The ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ Dr. Theresa Deisher And Mat Staver, Part 1: Dr. Theresa speaks about human fetal cell manufactured vaccines and how are they like eating out. Stay tuned to find out more!

Air Date: 01/15/2020

Guest: Theresa Deisher and Mat Staver 

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and culture, it’s WallBuilders Live and we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith and the culture from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. That’s how we do it here at WallBuilders Live.

My name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas Legislature and America’s Constitution coach. David Barton is America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders and Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor and the president of WallBuilders. We’re usually here together, but we’re actually
bringing you one of these presentations from the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

If you’ve been listening over the last few weeks, you’ve enjoyed several of these and we’ve got one for you today, tomorrow and the next day that’s on a topic we haven’t covered that often on WallBuilders Live and we’re excited to be able to bring it to you. It’s going to be brought to you by Matt
Staver and Dr Theresa Deisher. Now these are two of the best experts in the country. Matt on the legal side of this and Dr Deisher on the science of this.

It’s about vaccines and human cell lines and there’s a lot of stuff floating out there on the internet and on Facebook and so we just thought this is one of those subjects we got to cover. We covered it at the ProFamily Legislators Conference, we’re now going to cover it right here on WallBuilders Live
by giving you the chance to hear the presentation from Matt Staver and Dr Deisher. Here we go to The ProFamily Legislators Conference.

Human Fetal Cell Manufactured Vaccines: How Are They Like Eating Out


It’s a pleasure to be here. I want to start first by disclosing that Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute is not anti-vaccine. We are for safe and effective vaccines that protect our children and for vaccines where the consumer is fully aware of all of the ingredients that are contained in the vaccine vial. So the talk today, I titled: “€˜Human Fetal Cell Manufactured Vaccines: How Are They Like Eating Out”€™ and I hope that will become obvious to you in just a few minutes.

So we all like to eat out, we like our hamburgers and Congress is aware that informed consumers it’s very important and that we should all know, what is the foods that we eat, in the foods that we buy at the store. And so in 1990, they passed the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, which basically says
that the nutrients in our foods need to be disclosed to consumers in a way that they can actually read what’s in their food.

So because of that we can all know what is in our Big Mac. These are the nutrition facts in your Big Mac, it’s only 540 calories, it’s not as bad as I actually had thought it was. But you can know what’s in there unless of course the server or the cook might add a little extra that isn’t regulated, like spit. And this does happen, a disgruntled server in this case asked the cook to spit in her in her clients burger that’s the secret sauce.

So if you knew that the cooker, server had spit in your burger, would you eat that? No, it’s gross, but you could also get sick because there’s DNA and viruses that the cooker, the server might have in your hamburger. And I guess that the question I want to ask today is there like a threshold of up spit that would be okay?

And I’m supposed to spit in the presentation but it’s not polite to spit in public. So I spit a little earlier on this spoon, I’m not a real good spitter, it’s about a mil of my spit and my DNA and any viruses I have you don’t know what I have because you don’t know me, I just rub it around here. And this is about 25 to 50 micrograms of my DNA and I just want to know who would like to eat the burger. Okay. That’s a lot of spit. Okay.

So I’m a lady, I don’t usually spit that much. This is just a tiny little spit, it’s like 1/10 of this
spit I put on the last one and I”€™m just going to rub it around. It’s about 2.5 micrograms of my DNA and whatever viruses I might have and we’ll get the sauce I’ll spread out.

And does someone want to eat this? No.

So too much spit still. So what if I just lick it? So I just lick it and then I wrap it around. Does anyone want to eat this, you don’t know me? No. So there’s really no threshold below which you want my DNA or my viruses in your food. Is that correct? It’s gross and I could get you sick.

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There’s A Little Extra Secret Sauce


What if it wasn’t your burger, what if it was your friend’s burger and your friend didn’t know that the cook or the waitress had spit in their burger? You told them, they didn’t believe you and they were going to eat that burger anyway, what lengths would you go to prevent your friend from eating that burger with that extra little secret sauce? How good of a friend are you really? Okay.

So why am I talking about burgers when I’m supposed to be talking about vaccines? That’s because in some of our vaccines, there’s a little extra secret sauce that no one is told about and it’s human DNA and retroviruses and like the spit in that burger, not only is that philosophically gross and disgusting, but it has a potential to make people sick.

So we have this Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, we want inform consumers, but for some
reason vaccines seem to have been you know, kind of given a pass.

