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Air Date: 06/14/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live! Where we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always doing that from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator, and Tim Burton is with us national speaker and pastor and President of WallBuilders.

There’s A Lot Of Great Things Happening

It’s Good News Friday. I’m always looking forward to Good News Friday. It’s a chance for us to catch up on a lot of the great things that have happened in the previous few weeks and sometimes you think there’s nothing good happening that’s not true.

There’s a lot of great things happening, and so David and Tim compile a lot of these news stories you’re not going to hear about in the major media and then try to catch us up on Fridays with what we call Good News Friday.

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Today let’s get into some good news! Today, David Barton is got our first piece of good news, David.

Federal Judges


OK, Rick, the news I have is going to start at the federal level. Man, we went for years of not being able to say that very often. But now we’re saying that pretty often now which is kind of fun deal and on top of that, something we didn’t get to say for years is the good news is not only from the federal level, but it is what is happening with federal judges right now.

I have an article here from our friend Kelly Shackelford over at First Liberty, and he’s pointing out three things President Trump is doing to make America’s courts great again.

President Trump Is Appointing Conservative Judges

So pulling off the phrase make America great again, make the courts great again and I’ll just go through these three things; he says right now the President is on track to fill one-third of the federal circuit courts with conservative judges.

Now it has been maybe about 20% of judges or by a particular President. But at this point, Trump is online for a much higher percentage. When you look at all the circuit courts and the fact that they essentially are the Supreme Court for those States, it’s the Federal Supreme Court for those States. You know, ninety-nine point nine percent of all cases filed in Federal Courts never make the U.S. Supreme Court.

Those Court of Appeal decisions become the final word over 90- 95% of the time. So you have that which is the first thing they point to so nearly one out of every three federal judges at the circuit court level, which again is that high level, will be appointed by Trump and they’ve been conservative judges.

Youngest Class of Federal Judges

Then the second thing he points out is one of the youngest classes of Federal Judges. And he points out Allison J Rushing was just confirmed to the fourth circuit. And Chad Readler to the sixth circuit and he points out that Eric Murphy was confirmed to the sixth circuit.

He points out that Judge Rushing is 37 years old as a circuit court judge. Judge Murphy and Readler are 39 and 46, respectively. And so overall, President Trump’s median age for four circuit court judges is 49 years old.

Now that’s younger than any of the five previous administrations. So not only are we getting conservative circuit court judges, who are much younger than the other judges are, and of course, at a Federal District Court, you can have a younger judge. But when you get to the circuit court which again is a higher level you usually don’t have the youth there that you do in other courts.

We May Both Flip The Circuits

The third thing that Kelly points out is that we may both flip the circuits. Most recently says the third circuit court of appeals has now been flipped. The nominations that Trump has put in there are Conservatives who are changing the balance of power in several of these circuits.

And so you have the third circuit, I think the sixth was one that is now really strong. The ninth, I think, is about to flip. So there are several areas where you’re seeing the direct impact, and it will change policy for a number of States as a result.

We Are Starting To Get Judges That Are Giving Us A Good Shot

So that’s what Kelly Shackelford but I agree. This is really really good news.

We go back to Bible verses like Isaiah 1:26, which says the righteousness of the land is based on the judges in that land. We are starting to get judges that are giving us a good shot of having better constitutional, and actually for that matter, better conservative and God-fearing decisions than we’ve had in a long time.

So that’s good news coming from the Federal Courts.


Good news not only for today but like you said with them being young and I mean we’re talking about for years and years to come to think about how many federal decisions we hear about, and we look at who the judges are, and it’s somebody that goes back to either Clinton or Bush.  I mean he goes decades typically and so these appointments are something that is going to bear good fruit for many many years to come.

We’re gonna take a quick break guys. When we come back, Tim will have some good news for us.

So stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live on Good News Friday.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American history. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees every individual the right to keep and bear arms, has been targeted for years now by those who are determined to dismantle the individual right to self-protection.

Opponents argue that “Only the militia, the military, and law enforcement are to have and use firearms.” But, those who wrote the Second Amendment strenuously disagreed, including Founding Father Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the declaration, a president of the Continental Congress, and one of those who actually framed the Second Amendment.

He declared, “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”

For more information about Richard Henry Lee and the history of the Second Amendment, go to


We’re back on WallBuilders Live.  It is Good News Friday today which is an opportunity for David and Tim Barton to share with us some of the good News stories they’ve been collecting over the previous few weeks and typically it’s stuff we have not heard about in the major media.

Tim, what’s our next piece of good news?

Bernie Is Losing  Support From Young People


Guys, this one deals with the Presidential primary on the Democratic side. Something that we’ve seen trends in polling over the last month or two is that decline of Bernie Sanders when it comes even to gain the support of young people which if you remember a couple of years ago that is exactly where Bernie got the vast majority of his supporters were young people.

