Victories For Pastors At Abortion Clinics-President Trump Is Pro-Life – Join us today to hear these good news stories. President Trump has a wonderful pro-life record, pastors have won victories against abortion clinics and more!

Air Date: 05/15/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live and today, we’re talking about some of the day’s hottest topics on policy, faith and the culture. Always looking at those things with the right perspective, that is a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders, Tim Barton, national speaker, pastor and president of WallBuilders and my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach.

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One of the most important things you can do right now is to help spread the WallBuilders message. We are bringing truth on a daily basis. Sometimes we’re just diving into the foundational principles and constitutional questions of the day. And then sometimes we’re just bringing the good news of where victories have actually happened. That’s what we’re going to do today. It’s Good News Friday. And it’s important for us to remember the victories so that we know that we can make a difference in this system of government that we’ve been given. So, let’s dive into some of that good news. David Barton is going to start us with some good news today.


Okay, guys, I’m going to start with some pronoun stories and that kind of tells you where this is headed LGBTQ stuff and this is the T of the LGBTQ transgender stuff. And if I’m talking about pronoun usage on a Good News Friday, it must be this story is going to end well and it’s going to end well. But this happens to be three stories; they’re kind of progressive in the way they go, one builds to the other, at least they’re related. So, let me let me go over this.

I’m going to go to Ohio, in Cincinnati, Ohio at a school there. A group of sixth graders were together talking. And as the sixth graders were together talking, what happens is the kids are talking, the several girls were talking and they said, you know, that this guy over here is, as they said, now taking girl hormones and eventually is going to have his male private parts removed and this will make him a girl. So that’s what these girls are saying. These guys are standing in conversation, sixth grade, listen this. So, with a sixth grader standing here talking, this boy looks over at the girls and said, no, he’s a guy and he’s not a girl. And the other two guys that were standing there said, yeah, he’s a guy, he’s not a girl. I mean, as they said, you are what you’re born with. And so, for them, it was real simple. Word got to the principal, the principal came and grabbed this kid out, took him to the office and disciplined him for having the audacity to say, no, you’re what you’re born with. And as if you were not allowed to even have that thought. You can’t express it. You can’t verbalize it. You can’t have… I don’t know how to say how absurd this is. It reminds me of the story. I don’t know if anybody even knows a story today about the Emperor’s New Clothes. And Hans Christian Andersen’s story, this kind of a fairy tale thing, he would tell stories to make a point.

And Emperor’s New Clothes was this Emperor overland. He was so pleased with himself, he thought so highly of himself. And these two tailors came to town and said, we want to weave you the best king-like garments ever. And so, they got their loom and they pretended to be weaving. They were doing absolutely nothing, but they were making it look like they were weaving. They said, oh, is not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? And people would come by and they were scared to say, it wasn’t beautiful, because then it would look like that they weren’t seeing what everybody else was seeing and say, oh, that is beautiful.

And so, the king came and he didn’t see anything, but everybody is saying how beautiful he is. So, he says, oh yeah, that’s really beautiful. And so eventually, he puts on these clothes that don’t exist, because he feels pressured to do so and he goes parading down this parade being naked and everybody laughs at him and he suddenly realizes the emperor has no clothes. He is buying into what everybody else was saying as ridiculous as it was. And finally, common sense came and said, you’re crazy, you’re not wearing anything and so he gets embarrassed. And that’s the moral of the story, don’t go where all the pressure is.

So, all the pressure right now is on, well, you can’t use these kind of pronouns. Well, this kid says no, and this is really self-evident, but nonetheless, he gets discipline. Now, step it up to another level. We go to a school in Florida and a school in Florida, you had a math teacher, you had a very visible guy there who says, I’m going to be a girl and Mr. Math teacher, you’re going to call me her and she. And he said, you know, I’ll call you whatever name. If your name is Jim and you want to be Mary, I’ll call you, Mary. But I’m not going to call you a different pronoun. I’ll call you whatever proper name you want, but you are the pronoun you are and I’m not going to change that just because you think you’re a different pronoun.

So, what happens is the principal comes and grabs the teacher and puts them through more sensitivity training. We got to retrain, we got to reprogram you to think differently. You can’t say the emperor has no clothes, I mean, that would be terrible for you to say that.

