Shining Some Light On Political Lies- Setting The Record Straight: In this episode, we are revealing some major lies told in the past that the masses have believed to be true and some more recent fallacies that are being told today. Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 09/25/2019

Guest: Omer Eschel

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture 


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It comes from a scripture in Nehemiah, it says, “€œArise and rebuild the walls, that we may no longer be at reproach.”€Â 

If you think about it, back then if you didn’t have your outer walls, you were weak as a city. In fact, you wouldn’t survive. You’d be run over without a question. 

Today it’s the foundational principles. If you don’t have a good, strong foundation of principles, if you don’t have good structures in place for your culture and society, you’re going to lose that society. 

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Putting the Truth Against a Lie

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David, Tim, Omer Eshel will be with us again later in the program, calling in from Israel. We’re gonna be talking about setting the record straight and getting some truth back into our history. 


It’s gonna be fun to see what we’re setting the record straight about. In other words, “€œWhat lie are we putting the truth to?”€Â 

But I want to take you back to something that kind of just set the tone for what we’re going to do in this program. Do you guys know who the father of American Psychology is? Any clue?


I”€™m chuckling because I actually took some grad school courses on this like 20 years ago, and I have no idea. So I know at one point I read that, and probably even read some of his writings, and actually in the midst of that process I was very frustrated. I was at a Christian university, but there were so much liberal ideology.

We were having to study it was very frustrating but I would use say the name. I’ll be able to probably tell you something. 


So if I say William James, does that help you? 


I do remember the name William James. Yes. 


There is a quote attributed to him, an axiom if you will. 

He said, “€œThere’s nothing so absurd but that if you repeated often enough people will believe it.”€Â 

Repeat Something Often Enough and People Will Believe it

So if you keep saying it over, and over, and over, and over, and people keep hearing it, they just kind of accept that it”€™s a fact. So, with that kind of caveat, what are some of the big lies that we’ve had in history that turned out not to be true, but because we heard them so often we believe them. 

They could be good, bad, ugly funny.

I’ll just throw out one: Nazism and the Jews. What they said about the Jews. That was a big lie. That’s one of the biggest lies perpetrated in history, that the Jews are bad people, just because the Nazis did coloring books about the Jews, and textbooks on them, and had this propaganda, that was a big lie. 


You went to a darker place, because I was thinking things like—being in Texas—the Dallas Mavericks will never win a championship. I was going that direction. 

So things that people have said— 


It changed their life because they believe something that wasn’t true. 


OK, so we could go back to things like overpopulation, which some nations population tolerances where they”€™re saying, “€œHey, you can only have so many kids.”€Â 


Robert Ehrlich, in the 60s, wrote Population Bomb. And so now we have forced abortions because we’ve got too many people on the on the globe.


Hey man, just think about how much danger that can create. That’s the lie that Thanos bought, and he killed half the people on the planet. 


with a snap of his fingers and the Infinity Stones. 

Is that a spoiler alert? That hasn’t been out long enough. That’s OK. 


Now all the non Avenger watching listeners that we have are going, “€œWhat they are talking about?”€

The Piltdown Man


Or maybe it’s people that that support that that the darker DC Universe, and they’re like, “€œYou guys are dumb.”€Â 

We’re not trying to get into it—


But I think you bring up a good point. I just think that when you bring up is perfect. We get not only in the make believe world of the movies, but I mean think people have have massively changed their lives all based on a lie that started with—I mean, it was the population thing. You”€™ve also got the whole ice age thing. 

People buy the lie if it’s repeated enough, and that it happens today. This isn’t stuff just a hundred years ago. It happens right now.


You’ve got not only the environmental stuff that that definitely is not accurate, and we know science shows that, but people still believe the lie. But let me throw out something like the Piltdown Man. You know the Piltdown Man? Do you know anything about that? 


I have no idea. I feel like it’s a terrible movie title. 


Rick? You know it? Is this just my generation? Are you kidding? 


You know, there’s this thing in the back of my head going, “€œI have heard that what is this.”€


The Piltdown Man was the great proof that evolution was right. It was the discovery of a Neanderthal man, and the skull showed how old the man was—that he was millions of years old—and it turned out that that skull was only 600 years old, not millions of years.


I think they have a display about that at the Creation Center.


Even the Trojan horse! 

People Will Believe Just About Anything

“€œI got a good gift for you! Here is this nice wooden horse, you’re going to like it! Put it in your city!”€Â 

That turned out to be a great lie. So we’ve gone to some dark, and funny ones. Any others that you think of right off the top of your head?


I’m afraid of revealing my Avenger watching again. I’m going to get some hate mail over this about how I”€™m a bad Christian I am for what. 


