Socialists Are Destroying California – With Bob McEwen: In History, we see that kings often created laws and exempted themselves. Lately, elitist politicians have been doing the same thing.  Tune in today to hear Bob McEwen explain why it’s important that we keep Adam’s mentality that the Founders “created a government of laws, not of men.”

Air Date: 04/08/2020

Guest: Bob McEwen

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Jonathan Richie


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live and we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy, faith and the culture, always from a biblical, constitutional historical perspective. My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian. Jonathan Richie back in studio with us and later in the program, we’re going to have congressman Bob McEwen. We’re going to be talking about ome of these outlandish socialist policies that have been passed by states that are destroying economies and typically created an elitist group through, you know, for the government and government employees that the rest of us pay for.

And actually, this interview and this program, we recorded a couple of weeks ago because the coronavirus and things changing and all that, we’re just now able to air this particular program. So, it was recorded before the chaos. But it is going to be so onpoint. It’s the exact same thing. You have all these government experts and elected officials that are making you stay at home and destroying your business while it doesn’t affect their paycheck one bit, they get to continue getting paid and awful lot of government employees, school employees and others, getting basically a paid vacation while millions of small businesses are absolutely decimated right now through these overreaching government reactions to the coronavirus.

And as you know, we’ve talked about on the program, we think things should be done. Government has a proper role. It has a function in this. We should intervene in pandemics, but there are balanced, rational responses that would not destroy the economy and we have just gone way overboard and it comes from that mindset of government bureaucrats and politicians tending to think they know better than everyone else.

Mentality of Too Many Politicians

I think what I’ve seen in the in the Tea Party movement 10 years ago and even just the grassroots folks that are involved in the political realm right now. Of all the things that really get them boiling, it’s when politicians pass laws and say, this is best for you, you’re going to live under this. Oh, but it’s not good enough for me, so I’m going to have another plan. Sort of like they did with Obamacare and insurance, a lot of other examples of that. But it’s just that elitist mentality of the politician saying, don’t worry, we’ll take care of you, we’ll tell you what’s best for you, but we get to live under different laws.


I mean, you know, if I was in their position I’m just kidding. Yeah.


We’re not making you king for a day.


Yeah, that you disqualified yourself with that opening statement.


Now, wait a sec, wait a sec. You know, the youth will lead the kingdoms, the Bible says something about that. Right? From the mouth of babes, wisdom reigns. Right?


Yeah, nice try.


I was thinking, Jonathan got killed. Jonathan died, David became king. I don’t know, I just thought that was appropriate.


Well, yeah, no, I mean, this goes back to a principle on the schoolyard. Right? If the teachers being unfair by making me come in from recess, but Tim is over there getting to play for a little bit of extra time, that sure makes me hate Timmy or whoever else it is. So, you know, it’s just

A Double Standard


It really does create dissension. I mean, when you have a double standard and people aren’t treated the same, what you do is you engender bitterness toward that group, whatever group that is. And if you start treating one group specially and the other group you treat just in a different way, it really breaks up the nation. And that’s one of the problems that progressives have, is there always dividing us into groups and having one group get benefits and the other groups don’t get. One group gets protection on hate crime laws, but not everybody gets protection on hate crime laws. And one group gets better tax breaks than everybody else does. And one group, we’re going to penalize more and really hit them, attacks is harder than other groups. When you do that, you really divide the nation into segments and become a bunch of little microcosms, you no longer a unified nation.

And it’s one of the things that, you know, even in the Bible, Jesus said, hey, you see the religious leaders, the Pharisees’ leaders do what they say, don’t do what they do, because they don’t follow their own teachings. Now, they’re teaching the Bible, that’s good. Follow the Bible, do not do what they do. And you don’t like that, people don’t like hypocrisy. They don’t like being treated differently from all others.

Exempted from Obamacare

And so, this is what happened with federal government, particularly. People started rising up, Rick, as you said, Tea Party, you know, 10-15 years ago. I hate the government passing laws on me and exempting themselves from that laws, you know that’s just not right. They ought to live under the laws that they passed. And so, they gave themselves better health care.

