U.S. Marshals Searching For Sex Trafficked Children And More – U.S. Marshals are active in the search for sex trafficked children, and many have been rescued. Tune in to hear about their operations and for more good news!

Air Date: 10/23/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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It’s Good News Friday today, so that means we’re going to dive into a lot of good news. I know sometimes you feel like there’s not any good news happening out there, depends on your particular echo chamber and who you’re listening to and what you’re watching. But most people tell us they love these Friday programs because it gives you a chance to hear some good news that’s happening out there in the culture. Alright, let’s dive into that good news, David’s got our first piece of good news for the day. David Barton.


Some of this is kind of piling on to good news that we’ve had in previous sessions, but I’m going to keep going with it. One of the things, for example, we talked about was the fact that Trump has been nominated by three different countries for the Nobel Peace Prize because of what’s happened with the Middle East. And so we pointed out it wasn’t just the Middle East, it’s what happened with Kosovo as well and the Serbs, it’s what’s happened with Japan and North Korea, he just helped make peace in several regions of the world.

But with what’s gone on in the Middle East, here’s an article saying that looks like another 7-9 Arab countries are expected to make peace with Israel. So this thing is really spreading. It’s really expanding. As I was reading the articles, it says that it’s becoming almost the thing to do in that part of the world, because he’s so changed the paradigm, he’s so changed the narrative.

Now, the Palestinian Authority has come out condemning those nations that are making peace with Israel. So now they’re putting themselves against the people who have been their own supporters, which really even shows how much more extreme they are. But nonetheless, here’s an article with Trump saying that it looks like 7-9 more countries are lined up to make peace with Israel.

And we also talked about how that early on in the Coronavirus stuff, we were taking so many suits and lawsuits in the court. And it was largely with state Judges, and we want a lot of them, but we lost a lot of them. And it took us a lot longer than expected, but some of these cases are now getting to the federal court level. And at the federal court level, we’re seeing the federal courts really stand up well for the Constitution. They’re not letting the governors over-expand their reach, they’re really pulling some things back. And they’re saying the legislative authority is really the most important.

And by the way, under the Federalist Papers, when the founders laid it out and said, here’s what the Constitution is all about, they did not give three co-equal branches. They said that the legislative authority predominates, that was their word, and the weakest of all was the judiciary, which leaves the president in the middle or the executive. So they intended that the legislative branch be the one with the most power by far because it’s the one most accountable the people with the regular elections.

And so as governors have stepped up, they’ve cut the legislature out of the process. They’ve not let the legislators have a say and the governors declared an emergency and hadn’t called the legislators back in the session, doesn’t ask them for input. For example, we’ve been told here in Texas that our own governor has now spent more than $1 billion without any input from the legislature and it’s a principle of republican government. It’s in State Constitutions, it’s in the Federal Constitution, that spending has to originate in the House of Representatives. And so we’re seeing these things kind of set aside and ignored. And we’re seeing federal courts start to step in and pull things back in a constitutional direction.

And so I’ve got here an article on a federal Judge rules Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Coronavirus restrictions are unconstitutional. So that’s another one. I’ve seen now four of these articles were federal Judges have started ruling in the last two to three weeks, and so they’re headed back in the right direction, which is really good. And then Tim over recent weeks has had so many prolife articles and so many prolife things going on. Well, here’s another aspect of that. This article says “A record number of prolife women are running for Congress. So while all the focus intention is as it should be primarily on the ballot race to the President, don’t forget down ballot races and don’t forget to look at the people that are running for office down the ballot. And we have an opportunity to help move things definitely toward a better culture of life with all these prolife women that are running.

So remember that as we go to the ballot, and people are already voting now, I think we have about 16% of the nation or estimated electorate, about 16% have already voted. But if you haven’t voted yet, remember to look down the ballot, go all the way down as far as you can, get information on all those levels. At WallBuilders, we have a website called Christianvoterguide.com, it will link you to voters guides, States across the United States and help you know how to vote down ballot. But it’s good news that we have good prolife folks running the all levels of government.


Lots of good news there. Tim’s got the next piece of good news, but we’re going to grab a quick break. We’ll be right back, guys. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live and it’s Good News Friday.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. The Reverend James Caldwell was a famous minister during the American war for independence. His sermons taught liberty and God’s opposition to tyranny. The British hated him and tried to kill him. So for his own protection, he would actually take loaded pistols with him into the pulpit and lay them beside his Bible as he preached.