This is a package insert, it’s in every vaccine that’s ordered. I printed no real one out. These are the ingredients in the vaccine, these are all the safety studies, the toxicities and everything no one reads these. Your doctor doesn’t even read these. Right? But it’s microfiche, it’s not readable.

So I blown part of a vaccine insert up for you, this is chickenpox. And they disclose that in the chickenpox vaccine there are contaminants, residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein. They don’t tell us how much, right, it’s not found anywhere.


But how many of you know what an MRC-5 cell is? People don’t know, they call it MRC-5. So I don’t want to, you know, go into the science on this slide. The take-home point is that there are three cell lines, three main cell lines that are used in vaccine and biologic manufacturing that have been made
from the bodies of aborted babies. So there’s not aborted baby tissue in our vaccines or aborted baby body parts in our vaccines. There is human fetal DNA and some retroviruses from those babies that were used to make the cell lines that make our vaccines.

So whenever you see anywhere MRC-5, HEK 293, or WI-38 or the word, Human Diploid, that is a cell line that was created from the remains of an aborted baby, an electively aborted baby. Miscarriages don’t provide good material or good cells for scientists, so these are electively aborted babies. And your doctor might not know about this, but even Wikipedia knows that MRC-5 is a cell line that was derived from a 14 week old baby.

These Are The Main Vaccines That Are Manufactured Using Human Fetal Cell Lines

So these are the main vaccines that are manufactured using human fetal cell lines and scientists use cell lines to make vaccines because the viruses are just, they’re too large to be made economically in a test tube.

So they mimic nature’s way of propagating a virus and they infect cells to grow up the virus for your vaccine. But they cannot purify out the DNA and other contaminates from the cell. So the measles mumps and rubella, the chickenpox, the shingles, Pentacel and all hepatitis a containing vaccines are contaminated with human fetal DNA and in some cases, the MMR and the chickenpox and the
shingles with the retrovirus. People who don’t know what retroviruses are, just for example, HIV/AIDS is caused by a retrovirus. So this is like the spit that a server, a discontented server might put in your hamburgers and it is in the vaccines that we inject into ourselves, into our children and if we wouldn’t eat it, why would we inject it, which is a much more biologically dangerous route of administration.

So I showed you a package insert that’s microfiche, no one reads these, your doctor doesn’t read these. I do read these, I’m a scientist. My best friend says I’m a geek and a nerd. So I like to read those. But because of that, Congress has a law that for certain vaccines, a vaccine information statement must be supplied to the patient, to the parent, to the legal representative before a vaccine is injected. I want to point out that they emphasize for certain vaccines.

There Are Known Dangers Present

Now why would they get law that the vaccine information summary has to be given out, right? Is it because they think these certain vaccines are extra safe? No. We sign, we read waivers, we sign waivers when there is a known danger present. And what are those certain vaccines? There are 13 vaccines where a vaccine information statement is legally required. Now, I don’t remember ever being given a vaccine information summary before my children vaccinated. I got one afterward, but never before. But these 13 vaccines they require that this statement be given out and underlined in red, these are all the fetal manufactured vaccines. And including varicella on the bottom, you can’t see the red. So we have to have these statements given to us of the benefits and the dangers of all of the fetal manufactured vaccines.

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Most People Don’t Read This


This is the chickenpox vaccine information sheet, you might not want to read that. Some people don’t even read that. Actually, I found even scientists they liked to read the title of the publication, maybe they’ll read the abstract. But scientists, unfortunately, don’t even sometimes read the body of the text or look at the data. And I bet a lot of people don’t read this, so I decided to blow one up for you. Some people should not get chickenpox or should wait. If you’re not given that statement before you get the injection, you wouldn’t know that and anyone who is ill should not get a vaccine. How many times are our children vaccinated when they have runny noses, they might even have a fever? That should never be done. It’s clearly stated. Most people don’t read this.

And what are the risks from chickenpox vaccine? Well, moderate problems include seizures. I mean, if your child goes into a seizure, I guess that’s just moderate. And then there are severe problems that are listed. Again, if you don’t read them, you wouldn’t know. But one of the serious problems is a severe brain reaction. And they say it’s rare, but what is rare?

So before the chickenpox vaccine, 150 children died from chickenpox in the US every year. After the chickenpox vaccine, about 75 children died in the US every year to chickenpox. Now, the vaccine itself can cause serious chickenpox in 3-8% of the recipients. That’s in the vaccine package insert if you read it and it’s in the published literature.