They exempted themselves from Obamacare. They gave them set better retirement plans than we could possibly get. And that really started a rise among the people, to get those bumps out of office. And that’s where a lot of term limits came from, was this thing if they’re treating themselves differently than they treat us. And so that’s not a healthy thing. And particularly as you look at the nation, we’ve always believed in equality and we didn’t care whether you’re in office or out of office, everybody should be treated the same. It’s a real problem, has developed in American, and it divides the nation rather than unites the nation.


Well, it comes back to having good people in office that don’t consider themselves better than everybody else and to be treated differently, but also it comes back to our own education about these issues and how the system works, which is what this program is all about. We got to take a quick break, we’ll be right back. Folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

The Founders’ Bible

The Founding Fathers of America made a habit of reading through the Bible once a year. There’s no better source of wisdom and it is applicable to every issue in our lives. What a great time for us as American citizens to take this time, if you’ve got extra time at home now, if you’re quarantine at home and you’re looking for something to do, what better thing could there be to do than to read through the Bible, maybe for the first time in your life?

I tried to make this a habit several years ago, and I had a new tool to start doing that with and it was called the Founders’ Bible. It gave me a chance not only to read through the Bible once a year, but also to learn history while I was doing that. And what I love about the Founders’ Bible is that as I’m reading that scripture, then all of a sudden there’ll be an article inserted right there by that script about what the Founding Fathers learned from that specific verse or chapter and how they applied it to launch our nation. It’s a really fun way to learn. It’s incredibly empowering and it has answers for today. The Bible is full of all the right answers for today. In fact, it’s the only source that has all the right answers.

So, if you haven’t read through the Founders’ Bible, I challenge you and encourage you get a copy of the Founders’ Bible today. It’s available at and we even have a digital version, so you can do this on your phone or iPad or computer. Check out the Founders’ Bible today, make it a part of your regular reading throughout the year. But right now, is a great opportunity to read through the Founders’ Bible. Check it out today at

Politicians Passing Laws They Don’t Live Under


Welcome back to WallBuilders live, thanks for staying with us today looking at everything from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. Our topic of the day is politicians to pass laws that they don’t have to live under, but they force on everybody else. So how about a historical look on this, David, what has it always been that way in the US? 


Well, when you look back History, because we had kings, the kings often exempted themselves or their people from whatever laws they had. So that’s where John Adams, when we finally got the American constitutional republic done, he said that we’ve created a government of laws, not of men. Because King George the third could ignore whatever law he wanted to or exempt himself or his official from it. You have the right to habeas corpus, unless you’re one of my guys. And then, you know, every everything was all goofed up, there were double standards everywhere.

And so, by creating a constitutional republic, they had set forth a uniform law and that’s the cool thing about the Bible. Is I don’t care what station life you are, you’re still bound by moral law such as the 10 Commandments. You don’t say that, well, because I’m mayor of the city, I don’t have to live by the law that says don’t commit adultery or whatever that is, yeah, choose any of the 10. They apply to everyone. So, God’s laws apply universally.

Ten Percent for All

If you’re really poor, if you’re really rich, you still tithe, is 10%. Now, the rich will always pay more than the poor, because 10% of a whole lot is a whole lot more than 10% of nearly nothing. So, if you only make $10 a year, you’re going to pay $1 a year. If you make 10 million a year, you’re going to pay 1 million a year. But everybody’s treated the same. God gave the same standard. And that’s the way America was founded.

The constitution Republic and that statement by John Adams is so good. “A government have laws, not of men.” You can’t just exempt yourself because you want to do something different. And you can’t just say, well, I’m higher than the rest of the people and they need to live under this law, but not me, because I put in so much more service as a congressman, I need to be rewarded different. No, that’s not it.