Bernie Sanders, as we’ve identified many times is an open outspoken socialist, and when you look at some of his ties to Russia and to Cuba back when they’re very communistic, socialistic dictatorship kind of oriented and Bernie was supporting that.

Bernie Sanders is kind of a scary guy to imagine him being able to be the leader of America, the leader of the free world, so to speak as what he represents. But as polling has indicated over the last month or two, a lot of his support has taken a very sharp decline where Joe Biden is now getting a lot of what used to be the Bernie Sanders support, and not even everybody is leaving Bernie is going toward Joe.

Some people are maybe having an awakening, so to speak and recognize that some of the policies that have been espoused maybe aren’t as accurate. What’s interesting is that people are moving away from a pro-Socialist candidate.

Why Is Joe Biden Getting So Much Support?

Now, ultimately, that’s good news. If we start to dissect this a little bit more and ask OK so why is Joe Biden getting so much support? It could be because Democrats think that he is a candidate much more likely to have success. That he is the one that has a better opportunity to beat Donald Trump, whereas they don’t think Bernie Sanders can.

So on some level that can be interesting that maybe they’re more concerned with winning than they are even their pro-socialism tendencies. Nonetheless, it is always good news when people choose someone who’s not an open socialist to support when it comes to political elections.

Even though we have great disagreements with Joe Biden, philosophically he has a lot of terrible things that he represents and supports and especially from a biblical and constitutional perspective. This isn’t just a personal bias, no.

From someone that tries to think from a constitutional biblical lens, there’s a lot of things about his campaign, about his positions that are not great. Nonetheless, it is encouraging seeing the decline in support from young people for Bernie Sanders. They’re not feeling the Bern very well anymore.

Joe Biden Is A Middle Of The Road Kind Of Guy


Yeah, I mean you remember four years ago we all just couldn’t believe how much the young people were going for Bernie Sanders. I mean here’s the senator that’s you know what 180 years old?

I don’t know how old he is, but it was just shocking how he was packing out the stadiums and just huge crowds and these young people were just loving all of the socialist free this and free that. So you’re right, man, that is a very good sign that his momentum — you know, Ben O’Rourke?

I mean a bunch of these open socialist that they are not doing well and I’m with you. I’m no Biden fan at all, but of the Democrat candidates, he is definitely you know at least he’s smarter about his language. We would have definitely considered him the Socialist candidate eight years ago but compared to these other guys he’s actually middle of the road compared to them.

Joe Biden Watches His Language Better


Yes, and I think what you pointed out is significant and worth noting that he watches his language better. I think it was very strategic when he started his campaign that his campaign was we kind of want to bring some balance some normalcy back to America. He was marketing himself as the middle of the road guy.

Now Joe Biden is not a middle of the road guy. Joe Biden is wrong on almost every fundamental and philosophical issue when it comes to the Constitution when it comes to the Bible. He’s not a middle of the road candidate, but he might just be more strategic or smarter thinking of how can I win this election? How can I do better against President Trump?

Maybe this good news is a little skewed because it doesn’t indicate that people have left a very left liberal progressive ideology to come back to something more constitutional more biblical. But again it still is good that we’re not supporting someone who is a very outspoken socialist and who has a very strong record of supporting very bad government policies.


Guys, quick break we’ll be right back with more good news. Stay with us here on Wall Builders Live.

We Want To Hear Your Vet Story


Hey friends! If you have been listening to WallBuilders Live for very long at all, you know how much we respect our veterans and how appreciative we are of the sacrifice they make to make our freedoms possible. One of the ways that we love to honor those veterans is to tell their stories here on WallBuilders Live.  Once in a while, we get an opportunity to interview veterans that have served on those front lines that have made incredible sacrifices have amazing stories that we want to share with the American people.

One of the very special things we get to do is interview World War II veterans. You’ve heard those interviews here on WallBuilders Live, from folks that were in the Band of Brothers, to folks like Edgar Harrell that survived the Indianapolis to so many other great stories you heard on WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. It is Good News Friday today, so we’re catching up on our good news stories from the last couple of weeks. David Barton is next with good news, David.

Socialism Doesn’t Work


I’m going to follow up on the chain of socialism you guys were talking about. Following that trail, we’ve seen, and we’ve talked previously about how that it has growing support in America. The polling has been there that you know particularly the younger you are, the more you support socialism.

But I have in my hands an article that is proof that socialism does not work. It’s a great example. And it actually comes from AOC herself. She is my example the socialism doesn’t work because as much as she likes it and promotes it and wants equality and everything else, and is as you know as unprecedented as it is on the Hill, she said all my staff people were going to have them all in this range, everybody gets paid the same. We’re not going to get paid super high or super low, doesn’t it matter what your abilities are we’re gonna get paid the same.