How bout that the ice caps are melting? You had a team go to the Antarctic to actually capture all of this, and they were doing a documentary on the melting ice caps. They had to get helicoptered out because the ice froze around their ship and they couldn’t get out. So that was a practical thing that impacted—16 people, I think, is what was part of this crew that were down there. That was something they bought into. 

“€œAll the ice is melting! Let’s go capture all the ice melting!”€Â 


The ice is actually expanding in the Arctic. 


Or you can be Al Gore and make a movie about something that’s a lie being repeated over and over again, and make millions of dollars!


Oh yeah. 

Al Gore became a how rich of what he did? You know, carbon taxes, and caps, and everything he had, and that didn’t work out too well. So you”€™ve got all these things that are out there, including today. 

“€œYes, socialism works!”€Â 

“€œThe Republicans and Democrats have switched parties with each other over racism!”€

“€œSeparation church and states what the Founding Fathers wanted.”€Â 

The Lie that is Palestine

We got one kind of like that in the sense that so many college students today have been told that the Palestinians have a right to the land of Palestine, because Palestine, Palestinians, it”€™s their land, so Israel is the occupier. 

There’s a whole lot of folks that believe that. 

Here’s a spoiler alert: you actually had an Arab historian recently come out and say, “€œThat’s not true. We all know that the Palestinians are a modern people. There’s no ancient connection there never have been in the land of Palestine and the Palestinians.”€ And it’s like, “€œOh my gosh. What did you just say?”€Â 

This is really revolutionary stuff at that level, particularly for the conflict that goes on philosophically between Israel and Israel haters. It’s an amazing admission. 

So we thought it’d be fun to have Omer Eshel, who’s good friend in Israel, been in the government there, been in the military there—like so many Israelis—but the special forces kind of a guy, and he’s a really good friend. When we go to Israel he’s always the guy we use for doing the tours over there, just such a great biblical scholar.

But from the viewpoint of how revolutionary is an admission like this of an Arab scholar—Arab historian—how big is this deal is, Omer will tell us.


Stay with us folks, we”€™ll be right back. Omer Eshel will be calling in from Israel. We’ll be right back with WallBuilders Live.

Moment From American History 

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history.

The Reverend James Caldwell was a famous minister during the American War for Independence. His sermons taught liberty and God’s opposition to tyranny. 

The British hated him and tried to kill him. So, for his own protection he would actually take loaded pistols with him into the pulpit and lay them beside his Bible as he preached. In the 1780 Battle of Springfield, the Americans ran out of wadding for their guns which was like having no ammunition. 

Pastor Caldwell ran inside a nearby church and returned with an armload of Watt Hymnals, the pages of which would provide the much needed wadding. He took this great Bible based hymnal, raised in the air, and shouted to the troops,”€Now put to watts into them, boys!”€Â  This pastor’s ingenuity saved the day for the Americans.

For more information or Pastor James Caldwell and other Colonial Patriots go to

Welcome Omer Eshel


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us today. Omer Eshel is back with us. Always good to have you, Omer, thanks for your time again today!


Shalom, brother! Thank you so much. Thank you for having me again.


Hey, just saw this this report that actually there’s some acknowledgment—even from those we would not typically expect to acknowledge it—that the Palestinian state never existed! There wasn’t actually a Palestinian nation!


Yes, that’s absolutely true! This is something we’ve been talking about all the time. The biggest problem that we have in history—and not just in Israel—is the fact that if you want to tell a lie enough times, people will stop to think that that is true. The narrative of the Palestinians were always that they were a state before us and we came and took their land—but the fact of the matter is there is no Palestinian stamp, there’s no Palistinian currency, there’s nothing that proves there was a sovereign Palestinian state.


And why is it that basic history has become so confused? Like you said, you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, and enough people are going to believe it. Why are we allowing that lie to be told? In other words, why is there not enough of the true story being told, because this is this is not just a worldwide lie. This is something that is in America, and it’s definitely been bought hook, line, and sinker. This is something that the average joe, you ask him on the street, absolutely has bought this lie.


You know who has who has managed to be so successful at propagating that that that story.

The History of a Hoax


Well, sadly like everything in life, politics. This is politics. When the Arabs—we”€™re not even going to call them Palestinians—the Arabs that immigrated into Israel, which by the way, it was not a state also. It was under the British mandate. It was not a state of Israel, is what was born in 1948. The nation was born 3,000 years ago.

But the state was 1948. 

So when Arabs integrated into Israel, they said, “€œHey, the Jews have this narrative that they here since the time of King,”€ did which is archaeological fact. We can track it. 

They said, “€œWe need to do something like that because if not we”€™re going to lose our grip on the land.”€Â 

They started calling themselves Palestinians. 

