The ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Part 3: What is the three-strand cord necessary for cultural resurgence? Today Rabbi Lapin explains how faith, marriage, and money are at the core of a society. Tune in today to hear why it is important to understand how the world really works!

Air Date: 01/09/2020

Guest: Rabbi Lapin

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live where we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith and the culture, always from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective.

My name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas Legislature and America’s Constitution coach, here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and our founder of wall builders and Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor, he’s the president of WallBuilders. Now, the three of us are usually here on the program together talking about all these different things, but we’re actually going to  take you out today with us to the ProFamily Legislators Conference which we’ve been doing a lot of the last few weeks, because we want to share with you these incredible presentations that we’ve been able to get for these legislators.

Now, the conference took place a few weeks ago, we’ve been sharing some of the presentations over the last few weeks so that you can hear them from former congressman to experts in all kinds of different issues and areas of the culture. Today is actually the conclusion of a three-part series with Rabbi Daniel Lapin. If you happen to be tuning in today for the first time, then you want to go to our website: where you can listen to yesterday’s program and the day before because this particular presentation is a three-part series here on WallBuilders Live.

If you’re not familiar with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, incredible teacher, incredible wealth of wisdom. You can learn more about him at, and then you can listen to the rest of this presentation at We’re going to go back out to the legislative conference pick up right where we left off yesterday.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Today is the conclusion of cultural and national resurgence with Rabbi Daniel Lapin at the ProFamily Legislators Conference


My son-in-law is a tradesman and he goes around selling things. My chimpanzee doesn’t get that either. He gets where you put some food in your mouth, he gets that. But that my son-in-law walks around from place to place, selling something abstract, whole software in exchange for widths which he gets a rearrangement of iron oxide molecules on the hard drive of his bank’s computer and then he can use those transferred to a piece of plastic with a brown strip on the back in order to get food. Finally, at the end of this whole process, my son-in-law eats and the chim”€¦ oh, now I get well it was. But what was all that before? Business. Finance. Commerce. Trading.

The use of money not understood by my chimpanzee because it is spiritual. What is money? Forget about what they teach you in economics 101. Money is very simple. It is certificates of good performance. It”€™s little green certificates that tell that you served another one of God’s creatures. That’s all it is. Because if you have money in your hand right now and you didn’t hold up a lady and steal her pocketbook or you didn’t hold up a convenience store or you didn’t defraud anybody, if you’re actually holding money, I know how you got it. You pleased another one of God’s children. Might have been your boss. Might been an employer. Might have been a colleague. Might have been a client. Might have been”€¦ Somebody gave you that money because whatever it was you did for them, they valued more. Family and finance, my chimpanzee doesn’t get either one of them. He gets everything else. Everything that’s physical and material in the world he gets. But finance and family are spiritual.

Three-Stranded Cord of Cultural and National Resurgence

It’s interesting the title I gave, I’m not sure if it’s in the program. So the title of today’s talk is the Three-Stranded Cord of Cultural and National Resurgence. What’s the three stranded cord from, anybody knows the reference, chapter four of the book of? Proverbs is a pretty good guess, same author Ecclesiastes. Chapter 4 of Ecclesiastes is what we got there. And it says, a three stranded cord won’t easily break. But that’s not in a verse by itself, it’s the second half of another verse, which says that when two people are together and they”€™re attacked, they can mutually defend one another and fight off the attacker.

And so in that verse what is King Solomon praising? Two people collaborating, right? And the verse just before that, he says, you know, there’s this big advantage of two people. They can boost one another’s energy. Two people sleeping together can keep each other warm. What’s Solomon praising? Two-nus again, right? And the verse just before that, Solomon says, and you know what two people is better than one because when two people collaborate, the sum of their production and their output is more than what would be if they were just two individuals adding their effort. So again what”€™s Solomon praising? Two-nus. So if he’s praising Two-nus in these three verses, the next verse should read, and what kind of core doesn’t easily break? Why three? I’ve just asked you. I said, what is Solomon praising? And you said, Two-nus, are you trying to get rid of me?

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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Constitutional and Handgun Training

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He says, two are better than one, they keep”€¦ better production, they can. Two are better than one. So, what kind of cord doesn’t break? Where’s the three? Yeah. Everyone he”€™s spoken about is just two collaborating, should have said and a two stranded chord is stronger than anything else. Two stranded chord won’t break. See, I’ve just told you. Two are better than one. Two can help two or more productive. A two stranded, no, he all of a sudden, out of no way, three stranded chord because for human collaboration in the areas in which he speaks about, finance and family, two people sleeping together, two people more productive than one, when you look at family and finance, those only exist because of God. They are both spiritual activities.

