Reporter Fails In Purchasing A Gun, Accidentally Proving How Difficult It Is: We call it, “Good News Friday” because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don”€™t often hear good news from major media, however, here on WallBuilders Live, we love sharing news worthy of celebration! Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 09/06/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live! Where we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always doing that from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker and President of WallBuilders, and my name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas state legislator.

 Today is Good News Friday which means we’re going to be diving into some good news encouraging you; giving you all kinds of stories from across the nation, and around the world where the system works. 

What I mean by that is: we’ve been given this great freedom and the opportunity to live out our freedoms, and when we engage in the process, we don’t always win. We don’t always get the results we want, but very often we do.

We do have the best system of freedom in the world; if we’ll engage as citizens. If we work the system, the system works. 

All throughout Wall Builders’ history we’ve been equipping people on using the tools of freedom that God has given us. 

How do you restore the foundations of America? 

Well, you got to know what those foundations are, that’s why we educate so much on the constitutional principles, the historical foundation, and the biblical foundation of America; how do we apply biblical principles to make those foundations strong.

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Today It’s Good News Friday

Today it’s Good News Friday. I love these good news programs because there’s so much that we miss on the news that isn’t covered. David and Tim have some good news to share with us. 

Guys let’s dive into some of that good news! Dave has got our first piece of good news, David.

An Announcement from Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke


I’m going to go to an announcement that came from Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke. It’s an interesting announcement because he is simply reaffirming what the Bible says, and what the Catholic Church teaches. 

But it’s a pretty radical declaration to make in today’s culture. 

He has said is that any politician who is pro-abortion may not present themselves to receive Holy Communion because they are not in communion with Christ. 

That’s a really big statement. 

If you are a pro-abortion politician, you cannot be part of the sacraments of the church because that means you’re not in communion with Christ. 

This Is Such A Simple Bible Teaching

This is such a simple Bible teaching that I don’t hear covered today. 

When you talk about the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, communion if you will, the Bible is really clear on this. 

For example, in First Corinthians eleven it says anyone who eats this bread or drinks this cup unworthily is guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. Therefore, you’re to examine yourselves.

In other words, you’re not supposed just to take communion because that’s what we do at church every Sunday Catholic Church. You’re not supposed to take communion until you examine yourself and make sure you’re not sinning against Christ. 

If you knowingly sin, if you’re doing something against what Jesus teaches, you’re not supposed to be taken communion until you get that straight now. 

Paul actually pointed out that that is such a sacred part of being in relationship with Christ – is communion. 

If you do it unworthily, he said that’s why some among us are sick, and some have even died prematurely is because they have taken of the Lord’s body and blood unworthily. 

There Are Not Many Things That We Hold Sacred

There are not many things in Christianity today that we hold as sacred; that we really hold up there. 

Everything is kind of now based around the individual. Jesus loves me, so he’ll let me get away with anything. Yet the Bible does hold certain standards of holiness, and righteousness. One is about the Lord’s Supper. 

For the Catholic Church to come out and say if you are pro-abortion, you’re out of communion with Christ. Which means you can’t be taking the Lord’s Supper. As the cardinal points out; this is not punishment. It’s actually a favor to these people to tell them don’t approach. If they do approach the Lord’s supper, they commit sacrilege. I mean that’s some really strong Orthodox biblical teaching there. 

He’s also concerned about the reputation of the church which all of Christians should be. He points out politicians like House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and Vice President Joe Biden; they claim to be devout Catholics but both them support abortion up to birth and afterward. 

He had non-Catholic government leaders tell him that they were certain that the Catholic teaching on abortion, the so-called same-sex marriages, and so forth had changed because so many Catholics on Capitol Hill were regularly supporting this kind of stuff. 

Here’s a guy really trying to uphold the standard. Kudos to him as a Protestant. As a Bible-believing Protestant, I appreciate anytime that someone holds a biblical standard and to have this level of church discipline is the right thing to do. 