Which leads me to the third case. The third case deals with a federal district court. Now, the federal district court had a situation where a guy named Norman Varner says, “I’m going to be a girl, I’m going to be known as Katherine Nicole Jett.” And so, he goes to District Court and just works his way up to the fifth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. And the fifth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, this defendant who is a prisoner, he’s a prisoner in jail, he’s there because of child porn charges back in 2012, but he’s now coming out as a female. And so, he tells the judges, this is how you’re going to refer to me. I’m a girl, not a guy.

And as this gets through the court, the court says no. He says no authority supports the proposition that we may require litigants, Judges, courts, personnel or anyone else to refer to gender dysphoric litigants with pronouns matching their subjective gender identity. We declined to enlist the federal judiciary in this chaotic undertaking. To hear Judge says, I don’t care what you say you are, it’s really evident what you are. And you’re not going to make us do your subjective, the emperor has no clothes kind of routine. We can see through this and you’re not going to do this. Great federal court ruling.

But it is good to see common sense across the country, not only from sixth grade kids, but from math teachers and even federal Judges who are willing to say no, the emperor has no clothes, there’s nothing to this and we’re going to call it out for what it is and that’s just you guys are being… as he said, chaotic, which goes to the story of Don Quixote, who was always as they say, tilting at windmills and seeing things that nobody else could see. And so, it’s just great to see some common sense starting to come up in this really abusive transgender movement that’s willing to beat back anyone who disagrees with them.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live, Good News Friday today. Every Friday or almost every Friday, we bring you good news. David and Tim have been looking at these stories and some of them go back a few weeks or months and some just happened in the last few days. But it’s a chance for us to be updated on some of the good things happening out there and next piece of good news is going to come from Tim. Tim.


Guys, this one’s going to Iowa and this deals with a US District Court Judge ruling. One of the things that happened in Iowa, there was a couple of pastors Anthony Miana and Nicholas Rowland, who were essentially taken to court over standing outside of abortion clinics and reading the Bible and they were told you’re not allowed to do that. Because one of the things that Iowa done, is they passed a law that said loud and raucous noise in the vicinity of any residence or public building, which causes unreasonable distress to the occupants is illegal.

And so, they determined and not these two pastors, right, somebody right law enforcement Judge, somebody determined that these pastors reading their Bible on a public sidewalk, mind you, reading the Bible on a public sidewalk outside of an abortion facility was determined to be loud and raucous noise that caused unreasonable distress to the occupants in that facility.

Fortunately, there are many really good organizations, law organizations who defend people that have these ridiculous attacks that come against them. In this situation, it was the American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ. Jay Sekulow is one of the guys that actually is pretty well recognized today. He was one of the defense attorneys for President Trump during the impeachment. His son, we’ve actually interviewed both Jay and his son on the program many times over the years. Really, really good people in what their organization does.

And so, the ACLJ got involved and the US District Court Judge, Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger and I would just like to be known by that middle name. If my middle name was good game, yeah, dad, I’d like to know if like was your dad in that professional athletes, right college athlete, like sports, obviously. Middle name is Goodgame or maybe that was her maiden name, I don’t know. But Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger, she ordered the State. First of all, the decision came down that they could not prohibit these two pastors from reading the Bible on a public sidewalk outside of an abortion facility. But then there was a further ruling that came out and said that the State is going to pay $130,000 for legal fees for Miana and Rowland, which is really good news that now not only do they have the freedom to do what they should do, that they don’t have to pay the attorney’s fees to go into court for something that was unconstitutional to begin with. And…


Tim, let me add something there, because that was a really, really important point you made. There’s been a number of rulings over the years where these pastors win the case, but they’re still out all their attorney’s fees for having to go to court to win a case that the First Amendment covered. So, the fact that judges now are starting to look at this and say, you know what, you did a constitutional First Amendment right to free speech, to freedom of expression, religious expression and you shouldn’t have to pay to be proven right for what you did under the Constitution. And the fact that the judges coming back and saying, you know, your attorney’s fees are $130,000, what you did was right and you shouldn’t have to pay for being right, that’s really is a big thing that also as a deterrent to city institutions and others that want to chill your speech. It’s going to cost them money if they keep doing this and that’s an added bonus to this ruling.


Well, and one of the things that was pointed out by the ACLJ was that the law from Iowa was unconstitutionally vague. So, two things right, it’s unconstitutional and it’s vague, because it’s true. It’s so subjective to say, loud and raucous. Well, who decides what’s loud and raucous, right? What’s raucous out here?


