Pushback From Across The Nation Against LGBTQ Policies And More – We are seeing pushback from across the Nation against LGBTQ policies and values, and according to a recent poll, 72 percent of Americans uphold traditional family values. Tune in for more good news today!

Air Date: 08/19/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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This is the intersection of faith and the culture. You found us here at WallBuilders Live and we’re glad you’re here with us today. I know you’re going to enjoy today’s program. It’s going to be encouraging to you because it’s Good News Friday.

My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. And I have the honor of being here with David and Tim Barton. You know, these guys do an amazing job at bringing back the truth about our founding, the truth about even before the founding. If you haven’t read their book, ‘The American Story’, you’ve got to get that book, The lies today about the founding of our nation, about 150 years before that and the things that happened here on this continent, there’s so many lies out there and you need to know the truth so you can dispel the lies in your circle, so you can bring truth to people and so on your social media page, at your church, in your community, at your work. So get that book, ‘The American Story’ it’s available at wallbuilderslive.com.

But I love serving with these guys, David and Tim Barton doing amazing job of educating the nation. And what we try to do on Fridays is bring you some good news so that you realize, hey, the system does work if we work the system. God’s given us an amazing system of government here in America, and we encourage you to be a part of that. A lot of ways you can be active.

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Alright, David and Tim, let’s jump into some of that good news today and our first piece of good news, we’re going to drop a microphone into the producers studio room there and Justin is going to share… No, Justin’s not he’s looking at us like, what are you all doing? My job is to push buttons, you guys are the mouths. Yeah, he said you’re mouthy, David. What’s our first piece of good is David Barton?


Well, I’ve got a theme here for the first piece of good news because it’s three articles; actually, it’s more than that, but I just chose three articles. And part of this is going back to what we’re seeing with parents starting to stand up over the last two years and say, wait a minute, what are you teaching in my local school board? What are you teaching my kids?

And part of this goes back to even the COVID shutdown when classes started being done over the Internet and parents were watching what their kids were being taught and what teachers were saying. They go, wait a minute, how long you guys been teaching this to my kids? And so we saw a lot of parents get involved and say, this is wrong. I don’t want this with my kids. I read an article last night about a guy from Georgia who watched his kids online, and the class was asked, how many of you think the American dream is dead? 90% of the kids said, yeah, the American dream is dead. He goes, what do you mean the American dream is dead? You’re teaching that, you’re not rebutting that?

And so he didn’t believe that was really being taught. And he asked his employees at work and they all said the same thing. And so he’s going wait, you’re teaching this anti-American stuff? And then we find out all the stuff that they’re doing with gender kind of things and classes and all these transition clauses where they’re encouraging kids to come to school and put on different clothes and be a different gender and we won’t tell your parents. And then even on the websites that now they have this quick escape button so that if your parent comes close, you hit this button and they won’t see what you were looking at.

So as parents found out about this, we started seeing school boards really start changing. We talked about how here in Dallas there was 51 churches that got together and there were 15 open school board seats in Dallas, and they won all 15 of them. This last weekend I was talking to a pastor from a different city, one of the top 20 cities in the nation, they got their churches engaged and they took 21 out of 21 school board seats in that large city, very populous city. But we’re seeing in small cities and big cities, we’re seeing it all across the country that parents are now getting engaged.

It went national two years ago with Loudoun County schools and Fairfax County schools in Virginia; and part of that led to the change with governor there, with Governor Youngkin being the new governor: parents just got involved and started voting. And so we’re seeing that. And so I’m looking at all these things that are starting to come out now that are parents are awakening and starting to say, wait a minute, what are you teaching?

And so here this headline says “he Maine Department of Education removes a kindergarten LGBT lesson from the website following the backlash”. Now, Maine is an extremely liberal state, it’s an extremely libertarian state. Montana is a very libertarian state, and they tend to go conservative. And Maine is a very libertarian state and they tend to go liberal. And so in Maine, they’re progressive liberals. But even in Maine, the parents are saying, wait a minute, kindergarten, you got what kind of a lesson? So this is on the State Department of Education that they pull that lesson down.

And then here’s one, “State Farm Insurance abandons LGBTQ children’s book program after whistleblower email leak”. So now you’re getting large private businesses involved like state farm insurance, and they were doing this book writing program. And somebody in the company brought it forward and parents said, wait a minute, that’s not what we want from you, for our kids.

