The ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ Dr. Theresa Deisher And Mat Staver, Part 2: Many vaccines are dangerous to our children. Informed consumers who object to vaccines for medical or religious reasons, want to protect their children and are in favor of healthy alternatives. Tune in today to hear why freedom of choice on this issue is so vital!

Air Date: 01/16/2020

Guest: Dr. Theresa Deisher and Mat Staver

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders live where we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith and the culture, always from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. Usually, there’s three of us here hosting the program, David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders, Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor, he’s president of WallBuilders and my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas Legislature and America’s Constitution coach.

But instead of us having a conversation here in the studio, we are headed out to the ProFamily Legislators Conference. We’re going to pick up right where we left off yesterday with Matt Staver and Dr. Theresa Deisher. They are talking about vaccines, they’re talking about the law with regard to vaccines, how vaccines are made, all this information that too often we get you know, crazy information out there on the internet from both sides of this very important debate when it comes to your child’s health and the medical decisions that you as a parent should be able to make without the state telling you what to do.

So we wanted to bring you some good information and we’re going to dive right back into that presentation out at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. Let’s pick up right where we left off yesterday. Here’s Matt Staver and Dr. Theresa Deisher.


There’s not one well-executed well-designed appropriate safety study that has ever been done on the vaccines that we are taking, because they compare the harm to the vaccine without the virus. What if the other stuff in the vaccine is causing the harm? The side effects are the same, so they say it’s safe.

Welcome Dr. Theresa Deisher

This is a study published by GlaxoSmithKline and most people just read the title and they would say immunogenicity and safety. Oh, it’s safe. Okay. They don’t even read the abstract, I’m a skeptic, I would read everything. I even read the supplementary material that’s really difficult to find. So if you read everything, you’ll find this supplementary table. They compared their new vaccine on the left to Merck”€™s vaccine, both are manufactured in human fetal cells. It’s a supplementary table. Very few people ever read these or find these, it’s you know, takes a little work, you got to click a bunch of tabs.

NOCD new-onset chronic disease occurs in 3.4% of children and 3.7%. So since it was no worse than Merck, they got to say it was safe. That’s 3.4% and 3.7% of our children, they know have a new-onset chronic disease. Typically, all autoimmune diseases in our children.

So let’s just take 3.5% of the children, they know just from this one vaccine, right, I haven’t found these numbers for the other vaccines, but I’m sure they have them somewhere. That’s 148,000 children every year with a new-onset chronic disease. That’s as large as the City of Waco. In 10 years, that’s 1.48 million children. In 40 years, I mean many millions of children have been harmed by our vaccines. So are there alternatives? Yes. Available in the US for the polio and the Pentacel and the rabies, which are these are all manufactured in human fetal cells. You can find these animal versions.


For the shingles which was [inaudible 03:38], that’s just chickenpox five times more, because we have five times the amount of blood that a child does. That’s where they get the numbers. There is a new vaccine called Shingrix which is made in hamster cells. There is no alternative for the chickenpox for our children. But the chickenpox vaccine could be readily made in a guinea pig or like the Shingrix in these hamster cells. But with Pig is so powerful, no one wants to see a guinea pig used to make vaccines when we can use a human baby. So that’s why we have this.

Hepatitis A and mumps measles-rubella, there are no alternatives available in the US. They are available in Japan. We could have them here if we demanded those vaccines.

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0.6% of children, 0.6% compared to 3.5% just with the MMR who have new-onset chronic autoimmune diseases every year have peanut allergies. And so peanut butter and jelly sandwiches aren’t allowed in school anymore. We don’t serve peanuts on the plane. I miss them, but I certainly wouldn’t want to eat a peanut if it endangered somebody else’s child. We protect these 0.6% of the children.

There are significant numbers of children who are not born strong, right, we’re not all born strong. I can eat peanuts all day and someone touches a peanut and they die. Right? I can handle vaccines all day, but children with genetic predispositions that make them have what’s called primitive DNA like the MTHFR mutation gives you primitive DNA are highly susceptible to damage from the fetal manufactured vaccines. We forced vaccinations, we”€™re removing exemptions. We don’t even screen to see if the children have these mutations. Right? We’re putting an entire group class of citizens at risk without any protections and yet we’re willing to protect those 0.6% who have peanut allergies.

Dangerous Vaccines

I love this slide that’s asking the doctor why are we all sick? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. But besides the moral objections, there are serious health dangers that we should all be concerned about. And the fields of immunology and virology and gene therapy, I could bring stacks of papers, have unequivocally demonstrated that that stuff in our vaccines is not good, it’s very dangerous.

We are not anti-vaccine. We are for informed consumers. We”€™re for choice. We’re for protecting children who are vulnerable to the toxicities having the human fetal DNA and the retrovirus contaminating our vaccines because those children have primitive DNA and so they’re at risk of an autoimmune attack. And I’m four healthy kids. So thank you very much.


