Science Proves Bible Right:  Scientific discoveries on bone regrowth, stem cell research, and abortion confirm the Bible.  Hear good news articles from across the nation that you may not have seen in the media!

Air Date: 01/13/2017

Guests: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Transcription note:  As a courtesy for our listeners’ enjoyment, we are providing a transcription of this podcast.  However, as this is transcribed from a live talk show, words and sentence structure were not altered to fit grammatical, written norms in order to preserve the integrity of the actual dialogue between the speakers.  Additionally, names may be misspelled because of the difficulty in understanding the speaker at times. We apologize in advance.

Welcome To Good News Friday


Welcome to the intersection of faith in the culture this is WallBuilders Live! We’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture all from a  Biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton. He’s America’s premiere historian and WallBuilders founder and president, Tim Barton national speaker and pastor, and my name is Rick Green I’m a former Texas state rep. You can find out more about us at our website and We’re a pro-family organization presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes with an emphasis on our religious moral and constitutional heritage.

We set aside our Fridays for one particular thing is to share some good news with you because a lot of great things are happening in our culture.  Sometimes you only hear the bad news. A lot of the great stuff major media doesn’t cover it all. So David and Tim both have stacks of good news they’ve been collecting over the last few weeks. They’re going to share it with us today. David, Tim, share with us some good news!


I’m going to start with the beginning of the Bible. I am going to go to Genesis 1.  You have Adam that is created by God and then Eve is created. And you remember how God created Eve from Adam.  Remember what happened?


From the rib. Adam goes to sleep.  God takes a rib, and then Eve is from man.


And that’s why guys have one less rib than women, right?


I’ve never counted it.  But I’ll take your word for it.


Actually, that’s something that is said all the time but it is not true. Both men and women have 12 sets of ribs. That’s just the way it is. But God takes a rib from Adam.  So why isn”€™t he one rib short? Any idea why Adam is not one rib short?


Maybe he grew it back.

The Rib Is the Only Part of the Human Body That Regrows Itself


He grew it back. Yeah, a new study out pointing out the fact that that is the only part of the human body that regrows itself. If you take a rib out, it will grow a new rib.




And so now they are taking ribs out of the human body to rebuild eye sockets, jaw bones, and etc. So when they take the rib out the rib regrows. It”€™s the only part of the body that regenerates itself that we know of right now.  So God takes it from Adam.  No big deal it just regrows.


So our ribs are like starfish. You take an arm off and it grows right back.


Right. Yeah. So I find that fairly amazing that now 5,500 years after after Adam and Eve we figured out, “€œHey, maybe God knows what he was doing when he took a rib.”€


Wow!  That”€™s incredible.


That’s amazing! Yeah, I had not heard that. But now they’re using it to do great scientific medical miracles.


Yeah, I mean eye sockets and jaw bones. Amazing. And you know they said, “€œHey this opens up the possibility that there may be regeneration possible other parts of the body that we don’t know about.”€ But I mean 5,500 years and we now find out that that’s the part of the body that regrows itself is the rib.

Proof For The Bible Found In Science


All right ! So that’s good news just from the standpoint of the Bible once again being proven right by science. We could do multiple programs on that David. In fact, we had Ray Comfort on our programs about that.  About all the different times science has proved the Bible right.


That’s one of the things we’re doing on Good News Friday, anyway. Seems like every week or two we have new scientific studies out the do nothing but prove the Bible to be right.

They keep saying, “€œYou Christians are anti-science. Science and Bible are incompatible.”€ My gosh!  Guys you keep having to change your science to match up with what the Bible says. How is it incompatible?