Did you remember the video that came out in Hemet, California of a church where you and I both had spoken, where the pastor stood on the sidewalk, read the Bible just like this. And he was reading it in a normal talking tone like we have now. Didn’t have any amplification, he just read it out loud. And a guy saw him, couldn’t even hear him, a Highway Patrol saw him, came over and arrested him for the same kind of public disturbance. He couldn’t hear what he was saying, he just saw him doing it. And that’s what this… I don’t think these guys might have had PA systems, I don’t think so. That’s never been the case in the ones I’ve seen, so is somebody just standing there reading.


Yeah. There’s nothing in the article that indicates that any kind of voice amplification system. They’re just standing there reading their Bible. They say, right, they were trying to give a message of hope and peace outside the abortion clinic, right trying to help and give counseling and offer other solutions. But the good news in all of this, right is that a US District Judge recognize that yeah, this is, first of all, it’s unconstitutional to tell somebody that can’t be on the public sidewalk and have the First Amendment right, the freedom of speech.

Secondly, this whole law is unconstitutional and because of the vagueness of what it does to limit that. But then that we’re going to award the attorney’s fees, which is a really big deal, that you’re not out the finances of the attorneys to be able to defend and practice what was already constitutional legal for you to do. So, really good news across the board coming from US District Court Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger.


Alright, fellows, time for another break. We will be right back, stay with us, folks. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live, we’re bringing you good news here on this Friday. Check out more good news at our website


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Okay, guys, I want to go back to something we’ve covered in previous Good News Fridays. Kelly Shackelford had the case that the Supreme Court, it was the Bladensburg Cross case. That dealt with that big 41 foot high public cross, I can’t say 41 feet high, but anyway, a huge public cross in Maryland. And it was a World War One Memorial at the end of the war. I think it was 43 moms who had lost their sons, got together and wanted this memorial raised. And so, it’s there in public ground wherever you can see it.

And so, they sued and all the lower courts said no, you have to tear down this cross, it may be 100 years old, it may be a war memorial, it may be that’s what they did back then, but you can’t have a cross in public today. And so the US Supreme Court came down and said, no, you can, if it’s a long standing memorial, if there’s long standing practice, we’re going to assume is constitutional.

Now, that was a huge reversal, because over the last 30 years, they make the instant assumption that if it’s religious is unconstitutional unless you can prove otherwise. Now, they’re starting to say now, if it’s long standing, we’re going to assume it is constitutional. Nobody struck it down before us and why would we be the first one to strike down something that’s been there for decades and years and centuries?

And so at that time, the Supreme Court said, by the way, we have another case that has come to us out of Pensacola, Florida. And involves a similar situation with a World War Two memorial in the shape of a cross that is there in a public area of the city in Pensacola and there’s also a lawsuit against it. And the lawsuit against it says, you can’t have a cross in public and yeah, that’s what we’ve been holding for the last 30 years, but we’ve just now given you a new standard in the Bladensburg decision that you can have a cross in public if it’s been there for a while.

And so, they sent this case back to the court in Pensacola, said, you guys look at this again in light of what we have just done with the World War One cross. Well, the court in Pensacola looked at it again and they have recently issued their ruling. They came out and said, you know what, based on the new guidance by the US Supreme Court, it is absolutely fine for you to have this World War Two Memorial cross right in public view, right where everybody drives by and sees that. That’s not a problem.

So, these are things that again, 10 years ago, we were not winning these cases at all. But with the two new Justices on the Supreme Court, it’s given us just barely enough of an edge, it’s not a safe edge by any means. I think we used to be about 4.5 to 4.5 on the Justice, 9 Justices, we were about evenly tied. Now, we don’t always win Justice Roberts, but we get the other four. So now it’s more Like about 4.8 to 4.2, so we went more than we lose. But this reversal we had to the Bladensburg decision, we now see it coming back again, with the reversal of the lower court decision in Florida. Yes, you get to keep the World War Two Memorial cross there in Florida. That’s really good news.


Quick right, guys, we got more good news coming up. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live. It’s Good News Friday.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, thanks for staying with us today for some good news here on this Good News Friday. Fellas, let’s dive into the next good news story.


Alright, guys, for the last one, I have a little news release kind of pamphlet from the National Right to Life. And National Right to Life is an organization that focuses purely on prolife efforts throughout the nation. They’re the ones who every year will have rankings for US Congressman, for US senators only on the issue of life. How do they do protecting, promoting, defending life? And so, every year you can look and see whoever your congressman, whoever your senators are, you can look and see do they do a good job protecting, promoting, defending life.