Judicial Appointment of Brian Boucher

Part of this came about because of U.S. senator Kamala Harris from California, and the U.S. senator also from Hawaii. 

Last year, in a judicial appointment hearing for a Catholic named Brian Boucher, they went after him because he was part of the Knights of Columbus which is a Catholic fraternal organization that supports pro-life pregnancy centers. 

They said you’re not fit to be a federal judge, because you support pro-life pregnancy centers. You should not be on the bench because you support pro-life pregnancy centers. As a Catholic, you’re part of a Catholic organization that’s pro-life. Therefore you’re not fit to be a judge. 

That’s a really borderline thing to say because of your religion. You’re unqualified to be a judge. 

This is a really good time for the Catholic Church, and Cardinal Burke to come out with this. It’s really sound biblical. 

This Catholic nominee was confirmed for a federal judge despite the opposition from the pro-abortion folks, including from pro-abortion Catholics. 

This Brings Us To 146 Judges

That now brings us to 146 judges that have been placed on the court by President Trump and his first three years. And so that’s a lot of judges. That’s more circuit court judges affirmed than any previous President. 

Good news on the judicial front, but also good news that the Catholic Church, particularly Cardinal Burke, is taking a very biblical stand. A very tough stand publicly but a very biblical stand.


Well, it makes you wonder how important that is and how much guts this guy had to have to do that when actually the Pope has not been strong on these issues. 

It’s even better news that this guy’s willing to do that, and lead in that way. 

Especially when the political environment is what it is, that responses to the national debates that are happening right now, and some of the things that these Democrat politicians are saying about this very issue.

 We got a lot more good news to get to. Tim Barton’s got the next piece of good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

American History 

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Many today wrongly claim that our Founding Fathers were largely atheists, agnostics, and deist. 

Certainly, some Founders were less religious than others, but even they were not irreligious. Consider Benjamin Franklin, definitely one of the least religious among them, yet, when the delegates at the Constitutional Convention hit an impasse in their deliberations it was Franklin who called them to prayer, invoking numerous scriptures to make his point. 

As he reminded them, “God governs in the affairs of men. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured in the sacred writings that, except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. I firmly believe this.” 

So, even the least religious of America’s Founders urged public prayer in dependence on God. For more information about the faith of the Founding Fathers go to


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, Good news Friday. Today, we’re giving you some good news because sometimes you only hear the negative.

There’s actually a lot of great things happening in communities across the nation. 

The system works if we work it, but we’ve got to be engaged. We’d like to bring you the good news to let you see some of those results. 

Tim Barton’s up next. Tim, what’s our good news today?

Seven States That Are Almost Abortion-free


Staying on the pro-life front; I have an article that identifies seven states that are almost abortion-free. They have just one abortion center left. Seven states are down to just one facility that still performs abortions. 

Those are the states of Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming. 

Some of these abortion facilities have indicated that the reason it’s been hard for them to stay open is due to a lack of abortion patients. This means a lack of people who are wanting to come and have abortions. They’re having a lack of doctors who are wanting to go in and perform these abortions. 

Americans Are Waking Up To What Science Has Been Showing

Now, I’ve first of all would like to give recognition that Americans are waking up to what science has been showing literally for decades about human, and life humanity. We are seeing that positive swing and positive shift where people are now recognizing; this is actually just an unborn human that is in this mother’s womb. 

It’s really good news. 

It’s also a little humorous to me that there are many of these abortion facilities that have come out and are attacking pro-lifers. They say that they’re passing all these laws that are so restrictive, and ultimately what they’re saying is that they’re passing laws to protect these unborn babies and their mothers. 

They’re angry that laws are being passed to protect babies and their mothers. This is happening so much so that we see a rapid decline of abortion facilities throughout the nation. 

You have seven states that are almost abortion-free.

Along the same lines of valuing life, we do not only see a decline in abortion facilities, but I’ve also seen several cities go this direction. 

Springdale, Arkansas Votes To Become A Sanctuary For Unborn Babies

An article headline says a city votes to become sanctuary for unborn babies. Tells Planned Parenthood abortion beds to keep out of their city. 