In the 1780 Battle of Springfield, the Americans ran out of wadding for their guns, which was like having no ammunition. Pastor Caldwell ran inside a nearby church and returned with an arm load of Watts’s hymnals, the pages of which would provide the much needed wadding. He took this great Bible based hymnal, raised it in the air and shouted to the troops; “now put watts into them, boys”. This pastor’s ingenuity saved the day for the Americans. For more information on Pastor James Caldwell and other colonial patriots, go to wallbuilders.com.


We’re back from WallBuilders Live, Good News Friday today and this segment is Tim Barton. Tim, what’s our first piece of good news from you?


Alright guys, I got a couple I’m going to cover this segment. And as we have I’ve mentioned just in the last segment, Governor Abbott is a little bit on the hook in our minds. For as much as we’ve appreciated some things he’s done in his term as governor, there definitely been some things in the midst of Coronavirus that have not been finer moments for him, where we would argue he’s violated State Constitution, he’s violated some basic principles of what America was founded on, whether it be with some of these unconstitutional mandates with masks, some of the lockdowns kind of down the list.

Dad, you mentioned some of the spending habits where you spent this exorbitant amount of money without consulting anybody else who are elected officials. And according to State Constitution, and even the principles of the Federal Constitution, the principles of our nation is the people they’re supposed to propose all the legislative items that deal with the budget, is supposed to come from the house. Those are the people that are the most directly accountable to the people, anyway, he hasn’t done a great job with that.

But here’s an area where on a Good News Friday, I’m going to tell you that this is good news. He is a governor who has done a really good job in an area. And one of the areas that is definitely worthy of note is he came out with a legislative proposal and this is again waiting for legislature to get back in session, nonetheless, a great proposal that there needs to be harsher penalties for any rioters that damage any property, that deface any monument or statue. And he came out with some suggestions about ideas of fines or jail time or the minimum of what you are looking at.

And one of the things we saw even with President Trump, when President Trump came out and said, hey, if anybody tears down in these statues on any federal property, if you mess with federal statues, federal property, we’re coming after you the full extent of the law, all of a sudden, those statues are not really being torn down on federal property anymore. Because when somebody stands up and says, we’re not doing that anymore, when you have a leader, it can put a stop to some of this bad behavior.

And this is a moment when Governor Abbott even though this hasn’t even come into effect yet it’s just a proposal, but it’s something I certainly believe the legislature will take up, this will get passed. And at least just the acknowledgement of this is something that probably can help corral some of the crazy thoughts and ideas. And again, some of this is subject to the leadership from Mayors in different areas.

But this is a moment when it was just nice to see Governor Abbott stand up and say, hey, we’re not going to do that in Texas. We’re going to be different in Texas, and we’re going to let people destroy somebody else’s property, tear down monuments or whatever the case is. So that is a piece of good news from Governor Abbott in the midst of some of our frustrations with some of his other responses in the midst of Coronavirus. That was a good response.

Another piece of good news is going outside of the nation over to Poland, and one of the things that we’ve had a very unique opportunity to do, WallBuilders, we’ve been able to go to Poland several times over the last couple of years, we’ve actually gone with some different congressmen and met some different political leaders of pretty high up office over in Poland.

Well, one of the guys, who is a really unique guy over in Poland is actually the president of Poland. And I cannot pronounce his name, so I’m just going to give you some initials. His first name, it starts with an A and his last name starts with a D, so I’m just calling president AD, because literally, I have no idea how to pronounce this name. It’s very possible. I met him in the last couple of years. But I’m sure I said, Mr. President, nice to meet you because I have no idea how to pronounce that name.

But one of the cool things about this guy is over in Poland, they are a very devout and religious nation. I think, I saw some data that said they were roughly 97% Catholic, and very faithful, very devout. They believe in God. They’re very prolife. They are pro-marriage.


Yeah. When you hear that, don’t think of prominent Catholics in the news like Biden and Pelosi, these are really God-fearing, Bible-centered, just solid Catholics who believe biblical orthodox.


So one of the cool things that happened in America recently was when Vice President Mike Pence showed up at the March for Life, he spoke at the March for Life and there were a lot of notable leaders who were there; well, over in Poland, they had a March for Life, it was their 15th annual March for Life. And President AD, who was 48 years old, showed up at the March for Life and it was a March for Life and family, which seems very significant. Because if you are prolife, it’s because you are a pro-family, right?

One of the ironies when people talk about how Planned Parenthood is planning for Parenthood, no, no, you’re planning to not be a parent. That’s what abortion does. Right? This isn’t family planning if you’re having an abortion, this is not family planning. And that’s what an abortion is. If you are prolife, you are pro-family, those two things flow together.

