Amazing Debrief On The Republican Convention And More – Join us today for some amazing and encouraging news from the Republican Convention, Israeli jets enter German airspace for a flyover of a concentration camp and more!

Air Date: 09/04/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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You found your way to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live and it’s Good News Friday, always my favorite day of the week, because we get some pick me up here, we’re going to find out some good things that are happening out there in the culture. I know, you know, there’s a lot of bad things happening, but there’s also a lot of good things happening. And it’s important for us to recognize those victories out there.

My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. And I’m here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders. Tim Barton is with us. He’s a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. And we call it WallBuilders Live, because it comes out of that scripture in Nehemiah that says, Arise and rebuild the walls that we may no longer be a reproach. Friends, let’s rebuild the culture. Let’s rebuild the foundation. Let’s bring back those timeless principles of liberty, those biblical foundations that made America the most prosperous, most free nation, the most benevolent nation in the history of the world.

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Alright, it’s time to dive into some of that good news. And guys, we didn’t get a chance to really talk about the conventions over the last couple of weeks during our Good News Fridays. You guys covered some of this on some network programs, but I mean to tell you what a stark contrast between the Democratic Convention a couple of weeks ago and the Republican Convention last week, and so many things we saw on the Republican Convention that we’ve been praying would happen. I mean, it was pretty cool to watch some of those speakers, some of the prayers, a lot of good stuff came out of it.


Yeah, one of the interesting things that definitely stood out to me and just the simple contrast was between the two conventions, you had one convention that identified that America is not really good nation and the current leadership is the reason we’re a bad nation, and the only hope is to get a different leader. And then you contrast it with a different dimension that says America has got a lot of problems and the greatest hope we have is God and we need God’s help.

And you talk, but even from a production standpoint, it was remarkable how well the republican convention looked aesthetically the way they had it set up and flowed, it seemed to be so patriotic. It was so encouraging. It was so wholesome. Unless you were avid “I hate Trump”, you hate Republican Party, if you were any bit neutral or just an honest observer, you would look and go, wow, that they really did a good job.

And there were so many wholesome stories, whether it be people who have been directly impacted from a conversation or interaction with President Trump or he’d encourage them or where a policy had happened or right, where prison sentences were reduced or commuted and then that actually were totally pardoned. So many just great, encouraging wholesome stories. It was almost like listening to a Good News Friday for several days in a row as you were listening to this.

And to not just highlight one political parties that we like one better than another, but just the values that were promoted were so clear between the two. When you look at President Trump speech that he gave this last weekend, some of the big highlights that, to me really stood out from his speeches, how often he mentioned God. And you see it all over his speech, recognizing that God given rights, the strength we have in God and God’s help, and we’re not going to forget God and God in America. It was so encouraging to hear from a national political figure, especially from a president, someone acknowledging God so much.

It actually reminds me guys, you remember, earlier before President Trump’s speech earlier in that week, there was a caller who called into C-SPAN, today, I’ve been a democrat my whole life, but watching this Republican Convention, something has changed for me, and I’m now voting Republican. And the person who was there at C-SPAN said, what made it change for you? And the caller said really, it was the fact that they talk about God a lot. And it’s just, it’s different, I’m voting Republican. That was evident and President Trump speech. And it was just so encouraging.

You really felt uplifted at the end. Again, unless you’re just someone who hates President Trump and he Republicans or conservatives or right, the free market system, whatever it is. If you are favoring Planned Parenthood and you hate the prolife movement, you probably didn’t like it. But if you were just honest observer, who was listening and watching and paying attention, it was so encouraging and incredible.


I thought some of the good stuff with that as well was the fact that they really took on a lot of things happening in the culture right then, you know, whether that ranged from foreign affairs to what’s happening with the war on terror to what’s happened with Israel. But even addressing the protests and what was going on across the country, you know, it was one of the big criticism of the Democratic Convention is the country’s kind of burning up and you guys didn’t even talk about it at the convention.

And for me, I thought one of the strongest non-Trump’s speeches and I said non-Trump and that it wouldn’t Trump speaking, you know they had all these different folks and Tim mentioned several. And you had that prolife nun who had been actually a full bird Colonel and now as a prolife nun. And I mean, just so many cool ones, so many God’s stories.

Nick Sandmann, we’ve talked about him on good news Friday, several times. Sued CNN and ABC in 20 something outlets for what they did on the March for Life. And so, you know, just so many diverse people, actually, it was so diverse that one of the funny comments about it was the Left was trying to criticize it. And they were saying, well, except for all the blacks and Hispanics and ladies and Asians and everything else. It’s a really white party the Republicans are… Yeah, I mean, what you saw not was a great production…


Apart from all the diversity. There was no diversity.