Vaccinations Are Grossly Under-Reported

So when we look at these risks, you know, what are the numbers? So there are some scientific publications. This is from the British Medical Journal and the title is “€œAdverse Reactions to Varicella”€, that’s the virus that causes chickenpox. Vaccinations are grossly under-reported. So first of all, in the US, we have a voluntary report system called VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It’s voluntary. And the scientific experts have accepted as well as the CDC accepts and acknowledged that only 5-10% are reported.

So for just a three-year period, 1995-1998, 2,350 adverse responses were reported every year. So if we multiply that, that means that there’s actually 11,000 to 12,000 to 23,000 adverse responses to the chickenpox vaccine every year. And all we ever hear is it’s so safe, it’s so safe, it’s so safe.

So what about serious responses? I don’t expect you to read this.

A Serious Response

This is a scientific publication in 2000. Again, 3 years 1995-1998. And there were 67.5 reports per 100,000 doses sold. What I want to point out is that 4% described serious adverse events, like the serious brain reactions including 14 deaths. So not very many children got the chickenpox vaccine in those years it was just being introduced. But now 94-95% of our children get this vaccination and they get it at 18 months and again at 6 years of age. So that’s about 8 million children getting the vaccine every year.

And if 4% of them have serious adverse responses, that’s about 300,000 children having a serious adverse response that includes deaths. So it’s important that we actually really be given the true risks and benefits and most of the deaths from the chickenpox illness are from bacterial infections because the scabs aren’t cared for. Right? Medically, we could manage that. At home, we could manage that. It’s called taking care of our children and doing our job and our most important job is that of a parent to care for our children.

How Much? 

So I mentioned that several of these vaccines and these are childhood vaccines are manufactured in human fetal cells and they’re contaminated with human fetal DNA and retroviral fragments. And then the question is how much? So a lot of, you know, MDS who promote vaccines say, oh there’s hardly any, there’s nothing. It’s really small amounts. Well, we know from Merck’s submission to the FDA, it’s called “€˜Summary Basis for Approval”€™. It’s not in the package insert. It’s not in the vaccine information statement. But that there are two micrograms of cellular DNA per dose. Okay.

So you didn’t want to eat the bread with 25 micrograms of my DNA and you didn’t want to eat the bread with 2.5 micrograms of my DNA. And it’s a risk to us but really if we have like a cut in our mouth, right? And some of that DNA or virus could get in and it’s not all going to get in, but some is going to get in. And we know you can get really sick from that.

We are injecting 2.5 micrograms and that’s an underestimate because they only measured one kind of the DNA. It’s 8 micrograms if you measure all of the DNA into our children’s bloodstream. It’s all going to get in there and it’s very dangerous. So the to 2 micrograms is all the DNA and 500,000 cell.

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It’s A Large Amount


And it’s in small pieces, 8 trillion pieces are injected that can cause harm to our children, 8 trillion pieces. That’s more than the five point four trillion blood cells that a two-year-old has in their body. It’s not a small amount. It’s a large amount and we have a handout that you’ll find in your packets that actually proves it’s physiologically active and can cause severe autoimmune reactions. This is undisputed despite the fact there are some bloggers out there who claim it’s impossible. It’s very possible. It’s known biology.

So I’m told I shouldn’t talk too much about science or I talk all about the toll-like receptors. But I’m trying to learn to speak English not science. But read that and I love the science, so if you have questions you can come and ask me. So vaccines have kind of been given a pass. They don’t have to tell us what’s in there. They don’t tell us everything. That’s materially misleading. In the presence of human fetal contaminants, is a material disclosure that we should all know about.

Vaccines Were So Unsafe

And the reason they don’t is because vaccines were so unsafe, the pharmaceutical companies were losing millions of dollars in lawsuits and so they stopped wanting to make vaccines. And so Congress sees this as a national security issue unlike our food, this is a national security issue and so they pass an Act in 1986 and they gave them carte blush immunity, because they wanted them to keep making vaccines particularly in the event of biologic warfare. And when they did that, they know that children would be deliberately harmed and so they formed the Vaccine Injury Court so parents could be rapidly compensated for the harm.

Now that hasn’t worked out as it was meant to because they try not to compensate because they don’t want to admit they’re mandating vaccines that they know are going to harm children, so they try not to pay out on very many claims. So all incentive for pharmaceutical companies to make vaccines safe was removed. Okay. So they claim they do safety studies. Are vaccines ever tested for safety against an inert placebo-like saline? Never, ever.


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