So he shows up, he marches in this prolife March, or the March for Life and Family. What is so awesome to me and even part of this good news, I think takes us to even the next level is as he goes to march for this March for Life, he’s joined by other major leaders in the nation, the superintendent of schools for one of the big regions in Poland is there because where the march is. So the leader of all of the public schools for that region is their marching.

But also, his political rival that ran against him, for the presidency showed up and marched with him in the parade for life and family. And that’s something that we’re praying for the day when we have whether it’s if the two parties that time are still Republican and Democrat parties, that the leaders of both parties are showing up for the prolife movement saying look, we might have a lot of political disagreements, one thing we agree on is life and family. And this is just a cool piece of good news from around the world, where even though we’re seeing a lot of chaos, a lot of frustration disturbance in the nation today, there’s still great things happening around the world. And seeing political rivals being able to unite around this value of life and the importance of family is a really cool message coming out of Poland.


So many pieces of good news, not just in the US, but around the world, so excellent. Good stuff, guys, quick break. We’ll be right back, David Barton’s got the next piece of good news. Hope you’re enjoying Good News Friday. We’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live, Good News Friday today and David Barton’s got our next

piece of good news. Dave.


We’ve talked from time to time about the 1619 project, we’ve noted that it is kind of really…


Wait David, I said good news, good news…


It’s coming, bro.


You’re talking about 1619 projects. Okay. Alright.


Yeah, as you know, 1619 project, on its face is not good news. And that’s why even some of the people who have created at the beginning said no, no, we can’t be part of this because you’ve really twisted history, you’re trying to rewrite history. You’ve imputed wrong motives to so much of history that wasn’t there and you’ve made this the only filter through which you see history. And this is a rewriting. So even liberal historians, even those who’d be sympathetic to the Left have come out and said this is bad stuff.

And it’s interesting that as you’ve seen the protests go on, even in recent weeks, even with Portland has had another rash of these kind of protests and attacks and Columbus Day saw protests across the country as well, you see these statues coming down. And it’s interesting that painted on the statues, it has 1619 and BLM that that’s common on many these statues that have come down.

And so as people are seeing this that wait a minute, BLM, when you guys came out, I thought this was about racial equality and I can support that, and I can help fight for that. But tearing down the stuff and saying that America was founded on impure motives from the very beginning, I can’t go with that. So what’s happened is, over the last few months, the support for BLM has dropped some 18% in polling as people have watched the violence that’s gone with it. I’ve even talked to a number of black Americans say, look, we’re in on the racial equality issue, but we’re not going to be associated with BLM anymore.

And so on that side where they’ve really kind of become radical and expose themselves as radical and we’ve seen even what they’ve said about the training they received. Tim’s mentioned, the fact that they’ve received Max’s training, and they openly acknowledge that.

So with all this going on, it’s kind of been exposed, it’s really not a great organization. And President Trump has actually come out now executive order type stuff, saying, hey, what we’re going to do is in the Federal Department of Education, if you are teaching the 1619 project in your schools, then you’re not going to be eligible for federal funds.

Now, he does not have any right to go down and say what the curriculum is in any school, but because it involves federal funds, he does have a right to say, if you’re going to do this thing that is really attacking America, that is really trying to undermine American and create instability and riots and etc, we’re not going to fund you with federal dollars. That’s a good thing to do. And that’s really pretty a bold step. Because in many ways, on the media on the Left, they would call this an attack on race, which is not, it’s an attack on violence. And again, so many of those that support equality are not supporting BLM any longer because of where they’ve gone. So that’s a really bold step on his part.

Which I think and by the way, if you’ve been seeing recently that one of the founders of BLM and one of the ones who’s openly acknowledged their connection with these wrong movements, not surprisingly, the left has gone after that individual person. So Warner Brothers has said, hey, for our movie that’s coming out, we’ve now hired her as a consultant and she’ll help us get the right message in our movies, etc. So you can look for this thing to even be a little more left leaning in Hollywood, if that’s possible. But certainly on this issue, that’s headed the wrong direction. But again, Trump has kind of drawn a good line, and it helps schools have an incentive not to teach bad history.

The other thing I’d point to, and I think Tim covered some of this even several weeks ago, but we’ve seen an increasing number of articles coming out where that the US Marshals are actively looking for missing children. And so many of those missing children had ended up in sex exploitation ring, sex slavery, etc, and so they’ve gotten really aggressive and going after this. And so here’s one article, it says “US Marshals find 39 missing children in Georgia during “Operation Not Forgotten”. Here’s another one that says “8 Missing Indiana Children Found in Federal Sweep”. And so this is a real nice focus of the administration and Attorney General Barr to get law enforcement focused on going after these vulnerable kids, getting the sex trafficking industry stopped as much as possible in America and trying to return these kids back to their families.