And then there’s another one here in South Dakota, Biden has issued this executive order that says, hey, any school that gets lunch money from the federal government, you’ve got to tie to transgender issues, you have to teach transgender stuff. Any school that gets this federal lunch money and that’s like 95, 97%, whatever it is. And so we’ve seen pushback in South Dakota and others, the governors are saying, nope, we’re going to get the money for lunches and we’re not going to teach transgender or LGBTQIA+ stuff.

So it’s just fun to see all over the nation from all sorts of different states that this pushback that’s going in both the public sector and in the private sector as citizens are waking up and saying, this is not what we want for our kids, this is not the proper role of government and we don’t want this happening. So, good news from across the nation on a bunch of fronts on the same topic.


And in every one of those examples, people could have said, oh, this is so bad, let’s just give up and then they do nothing and those things just keep going. But instead they said, no, no, not on my watch. I’m going to stand up, let my voice be heard and look at the changes that were made.


You know, one of the things that we saw just in the last couple of weeks, Rick, was we happened to be periphery part of a big national study that was done, that was looking at values in America. And so it was a study done. In the first segment there, 144 questions asked; on the next segment, there were 94 questions asked. It took about 40 minutes to do the entire poll and had massive participation for a poll. The error percentage was like under 2%, which means it’s a really large study group.

And what we found in that was among all five generations, and that’s Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, the boomers and the busters, all five generations, the number one issue for all five generations was family and 72% said that they supported traditional family values. So, that’s all groups, all ages, all demographics, all everything, all regions of the country. And the number one issue was we don’t want you messing with our family; we think there are traditional family values. And that was really unexpected. I did not expect to see that on that study in that poll.

But that kind of explains what we’re seeing with all these news stories from across the country and why parents are getting involved in schools and even in states that we might consider to be purple or blue. I mean, Minnesota, Christians took school board seats in Minnesota; and in Denver, Christians got the school board in Denver and other cities that we would consider to be heavily blue. You’re seeing Houston, Christians took the school boards in Houston in this last election, just like they did in Dallas. So, maybe that 72% that we saw in the polling; 72% of Americans support traditional family values. Maybe that’s really there and it’s just that they’ve been silent for long enough and they feel like they’re just boxed in and they got to stand up or be destroyed and be run over.

So, hopefully, we’ll see a pushback on this, but we certainly are seeing that with some of the headlines we’re seeing right now. And those numbers are really, really high, which may explain why there’s so many headlines.


Yeah. So it just tells you the foundation is much stronger than we perceive; we think, oh, man, we’ve lost most of the country. Most people don’t believe in these things anymore. And then you see a poll like that and you go, wait a minute, wait a minute, there’s a lot more there in terms of a strong foundation than what we sometimes think.


And I’ve got to say, we can’t take that poll as good news unless you’re willing to act on it. Because if 72% believe us, traditional family values are good and do nothing with it, the 28% is going to dominate. And that’s what’s been happening in the culture, is too many people have been silent with the right values, they just didn’t want to get involved, didn’t want to get in a fight, didn’t want to get whatever; and that’s led the 28% run the nation, define the nation. And so I’m really glad for those high numbers, but I’m not really glad if those high numbers don’t get actively involved, which it looks like they are. But if you’re one of those folks that have those traditional family values and you’re disturbed with what’s going on, you can’t sit on the sideline. You have to get up and get involved. Otherwise the 28% will run the nation and we’ll lose everything.


Well, that’s exactly why the perception is so bad, because the 28% are running the nation and winning all those battles because too many have been sitting on the sidelines. So now that we know there’s that many on the sideline, we’ve got to push them out on the field, we’ve got to got them in the game. Alright, Tim, where are we headed with our next piece of good news?


Well, guys, this one is California. This was a story that was very disturbing. We talked about when it had come out several months ago that in California, there was a high school that was looking at putting a Planned Parenthood in the middle of a high school, that it was going to offer services to students and lots of different services. And among those things they were offering was going to be the recommendations for abortion or transgender hormones, etc. And all of this would have been without parental consent, parental approval, parental notification: parents were going to be excluded from the entire conversation.