So, the concept of equality that we got from the Declaration of Independence, all men are created equal and they’re endowed with certain inalienable rights. You don’t get more rights because you’re a congressman or a mayor or a Judge or whatever it is. You get the same amount of rights everybody else does and the same rights everybody else does. That creates really so much more cohesion and stability in a nation, so much more respect for individual, fellow citizens when you see them as equal with you rather than above or different from you. And so that brings a nation of stability and a lot less turmoil.

Washington’s Farewell Address


Yeah, Mr. David and you see that carried through that founding period. Right? You’ve got George Washington’s farewell address, where he talks about how, quote, right, we’re protected by equal laws of a common government. Now, I think Washington in sending out a really important idea, right? We…


That’s a cool quote, read that again. I don’t remember that one. Read them. See, this is why you spent all the time in the library researching. This is good stuff. Read that again.


We’re protected by equal laws of a common government. Right? And it goes back to what you mentioned, of having equal laws, it means we have that unity of a nation. Right? It’s not you against me. It’s we’re all in this thing. Together, we have something in common and that’s our government institutions.

So, if they’re protecting me just the same as they’re protecting you, just the same as they’re protecting our neighbor down the street, we’re all having an equal kind of invested interest to protect those institutions, to keep them standing. And you see that actually, very similarly reflected in the Constitution. Right? When the 14th amendment comes around, almost, it kind of switches the words around, but it’s actually really close to Washington’s original wording from his farewell address.

Equal Protection


So obviously the intent was the same. Said a little different, but the intent is same.


Exactly right. And it says, you know, obviously, you know, it sets out liberty, property, everybody has due process of the law. Nobody has the right to deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Right? And I don’t see why, you know, a political class would be any different from the citizen class. Why is something so good that I’m going to exclude myself from it? If it’s really a good law, I would think I would want myself to be under it as well.


Yeah, if it’s good, it should apply equally to all of us and we should want it to happen. That’s what representative government is all about. Quick break, Bob McEwen is going to be with us when we come back from the break. Bob is a former congressman from Ohio, great friend of the program and frequent speaker to our legislators’ conference. And we’ve got a question from our audience that actually fits this very topic. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

One-Room Schoolhouse

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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Always good to have former congressman Bob McEwen with us, resident expert on all things, economics. I still borrow more from you than David, don’t tell him. Bob, thanks for coming on, man.

Welcome Bob McEwen


My pleasure. Good to be with you, Rick.


Hey, we had a question. And as usual, David, Tim and I said, okay, we got to get Bob on to answer this question. And it was from one of our listeners basically had a discussion with someone in their family about how government employees seem to have far better benefits that we pay for us as taxpayers than you typically get in the market, including sometimes they don’t even have to pay into Social Security if they don’t want. I didn’t realize that one. But basic question is, you know, why don’t we have a better setup for those that are working for the government than the private market?


Well, as you know, so Social Security has to do with what we call socialism. That’s where government control and everyone has to do it. And so, prior to 1935, people had individual retirement accounts or not at all. And the federal government established the Social Security Administration for the purpose of saying that anybody in the country that went to work had to pay into a Retirement Fund or a Social Security Fund, which would provide a minimum benefit, in order, where if called survivor benefits, just enough to survive, not enough to necessarily live happily in retirement.


But they would be people that wouldn’t be homeless on the street as a result and it is in the midst of the depression. They couldn’t tell individual states or municipalities what to do in those days; the federal government was separate, so the States did what they wanted to do. And that’s the way it was.

But over time, as the State systems have gotten in trouble, little by little, they’ve opted to go on to the Social Security program. And so, most of the State and Local employees are a part of the Social Security retirement program and the Local states don’t simply their own retirement,

California, which is what your caller was interested in, California has an unbelievable system. And of course, they’re $2 trillion in debt and all the problems that go with that, but most of the states do not have a separate program. And for the federal employees, it…


Oh, yeah, but by the way, Bob, so of course, in California, that’s working so well for them there. They’re not only going broke, but there’s nobody homeless in San Francisco. There’s no one on the streets, so they know how to…

The 10 Commandments


Isn’t it remarkable?


