, by the sweat of your brow, you shall eat bread. That’s not part of the curse, that’s part of the solution. A lot of people aren’t aware of that. But if you look at the text carefully, ancient Jewish wisdom, the Hebrew text validates that the punishment is finished. In the verse preceding that, the punishment to the serpent and the punishment to Eve and the punishment to Adam and the earth all done with. And at that point, Adam and this is now filled in in ancient Jewish wisdom. Adam starts weeping before God in atonement and mortification at what he’s done. Because the last sentence just finishes off, from now, you will eat the grass of the field. And omitted from that is the unspoken phrase just like animals. And that’s the worst thing.

Because we understand that fundamental to what has built the West and fundamental to a view of life that complies with the biblical blueprint is that people are not animals. You don’t need me to remind you that those folks, they believe people are just another form of animal. Right? This is why you’ll so often hear words like, hey, homosexuality is absolutely normal.

Touched By the Finger of God

Do you know how many animal species practice homosexual? The correct answer to that is so what, who cares? What’s it got to do with me? I’m not an animal, I’m a human being touched by the finger of God. What animals do is nothing to do with me, but that’s not how the Left has. The Left says we are nothing but animals.

And when animals do things, we don’t blame them, they act on instinct. Right? When a the wolf consumes or devours a farmer’s sheep, we don’t call a conference to discuss growing hostility on the part of the wolf population, we just tell the farmer, hey, I’m sorry build a better fence, get a dog. You know, it’s your problem, wolves were doing what wolves doing. So now you understand why a number of years ago, Newsweek magazine ran a cover story, “€œAdultery is Hardwired.”€ Meaning animals commit adultery, don’t they, so why are you getting so head-up about it? This is absolutely standard.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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Come Join Us!

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Almost everything you read, everything, well it’s perfectly natural that’s what animals do. But fundamental to our approaches, it doesn’t work that way. Animals are not people. And again the first two chapters of Genesis, we don’t have time to go into now. But look at it yourself, you’ll see God blesses the human beings. God in chapter 2 talks about male and female. There’s no male and female by animals, because the male and female distinction is primarily spiritual, not biological. Yeah, we get it there’s some basic biological very important differences, we get that, but that’s not what makes us so powerfully drawn to one another. What makes us drawn to one another are the spiritual aspects of masculinity and femininity. And that’s all laid up, but only for people not for animals, because there is no spiritual masculinity and femininity for animals. Is just biological. It’s all different.

And so this distinction between humans and animals is absolutely basic to us. So look, one of the great ways of telling whether something is spiritual or physical is by using my pet chimpanzee which I’m always willing to lend you for the purpose.

Genesis 1

Let me explain. Genesis chapter 1 verse 7 and 8 talked about the creation of gathering together and all of a sudden, here’s this thing called heaven and then 8 and 9 are talking about in here gather all the land, it’s going to be called Earth. So basically, chapter 1 of Genesis 7 through 10 is talking about the creation of heaven and earth. Right? So why do we need an opening verse that reads, in the beginning God created heaven and earth? We’re going to be reading at 7 verses later, it’s all laid out.

What do we need that opening sentence for? I mean, is this book really nothing but the board babblings of rambling veterans and they work with people of short-term memory loss so they don’t remember that they read this? What is this? No, in the beginning, God created heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are words there that refer to the physical reality and the spiritual reality. Those are two different realities in which we operate.

We all have physical needs: food, water, right, everybody has that. We also have spiritual needs. Spiritual needs are a feeling of connection with something bigger than ourselves. We get it from God, they get it from government. It’s very seductive. You’re in such a difficult position every one of you. You are dealing with so many agonizing and seductive appeals all the time. How wonderful it is for people to say, we need you, what are you going to do for us? Well, let me think. It’s very irresistible. In the beginning, God created heaven and earth, spiritual and physical.

Me and a Chimpanzee

And the great thing about my pet chimpanzee is, he’s very good at understanding physical, he doesn’t get spiritual. So when I come home from work and my wife and I sit down to a beautiful dinner, does my pet chimpanzee get it? Yeah, he watches with his tongue hanging out and then I remember I haven’t fed him yet, so I feed him. But he gets, he knows what eating is all about, that he gets completely. But how’s about when I pick up a newspaper to read and now he gets a furrowed look across his brow, he’s baffled? He can”€™t”€¦ because the process of reading and absorbing information through abstract symbols called letters and words is a spiritual process, animals can’t do that. He doesn’t get it.

How’s about marriage? He understands that my daughter wants to have a man, he gets that because his daughter wanted the same thing except with chimpanzee. He gets that. What he doesn’t get is that my daughter and her fiancée then restrained themselves for two and a half months of an engagement period and we send out invitations and we wait and people respond and then finally, there is a wedding and then the couple is united. That part, the chimpanzee doesn’t get. He gets mating, he doesn’t get marriage.


We’re out of time for today, folks, we’re going to pick up the conclusion of Rabbi Daniel Lapin at the ProFamily Legislators Conference on tomorrow’s WallBuilders Live program. If you happen to tune in today in the middle of this episode, then you can go to today and get the entire episode and yesterday’s program which was the beginning of Rabbi Lapin”€™s presentation.

You can also go to to learn more about Rabbi Lapin and get some of his fantastic presentations there as well. And then visit our website today, for making a contribution. That contribution is part of your partnership with us. It’s your chance to be a part of this cultural and national resurgence and become a part of the solution.

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So there’s a lot of ways for you to get involved. Check out today to learn more. The last website and hoping giving you a lot of websites today. Last website I’ll give you today is, that’s where you can sign up to become one of our Constitution coaches, where you get to actually host Constitution classes in your community, biblical citizenship classes.

The ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ Rabbi Daniel Lapin

You can do these in your home, you can do them at your church and community center, wherever you choose and you invite your friends and family over. You use the videos from Constitution Alive. So David Barton and I will take you to Independence Hall and teach right there in the room where the Constitution was framed, where the Declaration of Independence was done. And then we take you into the WallBuilders library and we pull all kinds of great stuff off the shelf and share that with you. It’s a great way for you to learn. It’s a great way for you to apply a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective and again to be a force multiplier where you’re the catalyst in your community to get people engage right now in 2020. Find out more there at We sure appreciate you listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.