Well, news got out and so the article I have, the headline says “High school dropout plans to open Planned Parenthood Center after concerned parents speak out”. So as we’ve been talking about at this point, we have seen so many positive things over the last couple of years where parents have and again, especially since a lot of this COVID happened, God has been waking a lot of parents up and it has made a difference in parents wanting to be active and get involved because for many parents, they just had no idea what was going on.

Fortunately, this idea of Planned Parenthood going into a high school in California was brought to people’s attention. There were a lot of non-profits that got involved. And Ryan Heath is an attorney with the Gavel Project. They’re the ones that helped orchestrate, got 100 parents involved, show up at this Norwalk, La Miranda Unified School District to oppose what was going on. And as of the end of July, which was when the last meeting, the information that came out they’re meeting again at some point in August, well, to go back and see what they do.

But at that point, you did have the individual who was the head of the board say that they were going to table this, they’re not going to discuss it because they knew it was a problem. And then the head of the board said that they do not foresee that they will pick this back up because they’re recognizing it as an issue, or actually, it was a superintendent who said they won’t pick this back up. Superintendent John Lopez said unless it is otherwise, I don’t plan on bringing this back up. So parents are staying involved. They’re going to stay vigilant about this.

But guys, as we’ve been talking about, the good news is that when you have the activated, motivated citizens with the right values show up, they are making a difference. And we are seeing these things turned around. It’s why we talk about encouraging people to run for city council and school board because we are seeing all over the nation, even in some pretty liberal areas, we are seeing school board candidates and city council candidates and local individuals or local elections, people with the right values, the right worldview, right constitutional perspective, running for office and being elected. So, overall, a lot of good things with this parental involvement.

Dad, again, following the lines of what you were talking about, but this one I am really excited about because it is for this point going to keep Planned Parenthood from having a facility inside of a high school. And as I’m saying this, I would encourage everybody to pay attention to what’s going on in your local school district. This is the reason we have to be vigilant and get involved because had somebody not found out that this was a proposal happening there, it could not have been opposed and been stopped. This can be true, whether it be with sex Ed curriculum or the transgender issue, or you can go down the list.

We need to get involved in the local issues in our local community, make sure we can be part of the solution. And to be the solution, we have to identify if there are some of these problems that are there so we can oppose and stand up and be a voice for right and truth. In this case, even from California, guys, this is really good news that even the parents in California recognize that this is not the moral position they want their kids to be indoctrinated with in public school.


Man, guys, I think we could do an entire good news Friday program on the losses for Planned Parenthood in the last year. I mean, they just keep losing and that’s a win for the country, for sure. Quick break, we’ll be right back, we’ve got more good news for you. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It’s Good News Friday this week there’s more good news at our website, wallbuilderslive.com. But let’s get into the stacks of good news David and Tim have. David, you’re next, bro.


Well, in addition to seeing parents up, we’re starting to see science actually win. Now, all these follow the science guys that didn’t follow the science, they just wanted you to follow their version of the science. One of the things we pointed out two and a half, three years ago was the Bible verse that says that he that haste with his feet sins. It’s just nearly always universally true that when you rush into something, into something big, like a big decision or anything else, you’ll invariably you’re going to make some mistakes that you regret when you do that. And so it’s better to slow down, get your act together, think it through, look at all sides. Proverbs 18:17, one side sounds good till you hear the other. We did not do that with COVID. We rushed into that and we let them start saying we’re mandating this and you’re going to get this vaccine. And I mean, there was such a pressure to do this.


And let’s also be very clear, probably for many of our listeners, they’re like, hey, we’re not part of the we. We were not doing this. We were not supporting that. Because for people who have, and I’m not going to say this is true for all homeschoolers, right. But like logic, if you’re a classical education, there are some courses that are still being taught in a more classical system. And there can be Christian schools or private or parochial schools, charter schools that still do more of a classic feel.

But there are these courses on logic and things that actually people learn to involve their brain and have some common sense and learn to evaluate things. And for people that paid attention and were evaluating things, the fact that at the very beginning of this so-called pandemic, when we were being told, hey, don’t worry about masks, and then two weeks later, everybody has to wear a mask. Now, wait a second, that’s a pretty significant change, like really, really significant within a matter of only a couple of weeks.

There were many of us paying attention and trying to point out the “emperor has no clothes on” from the very beginning. However, dad, as you’re pointing out culturally, this is not where most of the American culture win. It’s why that even today, you still will find people walking around wearing masks.