Now the city is Springdale Arkansas. Springdale says they want to support the rights of unborn babies and so they’re going to be a sanctuary city for unborn babies. 

They’re not going to do abortions in their city. 

They want unborn babies, pregnant mothers to come into their city and they’re offering lots of things to help along the way with these pregnancies. 

It’s just another cool example where you are seeing not only is there a decline of abortions, not only are there shutting down of abortion facilities, but you also have cities that say we don’t want abortions then we need to do something on the positive end. (I’m not saying you can’t do this.) 

We want to offer something positive.

Springdale Arkansas is saying no, we are going to be someone who protects unborn children. They’re one of many cities that now are offering many services for these pregnant moms with unborn children.

So just really great news on the pro-life front. 


Quick break. We’ll be right back with more good news. Coming up, David Barton’s next. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today on Good News Friday. Getting good news from communities across the nation.

David Barton’s got our next piece of good news. So far, we’ve had some good pro-life news. 

David, what’s next?


We’re going to look at really something that happened in the aftermath of some very tragic things that have happened in recent weeks. 

Gun Laws

We know the mass shooting that happened in El Paso, in Ohio, etc. 

There have been these mass shootings that have really focused attention on guns, getting guns, background checks, who should have guns, and who shouldn’t have them.

As part of the focus on guns, is on the problem rather than the people are the problem. Part of the focus on a gun; if you could limit guns, this would be a much safer place. 

A Reporter From Business Insider Went to Mal-Mart To Buy A Gun

You had a reporter from Business Insider who decided I’m going to go buy a gun from Wal-Mart and just show how easy this is.

Haley Petersen says I went to Wal-Mart with the intention of buying a gun last week as part of an investigation into the placement, selection, marketing, and security of firearms in Wal-Mart stores; to learn more about the retailer’s processes governing gun sales. 

I’m going to go show how easy this is. 

She reported at the end saying, my journey to bring a gun home from Wal-Mart turned out to be far more complicated than I expected.

She talks about how she went to Wal-Mart and tried to get a gun. That it was not an easy process to decide; not all Wal-Mart even had guns, which one had them. 

When she went to Wal-Mart to get the gun, there were only certain people Wal-Mart qualified to sell guns. They weren’t there that day so she couldn’t buy a gun that day. It was two days before that person got back to the store. There are very highly trained people that do this, and they’re the only ones that can do it.

That kind of surprised her because she thought that it would have been an over-the-counter kind of purchase. 

As she keeps going through this, she finds it’s really difficult. 

She finally was able to wait long enough for this guy to return. She starts filling out the paperwork to get a gun, finds that she has to go through a background check, and she ultimately fails the background check. 

So she’s going in to buy the gun and finds out that you can’t do it because the address you have written on your paperwork does not match what was on her driver’s license, so you’re not allowed. 

She was turned down. She was not able to purchase a gun at Wal-Mart.

She thought it was going to be a pretty easy thing to do. 

She Can’t Even Get The Gun


So she’s going in there to basically say we need more laws to make this more difficult.

And then she can’t even get the gun. 


She was thwarted multiple times, and she finally gave up. 

This is what she said. Overall the experience left me with the impression that buying a gun at Wal-Mart is more complicated than I expected and that Wal-Mart takes gun sales and security pretty seriously. 

Yeah, I guess so. 

I thought that’s a great piece of news: that going in to prove that it’s easy to get a gun and shoot someone. She wasn’t even qualified to get one herself.


Guys, this is a good point: most of the time, the narrative that we hear does not always match up and meet reality. 

Stringent Gun Control Laws Doesn’t Solve The Problem

We think no gun laws are gonna make us safer. We know statistically, the places that have the most laws on the books are the most dangerous, whether you’re looking at a major city like Chicago, New York City, or L.A. 

Some of those stringent gun control laws, and yet it doesn’t solve the problem. 

This is that kind of that narrative that guns are just so easy to get, so we need more laws to make it more difficult. 