I want to talk to you about vaccines. We have litigated this issue of vaccines around the country. There’s two different kinds of objections to vaccines. One, I’ll say is religious and they sort of interact with each other. And within religious and I’ll break it down, the pro-life only vaccines or some people that for religious reasons or pro-life reasons object only to certain kinds of vaccines, the vaccines that are made with aborted fetal tissue cell. Then there’s a religious against all vaccines that our body is the temple of God and we shouldn’t put any kinds of poisons or other kinds of things in it and therefore it kind of intermixes with medical because obviously, you’re informed by medical and science and so you make decisions from a religious standpoint not to put certain things in your body.

Harmful to Our Bodies

The reason why you’re not putting certain things or drugs for example in your body is because you understand from the natural world that it harms your body. And so there’s that intersection between religious having the idea that our bodies are the temple of God and this vaccine is not good for me.

There’s the other kind and that is, this intersects with those people who are objecting based upon their faith but also there are people from a medical perspective, they just simply don’t have this religious base or pro-life based objection. Now but they object to vaccines for medical reasons. Some might object for specific reasons medically because that particular vaccine may cause an allergy or an adverse reaction, contraindicated for that particular person. And the other might be from all vaccines that for the same reason that the person in the religious category is motivated by their faith, but they’re informed by science. Someone here could be motivated just by science and not necessarily by their faith. So they interact. Those are the two categories. A religious base objection, pro-life only or all vaccines, a medical-based objection, certain vaccines, all vaccines and some of those interact with each other.

So let me look at the pro-life objections and this presentation that you just saw really covered that well. So some of this will go over part of that information. Some vaccines are derived as your presentation was just done very well from aborted fetal tissue cell.


During the rubella epidemic in 1964, some doctors advised the pregnant women who were exposed to the disease to abort their children and the resulting strain became known as RA/27/3. Now the R stands for Rubella, the A stands for aborted, 27 stands for the 27th baby that was tested the 27th aborted baby that was tested and 3 stands for the third tissue implant. So that’s the RA/27/3 and that’s still used today.

The rubella vaccine was cultivated on the 27th aborted baby on the lung tissue of yet another aborted infant, that is called WI-38. And by the way, this information is in your handouts. Liberty Counsel, we have a hard copy and your handouts there for this presentation and for my next presentation later this afternoon.

The WI-38 is the Wistar Institute 38, it was taken from the lung tissue of an aborted baby that was aborted at 3 months in the 1960s and so these lines ultimately developed the aborted fetal tissue cell. There was a second cell line known as the MRC5. That was derived from a male baby at 14 weeks gestation in the 1970s. And so these are still in the vaccine stream even to today.

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Aborted Fetal Tissue Cell Lines


There are these two aborted fetal tissue cell lines have been used to provide ongoing vaccination sources for many vaccines, including as was already mentioned and I’ll have a chart as well. Hepatitis A, Chickenpox. the MMR which is the Mumps Measles-Rubella vaccine and the Rubella vaccine, so those are part of that aborted fetal tissue cell made from aborted babies.

Here’s a vaccine chart. If you look on the left-hand side, you’ll see some of the vaccines. These are not all, but these are US vaccines that are derived on the left side from aborted fetal tissue. If you look at the ones that are underlined in italics, those are the ones that are on the right side of the chart as well. Those on the right side of the chart mimic the ones that are underlined and italics on the left side, those are US vaccines that have an alternative. In other words, there is an alternative, you can have two different kind of shingles vaccine. One that’s made with an aborted fetal tissue cell and one that’s not. So if you get a vaccine, make sure that your doctor who’s not going to pay any attention to this or whoever you’re getting that vaccine from has the alternative. And so those there Ebola which is in development, the hepatitis B, measles, mumps, polio, polio combination, rabies, shingles, smallpox, those are vaccines that have an alternative.

If you remember after 9/11, the white powder scare that came out. The original 50 million vaccines that came out were made from aborted fetal tissue cell, there were no alternatives. There was complaints to that. Eventually, they made a second alternative that did have the alternative option.

Chickenpox, MMR, Rubella

But you’re going to see there are zero alternatives for chickenpox, MMR, rubella or hepatitis A in the United States. There are no alternatives. So if you get one of those vaccines you are ingesting into your body, aborted fetal tissue cells that came from the 1960s and 1970s and whether they’re still doing that now is unknown. We are in the midst of a very lengthy trial in California involving Planned Parenthood. We represent SanDr.a Merritt and David de Layden”€™s, the other individual and they did the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood.

And what has been there is astonishing. Because what we have seen is that places like Stanford University, they would go to a website like stem express, it had Dr.opped down screens. You could order different baby body parts. You could actually specify the size of the heart, lung, liver, kidney, whatever it might be, brain. The gestational age, of course, they don’t want it ingested with any poison, so no anaesthesia, no chemical to kill the baby because that would interfere with their research. They would do this on a Dr.op-down screen. Some of these livers were being sold to these research institutions that still get money from the federal government up until recently President Trump said no more of that, although they’re still ongoing research. Millions of dollars of research from the federal government are going to places like Stanford and others that were ordering and still are ordering these body parts from these organ procurement companies. And in some cases, the livers were selling for $17,000.