Yeah, it’s not exactly but anyway, I’m sorry. Go ahead.


Well, you know, that’s a real peccadillo for me. And most of the things that I can come up with that offend me about what’s happening in America, taking the 10 Commandments off the walls and not being able to pray in schools and having homeless people on our streets when we didn’t for over 200 years, all of the things, abortion and all the rest, all of these things have come not through the legislature as you know Rick, they’ve come from the court and that’s where the fight is.

And that’s what you’re going to hear in this presidential year because the President has begun to restore America to go to rehear some of those cases and the limiting case that said you couldn’t have religious expression on the courthouse lawn and things that was repealed just a few weeks ago. As we start to go back through those, there’s nothing in the constitution that says that a teacher can’t have a Bible on her desk. And there’s nothing in the constitution that says you shouldn’t have been tell children, ‘Thou shalt not steal’, or ‘Thou shalt not kill’.

No Homelessness in Christian America

So as far as we reelect the president and go back to do that, one of the things I want to say is, when they said that if a person was not a threat to the society, you couldn’t incarcerate them. We had a poor house, I went back and checked at my home county and the population of our county when they just formed the state was 3,000. And the first thing they did was build a poor house for people that couldn’t care for themselves or indigent children. We didn’t have homelessness in a Christian America.

But the main point here is having government control and help people that are in poverty. And in the case of California, those state employees, as I understand do not participate in Social Security. They have a much more elaborate system that the Sacramento keeps pouring upon them. And as a result, they’re in financial difficulty.

But one of things you’ll get on the internet quite a bit is that the federal employees have their own retirement system, so therefore, calling it Social Security or calling it the Federal, it sounds like it’s really out of the same pot since they both work for the same Department of the Treasury. And so, they option was given that they could have their own retirement program.

Social Security

But for Congress that sounded a little ornery and so they’ve done away with that. And congressmen have to pay Social Security and receive Social Security. If they wish to have their own retirement program, then they can buy into the government retirement programs if they wish. It’s an 8% contribution. And for some of us that were young, were children, we couldn’t afford the 8% and didn’t do it. So, I didn’t take their congressional retirement, because it was unaffordable on my case.

So, I hope that answers the question, as to why do some people don’t have to pay Social Security. There’s a very few remaining numbers of state and local people of government employees that opt to have their own local government provision as opposed to the federal Social Security Program.


Well, and I’m so glad that it took us down the road to California, because you know, I would ask you, is California and San Francisco and the crisis of all the things that are falling apart there, what does that tell us about socialism in America? It has been tried and we’re seeing the result. Is that not true?

California Not So Golden


Bob, it’s so tragic. It just makes you want to cry. Just look at a movie from 15 or 20 years ago. California, the Golden State, it has a gross domestic product as large as France. It doesn’t have a Navy. It doesn’t have an Air Force. It doesn’t have embassies all around the world. The state should be overflowing in money. And yet because of the socialists, if you see that, just totally incompetence that went into Sacramento and what they’ve done now. The state always had Republican governors.

It had the finest education system in America. All the times I can remember, had free college education and it had the best school system in the country. That’s what all the school books look to for the rest of the United States. But now, they’ve had back to back democrats and you see what is happening to the state, is in freefall.

The educational system has gone from number 1 to number 37. A third of all the people in America on welfare are in the State. And when you drive down the highway, even the green signs on the interstate, that everyplace are brilliant, they’re all faded out and worn out in California. Liberals can destroy a two car funeral. They can foul up anything and of course, we see it and it’s so tragic.

So Tragic


It is absolutely tragic. But you’re so right. But how’d you say that, they can foul up, I do car funeral?


That’s exactly right.


So, what can they do with an entire nation? I mean, look at what they’ve done with a state in California. We hand this over to a guy like Bernie Sanders and socialism is all across the country. We’re a complete disaster, we’re no longer the hope of the world, we’re going to be a burden to the world. Bob, you’re such a blessing, man. Thanks for all that you do. Thanks for taking some time to help us there answer this question and I’m looking forward to the next time we get to chat.