And one of the things to that end we’ve done the last couple of years in our presentation is talking about a scientific hero whose name is Matthew Maury, the Pathfinder of the Seas. He discovered that there are ocean currents.  And if you get on certain currents you can make up time going across the ocean and cross seas.  He’s the guy that was the first naval meteorologist.   He could do things, helping ships–


Predict the weather–


Know what weather was coming, and that there were circuits in the wind. One of the interesting things he said though is as part of the reason he was able to make these discoveries is he was actually reading his Bible.  Ae saw what the Bible said and he said, “€œWell this is what the Bible says so this must be true.”€ Well, people begin to criticize him saying, “€œ Wait a second you can’t base science on the Bible.”€

The Bible Is Proven Yet Again To Be True

He wrote a letter.  We use part of his excerpt from the letter.  And actually we probably can even make that available on the website for people to go in and read part of this if they want to. But what he says in the letter is, “€œIf science in the Bible ever disagree rely on it.  The fault is not with the Bible or God’s records but it’s with the worm (meaning sinful man who attempts to interpret evidence he does not understand.)  Any time the Bible and science contradict you just need to know it’s not the Bible that’s at fault. It’s people that don’t understand what they’re talking about.”€

And so this is something that we used to understand very well is not just that the Bible confirms what we see in the world around us but that if any time there’s a contradiction and we need to trust in what the Bible says and not just what some modern scientist is telling us.  

But this is yet again, a point in case where the Bible is being affirmed even though people, probably for generations, have argued, “€œOh it’s so stupid. Why does Adam not have one less rib then?”€  Well, science is now telling us why. He doesn”€™t have one less rib because the Bible, yet again, is proven to be true.


Well, the other thing is backing up even two generations in front of Matthew Maury, you have Thomas Paine. No one is going to dispute that Thomas Paine may be the least religious Founding Father that we have.  He”€™s certainly in the top five, if not the least. He wrote the Age of Reason to attack those who believe in Christianity and the Bible. And yet in 1793 he wrote this long scathing piece to educators and folks in France saying, “€œYou guys aren’t teaching creation science. What are you thinking?”€

The Age of Reason

And his great line is, “€œMen cannot invent principles of science.  They can only discover what the Creator is made.”€ So his point is you can’t invent science. All you can do is discover what God Himself has put there. He made the laws of nature and of science.

So Paine though anti-religious he is not anti-theistic.  He actually wrote The Age of Reason because what had happened was people in France he thought were becoming too secular. So The Age of Reason,  even though it attacked Christianity and the Bible it was to promote God and it was to say, “€œ Hey France don’t become secular.”€

Well here he is telling the French, you guys are nuts for not teaching creation science because God is the one who created all the principles. Science is supposed to discover God’s principles and that’s really what we get to show in Good News Fridays is that so often scientists are discovering God’s principles and not creating new principles.  they’re just confirming what God has already created in principles.


Stay with us, folks.  We are gonna take a quick break. We will have more good news when we return on WallBuilders Live.

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After the Fact Good News


We’re back on WallBuilders Live Good News Friday.  Today we’ve been sharing some good news with you already. I don’t know if we’re headed to a different part of the country or a different topic but just knowing that science is once again proving the Bible right was enough good news for me today.  So everything else is a bonus. What’s next?


We are going to Washington, D.C.  And this is a good news, after the fact. This is a situation that happened several years ago but it’s a case that has proceeded forward and we finally got a good decision in this case and hence the good news aspect of it.

Back in 2005-2006 there was a U.S. Army soldier.  His last name is Corrigan.  And he was in over in Iraq, over in Fallujah training soldiers. When he returned home he went to his apartment and it”€™s in a quiet corner of Washington D.C.   

And while he was there, he was suffering from PTSD.  So he intended to call a a hotline that was designed to help guys with PTSD, a counseling hotline. Instead, he accidentally called the suicide hotline.  And when he asked for help they try to get a little information.  So he says, “€œWell, I’m a veteran.  I have PTSD.”€ And they said, “€œWell do you own a gun?”€   He replied, “€œI own several guns.”€


Uh Oh.  And he’s in Washington, D.C.? Oh no.