And if there are people listening with a mask, man, God bless you. One of the things we remember and recognize is the freedom of choice. And we believe people have the freedom to make decisions, even if we totally disagree with those, as long as it’s not a violation of the Constitution and basic moral and ethics, and then, yeah, we support the freedom. However, we also recognize the science does not support the notions that early on we were hearing the science going both ways.

So, a little tongue in cheek, obviously, we were not supporting and buying into that. But I think the majority of American culture, if they didn’t buy into it, they at least bought into the idea that we shouldn’t oppose it, which can be equally damaging.


Yeah. And it’s been as time has gone on now we’re seeing even just the last couple of months, you got Fauci saying, we knew that the vaccination would never work; that was never designed to work. We knew they wouldn’t. Wait a minute. That’s not what you were saying back in the day. You said everybody had to get it and this is the only thing that will work.

And so these guys, the thing about progressives is being a progressive means never having to say you’re sorry and they never do. I mean, they always knew what was right, even when they didn’t know what was right. And that’s kind of what we’re seeing now. And so there have been a number of lawsuits in recent months that we have one. And I say we, meaning the conservative, the average citizen, where that they have wanted to see a lot of the science documents that were held by the government, that were part of the studies that were being done. They want to see the results. And so we’re now seeing some of that.

And so as part of the court ruling that, for example, the documents the government had on the Pfizer vaccinations, now we’re seeing some of the results of that. And this headline says, “Shocking Pfizer document reveals that 82% of vaccinated pregnant women suffered miscarriages”. 82% miscarriages, if you were pregnant when you got the vaccination, that was stuff in the government’s possession, that’s stuff that they had.


And who is reporting this?


This is reported by Life News. This is out from Life News and it’s as a result of the FOIA documents that they got released from the court.


And this is something that for people listening, we would we would encourage, this is not our number, this is something that you do want to look up because these days are so much information. Anybody can post anything online. So we want to be clear. What we are doing now, is reading articles and we are identifying things from these articles. So this is not our numbers.

However, if this is something that life news is able to identify from this FOIA request and say here’s where the information came from, it is certainly consistent with a lot of what we are hearing, where even the people that some of the studies we’ve seen, the people that are most susceptible to getting COVID are those who are double and triple and however many quadruple whatever vaxed; it actually seems to weaken their immune system at some level as opposed to those who have not been vaccinated.

So we are seeing more and more studies that are indicating the vaccines not only are not as effective as we thought, but maybe are actually unhealthy in many areas because we didn’t even get into the myocarditis, which is also now confirmed in a lot of areas. But all that to say is this is the kind of stuff you don’t want to take someone’s word for it. You wouldn’t want to say, well, I heard somebody say this one time, and therefore I know.

This is where we encourage people to do fact checking, to go look it up. We encourage people, don’t take our word for it; let’s go look up and see where this is. And of course, on a Good News Friday, we’re reading articles from different websites, but we are happy to point to where that website is. And of course, we try to have links for a lot of these articles up on the website on wallbuilderslive.com that you can go and you can click on these links and read these articles for yourself. But this is certainly one of those studies that is very different than the propaganda we’ve been given for the last couple of years.


And remember, a year ago, if you said these things or you posted about the deaths and the and the miscarriages and all those kind of things, you were canceled. You couldn’t actually share that information with people. And so most people have no idea how much damage has been done. But even the government’s own website, the various website, where you report vaccine injuries, deaths and injuries and whatnot, I mean, it’s hundreds of thousands of people with all kinds of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths that are actually on their report. Yet, boy, if you talk about that stuff, cancel, cancel, cancel.



And guys, it’s also worth pointing out, Rick, as you mentioned even that report where the estimates are that less than 10% of the negative consequences actually ever get reported from vaccines, so you’re talking about the potential for there to be ten times whatever that number is, just based on how they analyze some of these studies. And of course, it’s a guesstimate, they don’t know that for sure.

But this is some of the numbers that are suggested is it could be up to ten times higher than what is actually reported just based on the information they have from other vaccines and other negative consequences from other vaccines and what does get reported. Again, all that to say is, is just interesting some of this information that’s coming out and maybe the indications that has for the American people and maybe the vindication on some level for some people as well.