Planned Parenthood

Then there are people on the Planned Parenthood side and now is court documented testimony in which these medical directors, some of them were not only working for Planned Parenthood but also on these organ procurement companies, so they were wearing two hats that they would go in and they would alter abortion procedures. For example, in one case, the testimony that came out a couple of weeks ago is that the doctor has performed about 30,000 abortions, 200 in a week. She said that she takes the baby, grasped it by its feet, pulls it out, breaks so that there’s a dilation process because if you pull it out the normal way, you can’t dilate as well. But it begins the dilation process, causing more risk to the woman, altering the abortion procedure, then crushes above, crushes below the thorax to extract an intact heart, lung, liver, kidney and also then takes out the brain. Again, this is while the baby is still alive. And this organ human trafficking and baby body parts is happening all over the country.

We had a research specialist, a stem-cell research specialist, PhD from Stanford that we put on in the criminal trial, the Judge who’s a Planned Parenthood supporter in the civil trial won’t allow a lot of those kinds of testimony. But in the criminal one that we just did, the doctor said she does research on mice. There’s lots of ethical rules on not causing unnecessary harm to mice during your research. She does stem-cell research on mice.

A Baby”€™s Beating Heart

And one day, she saw a beating baby heart that arrived at the university and she was shocked. She said the only way that that could have happened is if it had been extracted while the baby was still alive. We then had other testimony that said, indeed, they were extracting these babies”€™ hearts while they’re still alive and keeping them beating while the FedEx trucks come and take these body parts. So whether they’re using these stem cells for other vaccines, I don’t know. I can tell you that the human trafficking in these baby body parts is real and it’s extensive.

And so this is just a small thing of what’s happening here in the vaccine situation. The objections to all vaccines. Let’s look at this. Somebody who objects for religious reasons or medical reasons to all vaccines.

The risk of adverse reactions or death is real from these vaccines. It was very frustrating to see on the media or have Facebook want to censor people who have some opposition to vaccines and they call it hysteria and they call it bad science. And these people don’t, look, there are real adverse reactions scientifically documented including death to vaccines.

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1986 as was mentioned by Dr. Diesher, Congress gave all immunity: you cannot sue these pharmaceutical companies for an injury as a result of a vaccine. They are immune from lawsuits because in 1986 we created the vaccine injury compensation program. It has a compensation fund and that fund also has a court. And that pays families or individuals of vaccine killed or disabled children nearly $100 million a year. It has since 1986 paid out over $4 billion. Now you tell me. There’s no risk in vaccines. Why are we spending $4 billion or $100 million-plus a year in compensation and again as was mentioned, that’s only a fraction of the individuals because most people don’t even realize when they have an adverse reaction, hey, there’s this compensation fund out there that I can go apply to and then there’s a lot of hassle to get through it. So we’ve already paid $4 billion, we’re paying it for some reason and that’s only a fraction of the people who actually know it exists and goes after it.

Religious Liberty Objections

We had after I started doing my first litigation that we had in New York with someone who had a 7th-grade girl and she was being forced to go through vaccines, they had a religious objection to all vaccines. We ended up litigating and winning, I don’t know if we’d win now, because New York repealed their religious objection category. I’ll talk about that in just a minute. But we prevailed then.

While we’re in the midst of this litigation, we had someone, this is just an anecdotal story. But we had an individual come and interview with us at Liberty Counsel. She just finished interviewing with me, I wanted her to meet some of the other staff, so she was being escorted down the hallway. And all of a sudden, I hear a commotion. I run out there, this individual is in a seizure mode. We had to move around her side, make sure she wasn’t going to swallow her tongue or choke. Her mom, we didn’t know it was sitting out in the parking lot, the ambulance came. We called 911, the ambulance came. The mother wondered what was going on, she comes in thinking might be her daughter and sure enough, her daughter was taken to a nearby hospital, she almost died. The mother told us a story that she was fine until she went in and had these vaccines and within a couple of days, she developed seizures and she has been having these seizures since.


The seizures are also oftentimes brought on by stress. She hadn’t had a seizure in two years. She obviously was under stress because she wanted to work with us, we had no idea. But that young lady, her mom said there was a before and after because of the moment of time when she gave her these vaccines.


We are out of time for today, folks. You’ve been listening to Matt Staver and Dr. Theresa Deisher on the issue of vaccines and human cell lines and of course, Matt on the legal perspective on the vaccine issue. We’re going to get the conclusion tomorrow and the Q&A, which means we’ll have an opportunity to hear what the legislators were asking these folks and their answers of course. So it’s a great opportunity for you to learn, for us to learn. We’re so thankful for Matt and Dr. Deisher, both for sharing with us at the Legislators Conference and thankful that we get to bring this information to you our listeners at WallBuilders Live.

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The ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ Dr. Theresa Deisher And Mat Staver

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