Now, I”€™m going to share something funny with you and our audience. If you go along that lie, then my dad is a Palestinian because he was born in 1948 in British Mandate Palestine, under the British.


Yeah. So would you call yourself that too then?


Ah”€¦ no, I’m a proud Israeli. But you know, it’s a nice lie. 


Well, it’s definitely been adopted as common thought. But now you’re getting people beginning to even admit that history when challenged on it. So do you think we’re turning the tide a little bit on at least some of the perception there?

People Are Learning


I think that people start to understand, and I will go a little bit political here, I think that ever since the Arab Spring—or shall we call it in its real name: the Islamic Winter—people start to see that all these fairy tales, and all these stories that we hear about them, aren”€™t really true. We heard that story many times, but as we said in the beginning, the fact that people tell that story again and again doesn’t make it true. 

I”€™ll use a small example here that people don’t even think about it. Mark Twain, one of my favorite favorite U.S. writers, wrote in 1864—he was in Israel—a book called Innocents Abroad where he actually said, “€œIn my childhood dreams I dreamt of being an Arab Prince taking care of his horses,”€ and then he said, “€œI look at the way that they treat their horses, that’s a lie. The whole notion is a lie. 

This was a wake up call for him in 1864. So I think that today when people saw the news that’s coming from the Middle East, and for the first time I think in the 70 years that’s not our fault. 

People tend to say, “€œYou know what? Let’s review a little bit more of the full picture.”€


Yeah, that actually gives us an opportunity to speak the truth and teach the truth, and they’re more willing to listen. At least then that gives us a chance to change minds. You observe this even as Americans they come over and visit the Holy Land. Are you seeing a change in the knowledge base for those visitors? The more you talk to them, are you beginning to notice a change over the last few years with what they actually know?

Spreading the Truth


Hands down, absolutely. 

I can tell you that people that come to Israel—especially on the study tour—when they come to Israel and they dive deep, deep, deep into the scriptures, and they see the truth of God in front of them today in modern eyes, they go back to their churches and they may tell what they’ve seen. 

Kind of like Joshua and Caleb, minus the grapes. They’re coming back in and talking about the land, and what they’ve seen, and the truth of it. I think that today more and more Christians, especially evangelicals, are visiting our shores here in Israel and they start to see the truth as it really is. And when they go back home after being here and seeing the truth, they become much more well equipped to understand what is a fabrication by the media and what is not.


Now wait a minute, you said minus the grapes. Are you saying nobody’s bringing grapes home after the trip?


Well, they’re going to be caught in customs. But that’s not me.


Well, that’s one of the reasons we encourage people to visit, so that they can they can see that truth firsthand, and actually experience it, and let it come to life. So we appreciate what you do in helping make that possible and helping so many other people come back to the U.S., because the more of those people that come over there, and visit, and have that time with you, they have that time seeing those original sites, and learning their true history, when they come back to the U.S. they talk. They spread that truth, and more people are able to know. So thanks for what you do on that front as well.

How they Silenced the Truth


Oh, thank you! This is something that WallBuilders is doing—the whole notion of WallBuilders and Nehemiah, and and the truth the truth of God. It goes way beyond the U.S. and Israel, that goes that goes directly to the Kingdom of God.

I think that when people understand that, when people see the undeniable truth in front of their eyes, it doesn’t matter which politician is going to say A, B, or C, or what CNN is going to say, whatever, you’ve been there, and you experience it, and that makes a huge impact on your life, on the people of your church, and the people of your family.


Before I let you go, Omer, let me ask you about this: this Arab historian that apparently made a declaration himself that the Palestinian people is an invented entity, is that the first time you’ve seen an Arab historian actually admit that in the modern era?


Actually, yes. And I’ll tell you why. When you talk to the Israeli Arabs in private—what we call behind closed doors—they will tell you that there was never such a thing as a state of Palestine. That’s a complete fabrication. If they will say it out loud, they’re going to put their lives and their family lives in danger because they are a threat to this lie.

That the entire notion of a Palestinian state is based on that obligation. So they will never go out in public. That’s kind of like someone who, I think 10 years ago, came up with a book called The Verses of the Devil.

No Such Thing as the State of Palestine

And yet today he’s underground because the extreme Muslims are looking for him. So the fact that we have an Arab historian saying bogus, standing boldly and saying, “€œListen, let’s be true. There was never ever a state called—a sovereign state—called Palestine.”€Â 

I just just want to pinpoint this for listeners to hear. There was a land called Palestine, of course, the land of Israel was called Palestine by the Romans since the year 135 A.D., but it was never a state. But the name Palestine, the piece of land was there, but never a sovereign state. And that’s exactly what the Arab historian finally admitted.