Well, I would also point out, even last week I saw one on Epic Times is now 29% of young people who have had the vaccination are now suffering heart problems as a result. And I mean, those are just massive numbers. And so it goes back to that thing that the Bible says that when you rush and you hurry to do something, you’re nearly always going to make a mistake; and maybe government more so than any other group. But just when you get rushed and pushed and pressured into doing something, back off, and that’s whether you’re a young person or old person, just don’t be pressured into doing things like that. Give it some time, give us some consideration. Look at all the evidence. Look at all the sides. Don’t join the group. Just get your own information.

And Tim, as you said, this is stuff every single person needs to check out. We’ll have links on the website, but you can go back and check this for yourself. And we make it cancel for having put this stuff out even on this program because they’re still protecting the nonsense that’s out there. But science is pretty clear and there are two sides and you always want to see both sides.


Well, Tim, we get time for one more piece of good news if you got a quick well for us?


Yeah, this one is from Wisconsin and the title of the article says “A Good Day for Religious Liberty. Judge hammers Wisconsin prisons for blocking clergy access during COVID”. And as the title indicates, pastors were not allowed to go into prisons during COVID. And one of the things that we have seen in some states is that COVID lasted longer in some states than others. Some states it lasted for two weeks, or at least in some counties of some states it lasted for two weeks because that was going to take to slow the spread. And then people begin to realize after about four or five weeks, this doesn’t seem like what you said it was…


Didn’t I just see an article that in New York schools they’ve now gone back to masking, they’re back to masking in New York schools right now?


Well, I know in Pennsylvania, they said that for the first ten days at school that teachers and students were required to wear masks, even though the CDC guidance now identifies that masks are not helpful and that you shouldn’t treat people asymptomatic or symptomatic any different and everyone just live their lives. Because this is something that’s 0.3% fatality rates from this allegedly one of the most deadly viruses in world history, kind of nonsense, anyway.

All that to say in Wisconsin, it was 450 days before they changed any kind of their COVID restriction, lockdown policies, whatever else. However, here’s what’s interesting, is in those prisons, they did allow it, so the idea we’re going to restrict who comes in so there’s limitations. But obviously, attorneys are going to have to be able to meet with clients. And in the midst of this, they want to do allow public officials to come in because maybe a public official needs to meet with somebody who’s in prison or somebody connected to a crime on some level and then they allowed members of the press to come in.

So attorneys, public officials, politicians, the press can come in, but pastors could not. So they couldn’t conduct in-person services. They couldn’t come and do counseling. They couldn’t come and do prayer with inmates and prisoners. And it used to be that we thought Christianity was a really good thing for criminals, because for the most part, if somebody is in prison, you’re going to assume they have a very bad moral foundation. And the best morals you can possibly give someone are the morals of Christianity from the Bible. So certainly, let’s show them the Bible. But in Wisconsin, they said, yeah, we want to do that.

The good news is a judge got involved in this case and there was a decision that went before Judge Shu, and this was Jefferson County Circuit Judge and declared that this is totally wrong, unconstitutional. You can’t do it. Put an injunction in place to say this can never happen again, that religious rights will always be protected for these ministers to be able to go into these prisons, etc. So this is one of those areas where we have seen time and time and time again victories on some of these cases. This is a major victory for religious liberty coming from Wisconsin.


Well, there is never enough time to get all the good news in. So the good news is we will have more good news at our website, wallbuilderslive.com, you can go back and listen to previous weeks. And then of course, next Friday we’ll be following on again and try to get in as many stories as we possibly can.

The best thing you can do, though, is create some good news, actually be a part of the solution, as we talked about at the top of the program. Do that by signing up today as a Constitution coach; by sharing the program with friends and family, that makes you a force multiplier; by donating at wallbuilderslive.com. But do something. Don’t just sit back and look at the American culture crumbling and say, I can’t do anything about it. You absolutely can. You can rebuild the wall right there close to your home, right there in your community you can be part of rebuilding just like Nehemiah did. It can happen and it should happen. We have everything at our fingertips to do this and we have the numbers.

There’s enough people in America that share our values that still believe in biblical worldview, that still believe in the Constitution, that still want to fight for freedom if we’ll just get them off the sidelines, onto the field and engaged in the process and you can lead the way in your community. Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.