So all this equality, she is calling for a pay raise for herself. She says she is not getting enough and that she deserves more. And I will point out that at this point the congressional salary, all that goes with the per diems, etc. is ten times higher than what the average American makes.

So she’s already 10 times higher than the average American and saying it’s not fair for her. She needs more. That’s perfect proof socialism doesn’t work.

There you have a modern architect and the modern mouthpiece for socialism. She said, well it’s not good for me. It may be good for everybody else, but it’s not good for me.

So I love that article. I can point AOC as why socialism doesn’t work. She’s articulated herself.

There Is A Revival Of Conservatism

On top of that, I’ll point to a trend that’s going around the world with socialism whereas a lot of socialistic nations are now moving away from socialism. They’ve been there tried that didn’t like it. I was talking to an international traveler this weekend who works for U.S. government and so many countries, and he’s talking about how that a number of these traditional socialistic nations are moving away from it. They’re electing conservatives.

There is a revival of conservatism going across the world in many many areas, particularly across Europe. We’re seeing across Europe. I have here an article that is really interesting to me, and it talks about someone who is now called the Trump of the Tropics.

Any idea what nation that would? A new president of a nation, he is called the Trump of the Tropics.


I  have no idea.


I remember there guy that was elected to Brazil was called the Trump of Brazil or whatever but Trump of the Tropics —


Well, it was actually Brazil.


Brazil is the tropics?


That’s the title of the article.


OK so who is the Trump of the Green family? Wait a second, this is totally a skewed thing.  


I’m just reading the article, it’s The Trump of The Tropics.


OK, so I need to talk to whoever wrote that headline for that article. That’s very misleading. But no, we certainly have heard that about the guy for Brazil.

Trump Of The Tropics – The President of Brazil


He is the first conservative elected in the modern era of Brazil since it became a democratic government. You know, they’ve gone through so many things socialism. He defeated a socialist, nobody expected him to win, the Socialists was expected to win hands down. So, this conservative guy wins and not only is he conservative, he is an open Christian, and he actually bragged about it.

He was recently at the White House with President Trump. Just talking about how much he admires Trump and how much he admires what he’s doing. He did point out to President Trump he said look it took you nine months to move the embassy to Jerusalem, and all it took me three months to move the embassy to Jerusalem.

So it’s this great kind of competition of I can be more conservative than you are which I even laugh at myself having said that because three years ago I would not have been saying Trump’s going to be more conservative than any President we’ve had in the modern era.

 We knew he is better in the Hillary hoping he would be at least 50 percent maybe moderate but my gosh to have people laughing at who’s more conservative now as the President pretty fun stuff.

There is A Good Global Pushback On Socialism

So there’s a report out of Brazil about the rejection of socialism there and actually the fondness and attachment they have for America and even for President Trump.

We’re seeing that not only across Brazil but other South American nations as well and Central American nations. We’re seeing it also in Europe, so there’s a good pushback against socialism.

I go back to that first article, AOC is now my poster child for why socialism does not work.


All right, quick break guys. We’ll be right back with one final segment of good news here today on Good News Friday and if you’d like some more good news, be sure to visit us on online Right back on WallBuilders Live.

Pastors Only Briefing Trip


Hi, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders, and I want to encourage all the pastors out there with a unique opportunity that we’re presenting it WallBuilders. We’re doing a special tour just for pastors that you can come and learn more about the spiritual heritage of our nation. Not just seeing the sights but understanding the significance of what they are and what they represent.

We get to go to the Capitol at night.  And, we get to see the spiritual heritage of our Founding Fathers, of who we are as a nation, where we came from. We bring in congressman that will tell you about current legislation, about our religious liberties and freedom, and what’s going on in Washington, D.C.

If you’re a pastor or if you want to recommend your pastor for this trip, you can go to our website at And, there’s a link that’s for scheduling.  If you click on that link, there’s a section for pastor’s briefing. There’s more information about the dates, when it’s going, and how it’s going to happen. If you want to know more about our nation, our religious liberties, our freedom, our spiritual heritage, this is a trip you want to be a part of.


We’re back here at WallBuilders Live. It is Good News Friday today, which means David and Tim Barton are sharing some good news stories from across the nation and sometimes around the world from the last few weeks. In fact, a week or so ago David, you were sharing from Iran of all places. So we got good news from all kinds of places. David, Tim, what’s next?

U.S. Employers Add 263,000 Workers As Unemployment Hits 50-year Low


All right, this one is related to the U.S., and the title says U.S. employers add two hundred and sixty-three thousand workers as unemployment hits 50 year low.

One of the things we certainly have heard —


Listen,  I caught this report on CNN, MSNBC. I’ve heard this in all the major network news. Oh, wait a minute, maybe I haven’t.