The Police Show Up


Well, not just that.  Now he’s a veteran with PTSD and he owns guns. And this is all recorded.  So the volunteer is heard saying, “€œPut the gun down.”€

And he says, “€œI don’t have any on me.”€

“€œPut the gun down you can’t have any guns near you!  Put it down!  Walk away from the guns!”€

“€œDon’t have guns.”€

And so the volunteer is just going off on these guns and he is saying, “€œ  don’t have the gun. They’re in a safe place. And really, they’re out in the safe.”€

Well, the volunteer next asked if he is going to hurt himself.  “€œAre you going to kill yourself or anyone else?”€  And he says, “€œ No.”€   

Well, he gets frustrated with this line of questioning.  So he hangs up the phone. Well, the suicide hotline person calls the police says, “€œHey we’ve got this situation.”€

This was 11:13 is when the hotline calls the police.  And they call reporting an attempted suicide which he did not do. Well, the police show up to the block.  They barricade off the block.  They evacuate every family member out of every home.  At 4 a.m. once every family is evacuated, the blocks been cleared, they go and they knock on his door.  And he comes to the door thinking, “€œWhat in the world is going on?”€

“€œHey, we got this call.  You’re trying to attempt suicide. We heard you have guns.”€

And he is really taken aback doesn’t know what’s going on. And the officer says, “€œCan we come in and search your premises?”€   And he says, “€œ No.”€œ

An officer says, “€œ You know what. It doesn’t matter.”€ And–


Did he really?

The SWAT Violated the 4th Amendment


And really in this case, had the hotline been correct.  Had been an attempted suicide.  That does give them probable cause to enter the scene knowing that he does have guns. So this first scenario at this point, even though there’s been terrible communication, this hotline worker should be penalize if not fired for so much negligence.

Nonetheless, police go in against his permission.  So violating that Fourth Amendment, they go in, search the house.  They don’t find anything in the house.  So they leave several hours later. Well, that next morning he checks himself into a hospital-


Now he really has PTSD at this point.


That”€™s right. Your home has just been busted in and violated.  You know SWAT gear, all these people-


Here comes SWAT guys.   “€œWe’re gonna shoot you if you don’t stop committing suicide.”€ I mean, what is this?  Come at this guy with guns?


So now he goes and checks himself into a hospital. Well, when he leaves the house the police return.  The house is locked.  And now they kick down the door. Nobody’s home. But now for sure they don’t have- they already searched the house. They don’t have probable cause to return.  He’s not there.  They don’t have permission.  So they for sure violated.

They went through and ransacked the house. They dumped out every drawer on the floor.  They went through every bag dumped it out on the floor.

So when he came home his stuff was all over everywhere.  And he found out the police had done it. So he got a lawyer and went to court trying to figure out what he could do to protect his privacy, to get them to repair some of the stuff they had broken, and things they had damaged.

Hope In the Midst Of All This PTSD Abuse

At first the judge says, “€œNo, they have the right to do this.”€ Well, finally a judge in Washington, D.C., and this was a two to one decision, but the judge’s decision was Judge Judith Rogers. She is the one that delivered 2 to 1 majority decision that says, “€œHe does have the right to more or less press for injury in this.”€

So they have reversed the decision in the lower court awarding it to him.  Recognizing that even if the first time the police officers arrived and went in, you might could argue they had probable cause. The second time they for sure violated his Fourth Amendment right. So he does have a case.  He can go against him

But it is really good news in the midst of a Constitution that’s been trampled on the last 8-12 years, whatever it is.  And really we could argue 20 or 30 years you know and go back a long way at some early Supreme Courts or earlier.  Anyway, that we now have a judge who is saying, “€œ Wait a second. No there is a Fourth Amendment and we are going to respect this individual’s right.”€ And so finally this soldier looks like he might get a little justice in the midst of so much of this PTSD abuse he’s been receiving over the last couple of years.

Taxpayers Pay For This Stupidity


You know, that’s an unbelievable story.  Because now you having to take on the government itself. And they don’t pay their attorneys by the hour. They pay them by the wheelbarrow loads.  As long as they’re there they’re going to keep getting paid.