It’s generally people who have never tried to purchase a firearm that think it is easy.

We have all purchased many firearms in our lives and probably will purchase more in the future. 

But we understand the process. We know what you have to do. We know the checks that go on. 

It doesn’t bother me at all, that there are background checks that take place, and how this whole process works. This is where, again, it’s easy to buy in the narrative when you don’t know what’s true. 

It’s Awesome, Fun And Safe When You Do It The Right Way

Guys, one of the things that we have seen for years to be true is so often we will be around people who are anti-gun, and they don’t like guns. 

We’ve actually had many of our different properties, and done gun training with some of them who are anti-gun. Once they held a gun, fired the gun, learned gun safety and how to properly use the firearm: All of a sudden they become a huge gun fan. 

They go, this is awesome it’s so fun. It is awesome, fun, and safe when you do it the right way. 

It shifts the narrative that they had even created their own mind when they actually engaged in the activity itself. That is what you are reading in this article. 

This is where once you engage in the process, you realize wow this is a little different than what the narrative I’ve always heard told me. That you can just go buy one of these automatic weapons from Wal-Mart. 

There Is A Process That Takes Place

No. First of all, Wal-Mart doesn’t sell automatic weapons. Secondly, you can’t just go arbitrarily throw down cash, and pick whatever gun you want. There’s a process that takes place. 

The more people get involved in learning what is already there, I think it would change a lot of people’s perspective and understanding just by being a part of either a gun training, gun course, learning gun safety or even going to the process of purchasing a firearm. 

They would go; this is not quite what the narrative says it is.


I don’t know this reporter, and I’m speaking on speculation but Tim, you hit it right on. I’ll bet you this was her first time ever to try to buy a gun of any kind because she didn’t know what she was getting into.

She Didn’t Know The Process


Yeah, it would have to be her first time based on her lack of understanding. 

Wait a second, I have to go through a background check, and I have to have an address that actually is consistent with where I say I live. If I moved and haven’t changed the address on my license, then I have to do that before I can purchase another firearm. 

She didn’t know any of the processes. 

This is a perspective, a biased perspective, coming from someone who has never tried to purchase a firearm and bought into the narrative that anybody can buy whatever they want. There are no restrictions and background checks. It didn’t really work well in this situation. 

She came away going oh that was a little tougher than I thought. 

When people engage in the process, it often changes the narrative.

Whether it’s that guns are bad and evil and dangerous. Then they go through a firearm course and go wow, that wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. Actually, I rather enjoyed shooting the firearms it was very safe. They’ve gone through that whole process.

Front Sight Training

Rick, this is what I know: that you and your family do so much of this kind of training instruction at a Front Sight. In fact, you often will bring other people with you to Front Sight to be a part of this. 

If they’ve never learned properly how to handle firearms and how to use them properly, Front Sight is a great place to go train and learn.


It is. We see exactly what you just described.

Even when they step up and shoot an easy, an automatic weapon, and they’ve never touched guns before in their life. It’s all done in a very safe environment with good training and all those things. 

But you’re exactly right. It totally changes their perspective because their only experience often has been what they’ve seen in the movies, the negative press they’ve seen in the news. 

It Needs To Stop Through Training

 It definitely changes your mindset as well, when you see all these mass shootings around the country. Everybody keeps saying we’ve got to do something, this has got to stop, and you see celebrities get up and say that.

I agree with them. It needs to stop.

But their idea of how to stop it; thinking they’re somehow going to stop evil by banning guns from good people is the wrong way to make a stop. 

The way to make it stop is people need to get trained, and when that mass shooting happens, there are armed citizens in that place. Instead of a mass shooting, they might get off a couple of shots, but there’s a citizen that’s able to take them down because they actually have been trained to do that and defend their family and the other people in that stores. 

I’m with you 1000 percent on that. We love seeing the smiles on people’s faces. 

First of all, they get to have the fun of shooting a firearm like that, but most importantly they walk away with the confidence that now they can defend their family if evil does come knocking at their door. Which we hope it doesn’t, but it happens every day somewhere in America. 