So good news from the federal government and doing some good things and trying to really reconnect kids back to their families, reunite those families and stop the sex slavery trade in America.


Alright, guys, we got time for one more segment of good news. We’re going to take a quick break, we’ll be right back. Folks, there’s more good news on our website, just visit wallbuilderslive.com. There’s a little archive button over in the right hand side of the page, you can click in the archives and scroll through and pick up some more of those Friday programs. People love these Good News Friday programs. Tell us about it all the time, what a good pick me it is to everybody, so we love bringing it to you. One more segment of good news, we’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live, it’s Good News Friday today, and this is our last segment. I hate running out of time, guys. I know you have more good news for us and I have to wait until next Friday to get the rest. So Tim, you got to really, really be picky, choosy here, man. What’s our last piece of good news you’re going to send us out on?


Yes, I’ve already picked two and one of them because it follows up, dad, with what you were mentioning with some of the US Marshals operations. Interestingly, top of my stack, I had one that was dealing with an operations in New Orleans. And we have grown up enjoying some of the NCIS kind of shows, the crime scene investigation kind of stuff and those are some of the shows that we enjoy.

And so seeing some of these operations, actually kind of the on paper, the real thing happening is just remarkable. This headline says that 11 endangered or missing children in New Orleans operation were rescued by US Marshals in a detail some of what happened. And as you go through the article, it highlights, the US Marshals have been doing operations in Ohio and Oklahoma City and Indianapolis and Georgia, and now in New Orleans, and there’s been a whole string of these operations they’ve been doing. And they’ve been trying to rescue children that were endangered or missing.

And so some of these kids might have run away, some of these kids might have been kidnapped, some of these kids, right, whatever the case was parents, terrible parents dropped them off and left them somewhere abandoned, as the case was. And so the US Marshal is going to try to help rescue these kids and oftentimes find them in very, very bad situations where there’s levels of abuse and the danger these kids have gone through.

And so these US Marshals and some of these sting operations, there are criminals and gangs, kind of this mastermind operation going on. And so they’ll go in, and they will bust several adults, some of them who actually have warrants out for first degree murder and for drugs, and you can kind of go down the list. These are really bad people.

But it’s really cool to see that the US Marshals are going and rescuing and they actually have joined forces with several other units. There is a listing even in this article of things like the Nashville Police Force and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI and a list several tasks units that were a part of this project of rescuing. Nonetheless, really great news that kids that have been in really despicable situations are being rescued. And I know for many in those situations, they’ve had friends and family and parents and grandparents that were probably praying for them. And this certainly would seem like an answer to prayer in many situations.

The last piece of good news, as we only have a few minutes left is something that is just kind of silly and remarkable to me. Rick, I know that your oldest son, Trey graduated from college at a pretty young age. How old was he when he graduated college?




  1. Right. So that’s super impressive to me. I started college at 17, I didn’t graduate at 17. So that 17 is impressive and that’s actually like thinking back in the founding father era of when they were finishing school. Well, here’s a kid who definitely seems to be that founding era generation. This kid’s name is Ian Taylor Schlitz, hopefully, I’m pronouncing that right. He is from Texas, and actually the Keller area of Texas. He graduated from college when he was 14 years old. He started college when he was 12, and he actually says that I’m really grateful that my parents allowed me to do this.

You know, Excel, is what he was grateful for. His parents pulled him out of public school when he was 8 years old because he just was being slowed down by the process. And they said, no, we want to pull you out and we want to challenge you and we want to encourage you. So they pulled him out. They’re encouraging him. One of the cool things about this story is when he actually ends up going to Tarrant County College, and this is where he starts at 12 years old. His sister was already there and so he joined the sister and she’s able to help them navigate the campus and he said, I just felt like I was right at home the first time I got there.

Well, his sister Haley, became the youngest person ever admitted to SMU’s School of Law; at 16 years old, she’s in law school. So one of the things I’m just going to tell you is as much as we can look at some of the broken education system we have in America and we can look at people in the midst of coming up to an election and some of these voters and go man, we have so many dumb people in America. Well, there are a lot of people in America that are very misinformed and uneducated. But I’m going to tell you, there are some very impressive people, and Ian and Haley are to those very impressive people. So kudos to them as being incredible young people already accomplishing so much at 12, 14, 16 years old.


Well, there is more good news at our website, wallbuilderslive.com. You can jump in the archive section and get all the good news that you want right there at wallbuilderslive.com. That is also the place to make that donation, that contribution; we appreciate you thinking about that, maybe doing a one-time contribution right now at this critical time in our history. Or perhaps you’d select to sign up to be one of our monthly donors; we would appreciate that as well.

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