So here’s a guy who has to go out and get private attorneys to be able to come against the government itself. This is the kind of tyranny that you didn’t want to see because when they come in a second time and bust and tear it up they don’t feel like they’re accountable to him for anything. So trying to hold the government accountable is very expensive for him.  I hope he got a lot of legal fees paid. But then on the other hand that means that my taxes will go up because of the stupidity of these guys.  It’s really taxpayer funding that funds the stupidity. And if the court gave him legal fees then that means it”€™s coming out of my pocket.   Anyway you look at this, this is a bad situation all the way around.


It is certainly bad for constitutional ignorance on a lot of levels. Because one of the positive things we”€™ve seen is where police officers talked about,  “€œI’m not going to confiscate guns from people because that’s unconstitutional.”€ And you had police officers that knew what was constitutional and what wasn’t. We’ve had sheriffs that have taken a stand knowing it was constitutional and what wasn’t. Well this is a situation where not only did you have lawyers and judges not know what”€™s constitutional, police officers didn’t know it was constitutional.

So this is a bad on a lot of level. People just not knowing what the Constitution says. But the good news is we had a judge come in and recognize, “€œWait a second, no, the Fourth Amendment does protect the home from a search without this this warrant that the officers did not have in this scenario.


Here you’ve got a guy that defended us, defended our nation.  We should be defending, protecting, and supporting him. Instead our government is attacking him and harassing him. So great news.  He”€™s finally going to get justice like you said.

We”€™ve got to take a quick break.  We”€™ll have more good news when we return. Stay with us on WallBuilders Live!

Constitution Alive


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Embryonic Stem Cell Treatments


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live Good News Friday today and David Barton is about to share some more good news. David?


I”€™ve got some more! It deals with science and the Bible again. You know we’ve talked often about pro-life type of issues, not the least of which is stem cell research. You have embryonic stem cell where you have to kill a living child.  And you have to take those stem cells, to kill a living baby in the mother’s womb.  And yes, I call “€œwithin the womb”€ a child. I mean it’s not a kernel of corn.  It’s not a baby well.  That’s a child.  So you have to kill that child living in the mother’s womb in order to get embryonic stem cell.

ZERO Successful Embryo Stem Cell Treatments

When you have adult stem cell research it’s not really adult.  I just means they’re outside the womb. It can be two seconds after the child is born, dead from the umbilical cord.  And you take the stem cells from the placenta cord blood.

So adult stem cells simply means it is research done with tissue from those that are alive and embryonic means you have to kill to get the tissues. So that’s the that’s the big difference between it.

Now we point out how many new treatments there are for adult stem cell but none for embryonic stem cell.  So at this point in time you look at where we are now.  And they’ve been doing embryonic stem cell research probably for 50 years. Do you know how many embryonic stem cell treatments occurred last year? How many patients got successful embryonic stem cell treatments last year?  Any guess?


I am guessing not many or none.


None. How many got successful adult stem cell treatments last year?

60,000 Successful Adult Stem Cell Treatments


I’m guessing a lot.  Hundreds?


Sixty thousand. Sixty thousand successful adult stem cells last year.  Zero successful embryonic stem cells. Golly!  Why does science keep pursuing the zero and objecting to the the adult stem cell?

Interestingly, you remember back a number of years ago there was an initiative when this was really hot.  I think it was about 10 years ago.  California passed an initiative where that with public funding California said, “€œWe support embryonic stem cell research.”€

So by taxpayer funding the people themselves voted to give three billion dollars of state funds to fund embryonic stem cell research and fund initiatives. So that three billion is still being spent and guess what? In California, they’re now giving the grants to adult stem cell research not embryonic stem cell researchers.  Because even they’ve concluded that embryonic stem cell research is not showing promise and is not working.

So, even in California that money that was dedicated for embryonic stem cell is now being used for adult stem cell. So another case where the Bible is right. Bible’s real clear you don’t mess with life or take life inside the womb. If you observe that line of demarcation that God is made where life begins then you get the right results.  And scientifically that’s what we’re seeing.

So great study on that! Now one more to go with that since this is kind of science day. There’s a meme running around out there that says, “€œAn unborn baby can send its own stem cells to its mother to repair her damaged organs.”€ True or not?