We should be trained and ready when it happens. 

We’re gonna take a quick break. We’ve got one more piece of good news coming up. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Front Sight Handgun Training Course

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Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us. Good News on Friday today. Unfortunately, it’s the last segment of good news. 

We do have one more piece of good news for you, Tim.

Karl and Angel Larson


Yeah, guys, this is coming out of Minnesota. This was a case from Alliance Defending Freedom, who is one of the many religious law organizations defending those liberties, one of the really good groups out there.

Minnesota had what’s known as the Minnesota Human Rights Act which essentially is kind of the non-discrimination act or even as we’ve talked about on the show, the modern equivalent of what’s in Congress, the Equality Act. 


Yeah, it’s the discrimination against Christian beliefs act is what it is.


Right. So we’re going to say no, we want everybody to be equal. But by being equal, we mean you have to agree with, behave, and adopt certain beliefs and practices. If you don’t, then we’re going to punish you for not believing what we tell you what you need to believe. 

Along those lines 


Some animals are more equal than others, for those that remember Animal Farm.


I’ve heard that somewhere before. 

There was a couple who had a certain videography company. It was Karl and Angel Larson. They are Christians, and they did not want to endorse and perform their services for a homosexual wedding because that violated their conscience. 

They requested an exemption. They didn’t get it. This goes to court. They lose it at the lower level. 

ADF has been the one fighting for them by the way.


Understand that when Tim says they lose that the lower level, that means the state of Minnesota is telling them we don’t care what your religious beliefs are you are going to go video this homosexual wedding regardless what you believe.

Losing means; we’re going to coerce you to do something you believe is wrong. 


Yeah. What the state of Minnesota told them is: you are free to think this is wrong, but you are not free to limit your services from them. You have to still perform this service for them because you are a business that offer services. You can’t pick and choose who your clients are. This is what they’re told. 

8th Circuit in the United States Court of Appeals Reversed That Decision

Well, the 8th Circuit in the United States Court of Appeals came out, and they reversed that decision.  

They said no. 

These guys still do have the freedom of religion. They still do have the free exercise protects them, as well as their free speech claim so you cannot coerce them into doing this if it violates their conscience. 

Now, this might be one of those cases that we see go to the U.S. Supreme Court where we’re hoping some of these cases actually go to the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court can help make some good decisions and ultimately change the ways in which these lower courts even rule. 

But at least for now there’s a really good decision from the 8th Circuit protecting Karal and Angel Larson in Minnesota. They are not forced to violate their conscience.

Good News From Our Listener


We’re out of time for good news today. We’ll have more good news on next Friday’s program to share with you.

I want to close this out with an e-mail from one of our listeners. This is some good news from them. This is Sebastian from Brooklyn New York.

He says I’m so thankful that I found out about this WallBuilders Live radio program. Thanks in part to all your hard labor that I’m more knowledgeable about the Bible, and for the most part more knowledgeable about American history. 

Second Corinthians eleven eight, Paul informs the Corinthian church that he took salaries from other churches for his service while charging them nothing. And this is how I felt when I first learned about the program. 

I was daily learning from all of you for free, knowing that you all could have chosen to charge listeners to listen to full guest interviews. I appreciate you not going that route.

Like I do for the church, prioritizing 10% of my week’s wage so that God’s house could have food. 

After praying about this one for some time, I’ve decided that I will apply the same principle to further the work of the WallBuilders’s ministry. 

I love you all. Thank you so much, and please keep up the hard work. 

Sebastian, thank you so much for being a listener of WallBuilders Live, applying what we’re teaching here, and being a good voice of freedom in your community. 

Thank you for being a listener that supports the program as well.

Thanks for your contributions and thanks for your good word in an e-mail.

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Maybe it’s a one-time contribution, or like Sebastian, you want to do some sort of weekly or monthly support of the program and invest in freedom in that way. 

We greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much to all our listeners out there. 

Thank you for listening to WallBuilders Live.