Yeah. That’s a big deal. That’s huge. Hopefully the narrative is changing, and people are beginning to know the truth. Because how this issue is perceived, obviously, influences politics. As you said at the beginning of the program, support for Israel, for you know all kinds of other issues. 

So how people perceive even this definition of a Palestinian state and the history behind this has a huge impact on on policy going forward for the U.S., for Israel, and for other nations. It’s a big deal, so we appreciate you helping to clear it up. As always, it’s a pleasure to have you on and we look forward to getting you back again soon.

Show Me the Money


Thank you. Thank you so much. I got to give a small toolkit for our listeners for the future.




When someone tells you a lie like this saying that there was a state of Palestine, you need to say, “€œOK. Show me a stamp or anything that is an official symbol of the state,”€ because if they don’t have that and they cannot tell you that. Well, you know, King Arthur existed, and the Kingdom of the Care Bear Clan is actually in Romania. Well, there you go, I just made that up. Now where’s the stamp? Where’s the coins? Can write this down? 




Exactly. Show me an official president. If you don’t, that”€™s a lie. 


That’s right. That’s good. Omer, we appreciate you, brother. 


Thank you for your time today. Thank you so much and God bless you. 


Stay with us folks. Be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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No Records of a Palistinian State Before Israel 


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us! A special thanks to Omer Eshel for calling in from Israel and sharing.

He always shares great history for us and puts it in good perspective, but this goes back to, David, Tim, what you were talking about the beginning of the program: The lies that are told over and over again. Here’s one that, and this is not an exaggeration, billions of people on the planet have bought this lie. It’s definitely, like you were saying earlier, caused them to live different, to devote their life sometimes, to evil because they believe this lie, and so then they think the only way to right it is terrorism. So it’s these lies are very, very dangerous, and getting this truth out there is very very important.


Well, I thought the thing he said at the very end was so powerful, where he said, “€œHey, if they’re a nation, you should just ask to see some of their official government things they’ve done.”€Â 

Ask to see their currency, ask to see some of these things that, if you’re a nation, you have these things, let’s ask to see it. It really is such a simple thought, and it”€™s so powerful because the Palestinians don’t have anything to show they were a nation, at least not a Palestinian nation. The archaeology doesn’t hold up.

Archaeology Backs the Bible and Israel


Just this last week we saw that they have now discovered the old kingdom of Edom, which was the kingdom founded by Esau. And so they have found that kingdom, they found the seals, and they found all the official stuff. 

Well, as many sites have been excavated in Palestine and Israel, how come you haven’t found anything about a sovereign Palestinian state ever having existed in that land?


Well, one of the things that Omer has told us many times that is is so supportive for us as Christians is he said, of all the archaeological sites we have found, we have never found a single thing that has contradicted the history from the Bible. That’s really powerful as well because as people argue about this Israeli Palestinian debate, there’s a lot of arguments even about the Bible. But if the Bible is true, the Bible certainly gives a pretty detailed description of the history of Israel as a nation, and the archaeology backs up what the Bible says and where the Bible says it happened. 

So this really is something that you see there, as we kind of mentioned in the first segment, Omer pointed out, if you say something long enough, people just tend to believe it. 

When they believe it, if they don’t try to discover the truth—because even if you hear something long enough, one of the things that we always encourage people to do, whenever you hear somebody talking and making these incredible statements is you ought to ask the question, “€œHow do we know? Where’s your proof? What’s the source? Where can we find those documents the original information?”€Â 

Which is the point Omer made the very end of this interview, is, “€œOK. Let’s let’s look to find what is true.”€Â 

“€œOne Side Looks Good Until You Hear the Other”€

If there are a nation there will be that money, or documents, or whatever it is from their nation. Well, that’s not there. But the bigger point is too often—and too often as Christians—we don’t ask the right kind of questions, and actually even beyond Christian, just Americans in general. We should be critical thinkers. But as Christians we’ve been charged to be wise and redeem the time knowing the days are evil. So if we’re gonna be wise we need to be people that are pursuing truth and asking questions, not just believing what somebody says. Proverbs 18:17 says, “€œOne side’s good till you hear the other.”€

We have to be saying, “€œHey, what is all the information out there?”€ And then let’s form a good opinion, not just listen to what one side says. 

A Lie that Kills


It’s really sobering on top of that, Tim, not just that they’re not going after the truth or not pursuing truth. 

You talk to many Palestinian leaders in private they will tell you, “€œWe know there’s no Palestinian nation, but if we say that publicly we”€™ll be in danger of losing our lives.”€Â 

I mean, the fact that you have to keep a lie alive by killing people who contradict it, that’s another real problem. So not only are they not after truth, if you speak the truth then your life’s in danger. 

But the good news is it does uphold the position that the Bible is right. That is the land that belongs to the Jews, that is the land of the Jews, it is Israel.


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