That’s right.


Right. Except there was a lot of diversity. And it was interesting too, how many families who were people who had been blessed by Trump, Trump doesn’t have benefited them. How many of them were minority community families? And it certainly didn’t fit the narrative where you hear the Republicans are trying to stir up fear and Republicans hate people and they hate minorities and they’re the racist and all the narrative that you hear. If you watch during the convention, all of those narratives were destroyed by the people who got up and gave a testimony of what had happened in their life, how their life changed, how their life benefited, or in some cases, how their life had been devastated by the bad actions of some, by the inactions of previous leaders, right? If you think about the family, the mom and dad whose daughter…


Was it Kayla?


Yeah, Kayla Mueller, I think and daughter was captured by ISIS and President Obama and Vice President Biden really were not active in the scenario and then this family lost something so precious to them, their daughter, which by the way, the daughter’s testimony, the letter that got smuggled out to the mom…


I had never heard about that letter before until she read that part of it. That was the first time I’d ever heard that.


Such a powerful letter and testimony of just the hope that we have in the Gospel, even in the midst of really tough and bad and terrible situations. Or right, David Dorn’s widow, David Dorn being the black retired police officer who gets a call to go help his buddy who has a pawn shop and it being broken into and he is shot by Black Lives Matter, Antifa kind of protesters and rioters and his life was taken away. But that story really wasn’t promoted in mainstream media, at least not on the left side because it didn’t fit the narrative. And you just saw more of the big picture that you are not seeing in the headlines of the CNN or MSNBC or even the ABC or CBS, you’re just not seeing that and the convention gave you such a different picture.


And that’s what I thought was so cool about it, was they directly confronted so many things that are out there. And rather than running from those charges or rather than pandering to them, they took them on head on. And it was so pro-patriotic, pro America. There were so many God’s songs opening convention on that final night and closing it. As the fireworks were going on, there was actually worship courses being sung to the fireworks and you’re going, oh my gosh, this is amazing.

But I think the real highlight that night other than Trump’s speech was when out of New York City, the guy who’s head of the Fraternal Order of Police in New York City, talked about police and what they’re doing, what they’re doing across the nation. Nobody hates bad cops more than good cops. And how that the Fraternal Order of Police was endorsing Trump, because he’s actually taking action and standing up and I thought, well, there goes another narrative because that’s a big union across the country: police union stood to endorse Trump. I mean, they’re supposed to be unions are all locked up with the Democrat party, but because the Democrats are not standing for law and order, won’t even talk about it at their convention.

And Trump, you know when he’s invited in to help stop the protest, three-six hours later, essentially, they’re stop. I mean, it was such a big moment to be able to look at all the things that were addressed front on, I mean, just head on. The Republicans did not back down, did not pander, did not change their narratives, they took them on and they crushed them. I thought that’s a really unique part of the Republican convention this year. And, you know, quite frankly, I was an elected delegate to the Republican convention. I’ve been to a lot of them, but I’ve never seen one like what I saw this year.


Doesn’t this feel like backwards day or something? I mean, are we normally saying the Democrats are so much better at marketing and storytelling and actually packaging their values and we just don’t do that? It was the opposite. I mean, I agree, it was the production value, the stories, everything was so good, and the Democrats frankly, was dull and the exact opposite. That is not usually the case. So this was a really, really good change. And David, you’ve been to, I don’t know how many national conventions and state conventions, like you said, you’ve seen it all firsthand. This has to be one of the best we’ve ever seen.


Well, it was really different as Tim said, the number of God mentions by Trump, but then also the other speakers that were there. It was like they were uncensored. And a lot of times, the RNC was saying, I know, just kind of touch this… And they will really pick their speakers and try to guide the messages and this was just unedited.


Yeah, what you see is that this Republican party is no longer the party of the Bush’s, where it was much more of moderate and center and it was censored and it was kind of played to the middle. And frankly, there’s no middle left to play to, so that could be part of it. Although I say that, only backup and correct. No, I think Trump did a very good job of, of not overplaying to the red meat where he could have bashed Joe Biden a lot more. And there certainly were a couple lines where he did, but he didn’t go as far as he could have. And a lot of it was just the tempered, the more of a meek Trump that I don’t think most people have ever seen or expected from Trump. And it was something he came up very likable.

Again, if you just had a kind of an open, honest opinion, let’s just see what it is, you would have finished, really the whole convention, but even Trump’s speech going, wow, this is impressive. I liked this guy. I want to support his vision. I want to make our nation better. I want us to be unified, right? Putting a woman on the moon, planting a flag on Mars. This sounds great. Let’s do it. Let’s get behind this vision. And I thought he gave a really good unifying speech that gave hope for America.