Well, I think some people have talked about how good the economy has been, but they’ve, on some of the networks like you mentioned, they maybe want to counter it with but maybe thanks to President Obama, right? Or but we can’t give Trump credit.

I think people are recognizing how good the economy is doing. They just don’t maybe want to give credit where credit might be due.

Having a President who promotes business, who promotes job growth, who encourages entrepreneurship. And so what’s interesting is that even identifying unemployment isn’t a 50-year low, it was back in 1969 when we had an unemployment rate that was this low. So for 50 years, we have not been able to employ as many people as we are now and the jobs outnumber anything we’ve ever had.

A lot of economists, when they were looking going forward making their projections, people were thinking maybe one hundred eighty-one thousand jobs was kind of the overall estimate. Some people picked this high —


And these are jobs just in the last reporting period right?




So is this a month or quarter? How often do they do the reporting?

This Is Impressive That We’ve Added So Many Jobs In A Month


Well, the U.S. Labor Department releases this information every month, so presumably, this is based on the last month. Which is very impressive that we added that many jobs in a month.

This is one of the things that you know guys we often talk about the benefits of the free market and how the free market helps produce more and brought more prosperity to more people than any other economic system in the history of the world.

Which is why it’s kind of crazy that people think, let’s go away from the free market. Let’s go to socialism because even China.

Even China Is Starting To Encourage Free Market

China recognizes its communistic system. China recognizes that the only way we will survive is to start encouraging the free market. Now, they tax the mess out of it, but they have started to reward entrepreneurs.

Maybe this hypothetical scenario: if you have a dictator and you only get to keep maybe 10 percent of what you earn. And so the dictator says if you start your own business and you start making money you can keep 50 percent of what you earn.

Well, all of a sudden you’re producing more now ao he’s getting more money. Now, he’s taking more certainly from you but also the person working is making more so everybody benefits.

China Is Rewarding Entry Into The Free Market

This is where China has even grown their economy is by rewarding, incentivizing people to enter into entrepreneurship enter into the free market.

Well, this is what the free market has done in America and having a President who actually rewards the free market has increased jobs instead of having a President who really wanted the government to control more.

The more government control there is, the greater the problems we have in regards to prosperity. Bob McEwan, Congressman McEwan used to always say that the greater the government, the greater the poverty, the greater the freedom, the greater the wealth.

The more we can get government out of the way, the better the economy is going to do. And that’s exactly what we’ve seen with President Trump.

Email From Our Listener


Guys, we still have time for a little bit of good news and so David I think you’ve probably got another one. If I could just read one of our emails, it’s interesting. From one of our topics, this one comes from Rebecca.

She said I heard your Good News Friday segment about the Methodist Church. It’d be good if you could specify that the vote about homosexual marriage and gay clergy was the United Methodist Church. There are other Methodist denominations, the Congregational Methodist Church has never ordained homosexuals or had these issues up for debate in our conference.


Great point


Yeah, we the Congregational Methodists have a very strong stand on biblical values and have separate conferences and a book of discipline. You can find more about the Congregational Methodist Church by looking up our website.

Thanks, I appreciate all that you do. Just given some info.

Well, Rebecca, thank you. Very good info. And it is easy sometimes to have a broad stroke across an entire denomination.

So thanks for sending in that information. So that is very good news about a big part of a very large denomination.

David last piece of good news for the day.

There Is An Extremely Conservative Movement Going Across Anglican Churches In America


I’m about to take that and jump into that a little bit more.




Because when I was in Wyoming recently with some cowboys doing a roundup with them, we’re talking about their church. They happen to be Presbyterians, and the Presbyterian churches in their part of Wyoming are all P.C. USA, which is like United Methodist they tend to be very liberal.

And so these guys all got together and started a Presbyterian church called the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Which is a growing denomination in America which is a reaction against the liberalism an anti-biblicalism that is going through a lot of the mainstream portions of the Presbyterian Church.

I was with a group of guys that were Anglicans. Oh, my goodness. Anglicans, the Church of England. I mean, these guys they are pluralistic in every sense. The archbishop is saying hey whatever you believe is going to get you to heaven. Jesus is OK, but if you don’t believe that you’re gonna be fine. And I thought Anglicans and these guys said oh no, we think that’s heresy.

There is an extremely conservative movement going across Anglican churches in America. Tim and I actually did a film in an Anglican church in Philadelphia recently. I literally expected it to be liberal ones.

They are very clear. No, we’re traditional marriage, we believe with the Bible. We stand with the Bible, and I’m just finding all these what we call mainstream denominational branch churches that are trying to come back to faith in the Bible and so that’s a great piece you read a wreck on that aspect of Methodism that’s not going United Methodist. That appears to be a growing trend across America, which is really healthy for the church.

We Have More Good News For Your In Our Archive Section


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