And sure enough, you are all aware that in the part of America that has rejected Judeo-Christian thinking, marriage is in free fall. We’ve got a small percentage of Americans that are married than I think at any other time as far as I know. It’s amazing because as America becomes more secularized and more rejecting of Judeo, yes, sure marriage goes as well. And what follows as well? Finance.

Money and Marriage

You might say, well, we’re doing pretty well financially and that’s actually not altogether clear. We have enormous economic momentum and it’s a longer discussion. But the bottom line is that when you take God out of the picture, finance doesn’t last long. Have you ever heard of a good and healthy and durable financial economic system of an atheist regime? Doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing. Where do we have the strongest economic development of the last 200 years? In the West, the place the Bible built. God is needed for both family and finance, marriage and money. Both.

And those are the things when you get right down to it, that’s what people care about when you get right down to it. You make sure that they can have great marriages and that their children’s relationship with them and their values do not become eroded by the government and you give them financial independence. Who wants more than that?

And finally, here five similarities between money and marriage. Five similarities between finance and family.

Number one. You can’t do it yourself. You have to have another person. And without being over delicate or certainly not being vulgar in any way, I think everyone understands the relationship between sex and family. I mean, if you get right, you know we’re trying to be genteel about it. But basically, you wouldn’t have uncles and aunts and you wouldn’t have cousins if a few years back, grandpa didn’t have a glint in his eye when he spotted grandma. That’s how God created the world. And it’s a pretty good system and the evidence is that human beings are no danger of extinction. But it was designed to work with God involved.

Financial Analysis

And so whether you are getting together with the person you love and the person with whom you’re going to spend the rest of your life or whether you are trying to make money, you cannot do it without another person. Money is made when two human beings serve one another. And secularists or materialists very often think that if I do a service for you and you pay me and then you do a service for me and I pay you, the net result is zero and it isn’t true at all. Because if you actually do a financial analysis such as I’ve done here in previous years, you actually see that both parties miraculously had more than they did when they started. It wasn’t a NetZero exchange. I did something for you. That increased your wealth and my wealth and then you did something for me, it increase your wealth and my wealth. That’s why free market transactions take place. Only government has the power to extract money by coercion. Everyone else who wants your money has to make you want to give it by supplying you of something that you consider to be of greater value. That’s the only reason you buy stuff.

And so whether its family or sex or marriage or whether it’s finance, you’ve got to have one other person.

Hey, friends, this is Rick Green, America’s Constitution coach and co-host of WallBuilders Live. 2020 is upon us and every one of us has a responsibility to preserve freedom for future generations. We want to equip you to be the catalyst in your community.

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Communication is Essential


There has to be communication, obviously. The gift of the gab, it’s crucial in business to be able to describe the deal, to give the advantages. All of business is selling and if you cannot sell, you can’t talk. And similarly, how does one conduct a marriage? I mean, even at its lowest level, where on an animalistic level, men cruise bars looking for women, they all have pickup lines. Hopefully, they don’t work on smart women, but they talk. Communication is absolutely essential, it’s a main part of it.

The next thing is that in both marriage and business, you have to be focused on the satisfaction and the needs of the other person. Customer service is called. I like buying in a place where they’re just trying to please me. I like staying in a hotel where it looks as if they’ve been waiting all year for me to show up. They’re caring about my needs, is wonderful. And in marriage, well, the greatest thing to any man is to be able to provide for the needs and the satisfaction of his wife and vice versa, there’s pleasure in that. It’s the same in both these areas: family and finance, these are both required areas.

The fourth one is that we are in both cases looking for something spiritual, not physical. In business and finance, obviously, I know a lady and you will never get her name from me, wild horses could not persuade me to tell you who she is. But I know this lady who will drive across town because gasoline is four cents a gallon cheaper. Is that a material need or a spiritual need? It’s totally spiritual because on a material level, I can show you’re going to use more gas than you”€¦ it”€™s not worth it.

It is Spiritual

Just buying it here for four cents a gallon more. No, a spiritual need is being satisfied. All of advertising, all of packaging, all of branding, all spiritual. We don’t buy transport when we buy a car. Transport is only part of the story. We buy a whole lot of emotional and spiritual factors, yeah when business is very much a spiritual occupation. If you don’t understand that, you’re at an enormous handicap.

And how about sex and marriage and family? Well, obviously, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that in spite of what some very foolish people are saying, robots are never going to replace women for men. It’s not going to happen. It is, shall I tell you why? And they said, when I argue, well, a robot could provide just as much pleasure as a woman can. And the answer is that may or may not be, I”€™m no expert. But here’s what I can tell you, you cannot pleasure a robot and that just destroys it. Both business and marriage require for their fulfillment a deep desire to please the other person.