Well, it came out of the convention with the highest approval rating he’s had since he started being president. So I mean, clearly there was something very good that happened out of that. But I think, Tim, as you said, Americans connected with it on a very hot level, very genuine level and the narratives and stories were just compelling.


Alright, guys, quick break, but I’m sure we have more good news to share, not only about the convention, but other things happening out there. So stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back here on WallBuilders Live, Good News Friday today. And David Barton’s got our next piece of good news. David.


At the convention, as you listen to Trump’s speech, I kept track of a lot of the loud applause lines, see what people really responded to, spontaneous applause. And I wanted to see what was kind of really connected with them. And Tim and I had live coverage on a national network that night doing commentary after the speech.

And so one of the things that really had a lot of applause was support for Israel, that what he’s done with moving the embassy to Jerusalem, what he’s done at restoring relations, improving them with Israel. And then he announced the fact that he had brokered that peace deal between the UAE and Israel. And that’s the first piece of agreement Israel’s had with any nation in the Middle East in 25 years and, of course, that was big applause. And so I think that is a big thing.

The fact that you’re seeing some peace restored to the Middle East, traditional hostile nations to Israel now becoming their friends, so much more stability, the ISIS Caliphate is gone, it’s pretty much extinguished now. Doesn’t mean ISIS is gone. There’s still a lot of instability there. What’s going on in Syria, what’s happening with Hamas, Iran back in Lebanon, what they did in Lebanon with that huge explosion of bomb, still a lot of instability, but with Israel’s becoming more stable.

And so on the heels of that, after the convention, I’m seeing this article that says that Sudan is also seeking peace with Israel. And Sudan in Africa, there’s Sudan, and they split some years back into Sudan and South Sudan. I think South Sudan is Christian, and Sudan is still Muslim. But there, you’ve got Muslim Sudan and it’s a very hardcore Muslim nation. They’re now wanting to seek peace with Israel after UAE agreement which is really, really good.

And then I saw this headline that for the first time ever, Israeli just enter German airspace with a flyover the Dachau camp, and that was one of the big Holocaust camps. And Israel has never had his airplanes fly in airspace over Germany, just hadn’t happened since Israel has been a nation essentially.

And so here’s this big deal where that Germany and Germany is not really a nation of Israel, but obviously, they’ve had problems with each other, going back to the slaughter of all the Jews and the Holocaust and there’s always been some antipathy between those nations to some degree, secular Germany and more religious Israel. I mean, they just haven’t been that close in the European nation aspect, but this is a thawing of that coldness.

And so you have this flyover with German jets and Israeli jets over German airspace, first time ever. And so, there’s just a lot of good things starting to happen with Israel and starting to happen the international relations and then Trump mentioned a little bit of this at the convention, but it’s still gone past that. And there’s other good stuff happening.


Alright, guys, quick break. We’ve been long in the last segment, so we’re going shorten this segment. We’ll be right back with more good news. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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One of the very special things we get to do is interview World War Two veterans. You’ve heard those interviews here on WallBuilders Live from folks that were in the Band of Brothers to folks like Edgar Harrell that survived being Indianapolis to so many other great stories you’ve heard on WallBuilders Live. You have friends and family that also served.

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Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live, it’s Good News Friday today and there’s more good news at our website. If you go to, click on the archives and you can scroll back through some previous Friday programs for more good news. But the next piece of good news today is coming from Tim Barton.


Alright guys, this is something coming out of many of the cities where there has been much destruction and rioting. If you remember going back Portland, Seattle, some of the early cities whether it be with the Chop or Chaz up in Seattle, Portland, who ironically, when CNN, just this last week reported on some of the protests and riots happening around the nation.

And they had a reporter, behind the reporter, there was a building on fire, literally being destroyed. And their tagline said, “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful”. This has been the thought with Portland. Portland has had the longest continuing protests, possibly in the history of the nation, I’ve not done research into this, but it’s ridiculous what they’ve done.

And the idea of still calling it a protest after how much they have destroyed, after how many lives have been wounded, bodies have been wounded, lives that have forever been changed because of losing their livelihood, losing their financial savings, whatever else it is, it’s been a very devastating situation for so many people in America. Now, here’s the good news aspect.

One of the things that has happened in many of these cities where the craziness has gone on, because there has been so much brokenness, there’s been many Christians who have moved in and tried to help as people are picking up the pieces and picking up their lives. And one of the individuals who has been involved in this is a guy named Sean Feucht and I’m pretty sure I’m saying his last name right.