Can An Unborn Baby Send It”€™s Stem Cells To the Mother


That”€™s an interesting thought.  Certainly, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities.  But I would not have thought of that.


Well, Snopes got into it and said, “€œIt”€™s true.”€ They went into it and looked at the research and said, “€œYou know, the science behind this claim is actually fairly solid.”€


Wow!  Wow!


That’s what they say. And as it turns out when you look at the science a baby’s cells can stay inside the mother for 27 years after the baby is born. Twenty seven years after the baby is born.

In a 2015 study in circulation research they pointed out that those those fetal stem cells from the child inside the mother help in healing maternal organs.

Science Proves Bible Right

And so here”€™s another thing.  I mean, my gosh, you know here’s here’s another thing about God’s system of protecting life.  If you do protect life it’s good. Because we’ve already seen that those that have abortions have what is 626% higher chance of breast cancer.  And then all the depression, all the other stuff that goes with it, the higher health risk, etc. And so here we’re saying, “€œIf you carry a baby through and don’t kill that baby it actually helps your body.”€ Guess what. There’s now science that approves that’s absolutely right!


This could have been our Science Proves the Bible Right program today. I know Tim, you’ve got one more good news for us.

We’ve got to take one more break.  We’ll come back to Tim with good news when we return on WallBuilders Live.

Bring A Speaker To Your Area


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American History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Today numerous court decisions demonstrate that there’s often a conflict between the courts, the law, and religion. Has this conflict always existed?  Not according to James Wilson. James Wilson was a signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He was a law professor as well as an original justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

James Wilson saw no conflict between religion and the law. In fact, just the contrary he declared, “€œHuman law must rest its authority ultimately upon the authority of that law which is divine. Far from being rivals or enemies, religion and law are twin sisters friends and mutual assistance. Indeed these two sciences run into each other in the views of Founding Father James Wilson religion and good civil law were inseparable.

For more information on God’s Hand in American History contact wall builders at 1 800 8 REBUILD.


Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Our final segment today and a little bit more good news, Tim.


This one comes out of Texas and it seems appropriate that we-


Stop, that”€™s all you need to say. That’s all. Texas, good news.  End of story.  That’s it.

The Book You”€™re Required To Receive Before Getting An Abortion


Well, the perhaps the last bastion of hope and freedom, something positive that we can point to. But in Texas something related to the issue of life, state health officials have released a new booklet.  And really it’s a revised booklet.  It”€™s called “€œA Woman’s Right to Know.”€

And this is actually a mandate that every abortion facility, abortion provider, is required to 24 hours before an effective abortion to give this to the woman who wants to have an abortion. So at least 24 hours in advance this woman has to have this book in her hands.

Well, one of the things this book does is it talks about the risk of developing breast cancer, the possible risks of abortion, and the harms associated to the female body. If you have an abortion these are the consequences of side effects that could happen in your body because your body does not receive this abortion well. Of course abortion clinics and these different pro-choice people are furious and irate about it.


And they call us anti-science.

629% Higher Risk of Breast Cancer If You Abort


Yeah. So one of the things they say is, “€œWait a second, those studies have been debunked.”€ So there’s a lot of talk and steam has come out about this.

Well, Dr. Angela LanFranchi is a breast cancer surgeon and researcher in New Jersey. She identifies there are 34 statistically significant studies worldwide that support the link between abortion and increased breast cancer risk. So you have the breast cancer doctor who points to 34 different scientific studies saying, “€œNo this is actually true.”€

If you have an abortion you are more likely to have breast cancer and then there’s several risks associated whether it’s future pregnancies, etc. But this is now something in the state of Texas we require every body who’s going to have an abortion and every abortion provider, that they are required to give this booklet talking about the possible side effects and dangers of abortion before they have an abortion.  That’s really good news.


Very good news and a great way to end our program today! There’s more good news on our  website at Click on the archives section there.  You go back to those former Friday programs. Thanks for listening to WallBuilders Live!