And one of the really cool things about this little release from the National Right to Life, it has the presidential record on life. So, this is more or less than ranking President Donald Trump, except not just ranking President Trump, they’re acknowledging all of the positive prolife things he has done to protect and defend life.

And the National Right to Life is not explicitly a party affiliated organization. They are an organization that says no, the issue we care about is life. And ultimately, it means little bit like AIPAC, right where AIPAC is the organization that supports Israel. And they say, hey, we want Democrats and Republicans and Independents, we want everybody to support Israel. So, they try to be friends with everybody. The National Right to Life equally, is not a political organization, in the sense of they don’t have a party affiliation. They want everybody to be on board, but they’re recognizing how many good things President Trump has done.

And so, in this list, and they give some details. They highlight that on the Supreme Court, he had Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, who are two people known for constitutional positions among those are recognizing the Right to Life. He, President Trump did the Mexico City policy where he essentially restoring the Mexico City policy, which is what he did, but it prevents tax funds from being given to organizations that perform abortions or lobby to change the abortion laws of host countries. Because there’s many organizations that say, I will only work with you and trade if you spend money in XY&Z. And so, he said, we’re not going to have a contingent that they have to be abortion providers to do business with them, which is something that happened under the Obama administration. He also, Trump also extended the policy to prevent 9 billion in foreign aid from being used to fund the global abortion industry. So good news.

Also, related to abortion funding, President Trump has said that no taxpayer funding for abortion Act and when that comes out, he’s going to sign the bills what he says, so he’s vocal supporting that. He also issued regulations to ensure Title 10 funding does not go to facilities that perform or refer for abortions. So again, kind of controlling where Title 10 funding goes to the big deal.

Protecting prolife policies, he has said that he would veto any legislation that weakens current prolife federal policies and laws or that encouraged the destruction of innocent human life at any stage. And when it comes to appointments, even in administration, he has one of the most prolife administrations we’ve ever seen in, I mean, really the history of the presidency, especially since Roe vs. Wade 1973 when people begin noticing some of these prolife positions. But you have people like that the counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, Secretary of Housing Development, Ben Carson, former US Ambassador, Nikki Haley, former Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, the list goes on. But the point is so many prolife positions, he has vowed that he’s going to defund Planned Parenthood. He says as long as they continue to perform abortions, we’re going to reallocate their funds to community centers and health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women with international abortion advocacy at the United Nations. He cut funding for the Population Fund due to the agency’s involvement in China’s forced abortion program.

Additionally, Trump instructed Secretary of State to apply prolife conditions to a broad range of health-related US foreign aid. Looking at protecting the unborn, President Trump said that he would sign the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which is if a mother is pregnant for, depending on right, where you’re looking at relatively, 18 to 20 weeks, abortion is illegal after that, because that it’s very well documented that unborn child is capable of receiving pain through the abortion process.

Anyway, the reason all this is really interesting to know, first of all, President Trump has been an incredible prolife advocate. A lot of times, Christians, and people look at President Trump and go, you know, I really don’t like him because he’s bad on this issue or he tweets this or he says this. He’s rude. He’s mean. And there’s a whole kind of litany of things people will say they don’t like President Trump about. Well, some of those are valid and that’s fine and you can have that opinion. But there is no doubt that President Trump has been an incredible prolife advocate and the National Right to Life who again is not party affiliated, came out and said, this guy has done incredible things for the prolife movement. And this is part of their list on what President Trump has done for the prolife movement.


Alright, David, Tim, thanks for the good news today. We are out of time for today, but we’ll have more good news for you next Friday. Really we have good news throughout the week, because if you have truth and you have answers to the challenges of the day, that’s good news, even when you have to take on a tough topic, like the COVID crackdowns or infringement of constitutional rights, which is happening all over the place. And as David has said here on the air many times, four of our five First Amendment rights have been we’ve seen those being violated all over the place Second Amendment rights, Third Amendment rights, Due Process rights, Fifth Amendment Takings Clause and you name it, there is some violation of constitutional rights taking place on a daily basis all across the country due to these COVID crackdowns.

So, this is a time to know your rights. This is a time to study those foundational principles. Check out today, we’ve got a program going right now where we’re educating people on their constitutional rights. And also, if you need legal help or connecting you with the best of the best, I mean the champions out there that are winning cases all over the place and protecting constitutional rights, go to today and we will connect you with them.

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