And finally, the fifth similarity is that in both cases, after a family interaction and after a business interaction, both parties feel better than they did before. I’ve sold out my inventory. This is great. I’ve fulfilled my sales goal for the month. It’s terrific. I’m done for today. Tomorrow, I’ll carry on with something else. But when you finish financial transactions, you feel great. You know why and we’ll wrap up over here, because people say money doesn’t bring happiness. That’s not the full story.

Earned or Won?

Earned money brings great happiness. Got money or won money doesn’t. Everybody knows what happens to winners of Lotteries. That’s right, yeah. After a euphoric few months of purchasing and buying, invariably, the stories of lottery winners involve shattered lives. Money you didn’t earn but you just won doesn’t bring happiness.

Perhaps one of the reasons that England is where the Industrial Revolution took place and where England developed so much trade that they became masters of the world at that time, where colonies in, what became our country United States, these colonies came about because of English people. So, why one of the difference is that English and Hebrew are among the few languages that distinguish between earning and winning. Spanish, gunnarolla dinero, its winning or earning makes no difference. It’s French [inaudible 18:55], winning or earning money makes a huge difference. Hebrew and English, both distinguish between winning and earning.

Patriot Academy

Have you noticed the vacuum of leadership in America? It’s not just that we have a few bad leaders taking us away from our founding principles and down a road of destruction, the real challenge is that we’re looking around for leaders of principle to step up and too often no one is there. This is a generational challenge and we must have a generational solution.

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Doing What God Wants Brings Blessing


When you win money, it doesn’t make you happy but when you earn money, there is a deep happiness. And similarly, after a family interaction, whether it’s sexual or social, after a family interaction, people feel happier? And so here we’ve got it, this remarkable pattern. God has created us in a way that by seeking happiness, we’re doing exactly what he wants us to do.

Number one, we’re building businesses and providing for the needs of his other children. That’s a good thing. Why would you be surprised that a good and loving God would reward that behavior with the blessing of financial abundance? You’re doing what he wants us to do. And seeking a spouse and building a family in faith and fidelity and trust, how wonderful. That’s exactly what he wants us to do. Because God’s very first condemnation, God as happiest could be until he says not good for man to be alone. Okay, that means he wants us not to be alone.

And so he set up a world where civilization flourishes if people can build financial independence and build families and tragically, that is being undermined by the people you have to deal with professionally every day of your lives. And for that, I and all your fellow citizens bow our heads in admiration and we stand before you in a spirit of enormous appreciation and gratitude for all the pain that you suffer in having to prevent and stop further incursions into American civilization by those forces intent on destroying everything that the Bible built.

Understanding How the World Works

Perhaps, the most important tool I can give you in understanding how the world really works is recognizing that money and marriage are at the core of everything. Family and finance, it’s at the core of everything. Don’t lose sight of that. Don’t be misled by all kinds of complicated acronyms and programs and projects and bill, when you get right down to it, just keep an eye on it. Money and marriage, faith and finance, that is everything. Those two things brought together by God, that is the three strand cord that will never break. And we all hopefully, will gather together on the far side of the struggle, patting each other on the back and knowing that God himself is looking at us as having been faithful to his word and faithful to bringing about his word.

Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you having me here today. Thank you.

An Opportunity for You!


Thank you, Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Folks, you’ve been listening to Rabbi Lapin at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. That presentation on Cultural and National Resurgence, the entire presentation available right now at It’s been a three-part series here on WallBuilders Live as you’ve been listening. So if you happen to tune in today in the middle of the program and somehow missed yesterday and the day before, all three parts available right now at

As you visit and here we are at the beginning of 2020, very important year, very important in terms of the future of our country, in terms of the future of our Constitution, I want to encourage you to come alongside us here at Wallbuilders Live. We have a tremendous very positive influence on the culture through this programming. As you know, we’re a Joshua and Caleb type approach, we’re not doomsdayers. We talk about the challenges facing our culture, but we bring the biblical, historical and constitutional perspective that’s actually a very optimistic perspective. And you can help to spread that good news, to get more and more people engaged, get more and more people inspired and equip to do their part as citizens, to preserve our constitutional republic for future generations.

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The ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ Rabbi Daniel Lapin

You know, I think about the Founding Fathers as we enter this very important year and the challenges they faced. And when they face those challenges they were willing to give, not just pledge, but give their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. I’m going to ask you to do the same thing this year. Give of your life, give of your time, get educated, equipped and inspired and then become a force multiplier for others in your community.

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Check out today. Be sure and check out today. We sure appreciate you listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.