But he’s from California. He was a worship pastor at Bethel. He actually ran for congress earlier this year. He was or maybe is last year, but he was defeated in the primary. But he wanted to stay involved. And so in California, when Governor Newsom said that you couldn’t sing songs in church anymore, because that might spread Coronavirus. There was a group of people who said, well, let’s just go to the beach, let’s do worship on the beach. And he’s one of the guys who was helping lead that movement and lead that charge. He now is the founder of what’s called ‘Let Us Worship’.

And this is kind of this movement we’re talking about where he’s saying, look, let’s get people out and let’s worship and do things. But one of the things that he has done is what’s called Riots to Revival. And I think we talked about this several weeks ago when he was first starting and pitching the idea of doing this, going into some of these cities that have been devastated where there have been so many protests and sharing the gospel, going and trying to help the hurting and love those in need.

And he’s gone to the several cities and they’ve had thousands of people show up at these events. In the midst of the brokenness and the destruction and the chaos, and frankly, the evil that has been going on, you have seen Christians who have said, let’s go to where the people are hurting, which is absolutely the message of the gospel, is what Jesus did.

Jesus went to where people were, where their lives were full of sin, it was full of brokenness, and many of them who were so full of pain and nobody else would go to them and Jesus did. It’s so cool to see that in the midst of the craziness and all we can see right now from where we are for so many of us is how bad these riots are, how bad this destruction is, and we want it to stop. But there are some Christians saying, hey, let’s go to where things are really bad and let’s see what we can do to share the gospel and make a difference. And Sean Feucht is one of the guys who has done that.

And it’s a really, really cool story and testimony of what he’s doing, and how kind of we can see one of the Bible tells us was what sometimes what people mean for evil, God can use for good. And it certainly is what Sean is trying to do. So kudos to Sean, in the midst of going to these places and trying to help reach the hurting.


Alright, fellows, we’ve got time for one more piece of good news when we come back from the break. Stay with us, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Final segment and the last piece of good news goes to David.


I want to go back to one of the speakers at the RNC. It was Sister Deirdre Byrne, who had been the full bird Colonel, I mentioned her. And her speech was really amazing. She was talking about the work that she’s doing with refugees now. She had been over in the Middle East as part of the war effort. But now it’s back there, working with refugees.

And she said, “Those refugees all share common experience. They’ve all been marginalized. They’ve been viewed as insignificant, powerless, and voiceless. And while we tend to think of them marginalized, as living beyond our borders, the truth is the largest marginalized group in the world can be found here in the United States. They’re the unborn. So right out front. I mean, she is bold, prolife. She said, it’s no coincidence that Jesus stood up for what was just and was ultimately crucified, because what he said wasn’t politically correct or fashionable.

So here’s invoking Jesus Christ as the basis of taking a strong stand. And again, this goes back to this is not the convention of the RNC in previous things where they tried to be middle of the road. I mean, there was just no middle of the road here. She said, “As a physician, I can say without hesitation, life begins at conception. While what I have to say may be difficult for some to hear, I’m saying it because I am not just prolife, I am pro-eternal life. I want all of us to end up in heaven together someday.” I mean, just laying the gospel message out in the RNC speech was just terrific stuff.

And then on the heels of what happened at the RNC, this is kind of local, but I love this coming from civil leaders, that here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. The mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth got together and they issued a prayer proclamation for this community. And this is about four to five million people we’re talking about between Dallas and Fort Worth in the counties.

And they want a day of prayer. And here’s what they say. “We want to pray regarding healing from COVID, the restoration of our communities, for medical staff, for businesses, for families, for schools, for the restoration of the economy and for everything that’s been affected. So here’s some political leaders, and one of them is red and one of them is blue. And they’re saying, hey, we recognize that we need to have God at the middle of what we’re doing.

And so, unlike what we hear from states like California, or Maine or elsewhere, it’s nice to see political leaders calling on God and recognizing that as part of the solution we need for restoring America.


Well, that’s exactly the core of restoring America. And in fact, if you want to learn more about restoring American and restoring our constitutional republic, bringing back those principles, go to today, get some of those materials start getting educated. You know, just dig in, say, hey, I want to do my part. So I’m going to study, I’m going to become a student of freedom. Maybe you want to take our Constitution class or host one of our Constitution classes. Becoming a Constitution coach is free right now. You can do that at Or there at, just get any of the DVDs or books or mp3 and just start listening to reading and studying. I promise you the American story is amazing and you will be excited when you start studying these things.

David Barton brings this history to life like nobody else. In fact, I hated history in high school, in college until somebody gave me a David Barton cassette tape. Yeah, that was a long time ago when they had cassette tapes and I fell in love with history. Thanks to the way he brings it to life and tells it through the eyes of the people that lived it. Great stuff there for you at

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