It’s always My pleasure. Thanks. All the best, sir.


Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Moment from American History

This is Tim Burton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Too often today, history education excludes great black heroes from the American founding, such as Lemuel Haynes. Haynes abandoned as a baby, pioneered churches across upper New England. He became the first black American to pastor a white congregation, to receive an honorary master’s degree and to be ordained by mainstream Christian denomination, the congregationalists.

He was a soldier during the American Revolution and in his churches on George Washington’s Birthday, he regularly preached sermons honoring George Washington. Even late in his life. expressed his willingness to go back to battle necessary to protect America, which he called a Sacred Ark. American history is filled with numerous examples of black heroes who are largely ignored by mainstream education today.

For more information about pastoral Lemuel Haynes and other colonial patriots, go to

Simple Terms


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks to Bob McEwen for joining us today and back with Jonathan Richie and David Barton. Okay, guys, I mean, Bob always lays it out in simple terms, but it really comes back to what we talked about the beginning of the program. We need good public officials that don’t see government as the solution to everything and then force it on us.


I’m still laughing over liberals can destroy the car funeral. That was great. Yeah, when liberals get in charge. Boy, I did not realize the stats he shared on California.


Oh my gosh.


Oh, California is gone from 1 in education to 37. And one third of all the people on welfare in America are in California.

America’s Rankings Without California


That’s amazing. I wonder it made me wonder and I didn’t find an answer readily online, I would had to do math and that’s really hard for me. But maybe somebody really smart is listening to this. It made me wonder what would America’s ranking be worldwide if we cut off California? Like, right, if one third of all welfare is coming out of California, if the education has fallen, where would America’s like global stats be if we didn’t have what, $2 trillion of debt coming out of California and the one -third of welfare? Like, Oh, my gosh!


Well, it’s interesting too. You know, Bob pointed out, after all these Republican governors, they’ve had two Democratic governors in a row. And boy, how quickly they fell, you know, and they’ve gone to the wrong direction. Why would you want to be the poop capital of the world? You know, San Francisco…


Yeah, San Francisco, I just leave my heart in San Francisco.

Wrong Thinking Among Leaders


Right. So it’s amazing what leadership does and when you get the wrong kind of thinking in there and they start moving in different directions away from, you know, equal concept of everybody being the same, whether it be on healthcare, retirement benefits or whatever it is, you get that elitist mentality in there that we need to tell you what to do.

Well, those that are good at that, they’re not good at running the states or nations based on statistics. They’re telling everybody else what to do and look at their State is going down. And you know, even with gun control, they’re going to tell us what we can and can’t do with our guns and those mentality people have the highest crime rates in there…

You know, why not learn from so many of the red governors and red states where crime is different than it is in Chicago or New York or so many other places? It’s crazy, but I did not realize California had fallen so quickly from such a height to where they are now. And, again, that elitist kind of mentality, give it to elected officials.


Well, you know, as I’ve said a couple times, I think it’s worth our listeners taking on the responsibility this. Because again, we can complain about what’s happening, but it really does fall on our own shoulders and making sure that we’re choosing good leadership. So, hey dear, our California friends out there, you know, no pun intended, but the mess you’re in, comes back to the citizens. You got to elect good folks. And that means being active, that means churches engaging, not hiding from the system.

Postitive Influencers


And by the way, Rick, I’ve got to say, you know, Tim is over right now leading a tour group in Israel. And so, especially, every year through WallBuilders and others, we take these tour groups to Israel. And I just got back from one that we had in Israel, it had a California church as part of that group. And they’re super conservative. They’re up in the northern part of California. They’re there at Mount Lassen. And they were talking about the fact that you know, California is crazy, but we’re not leaving the state, we’re going to change the state.

We’re going to stay here and change. And so, myself and another guy, we’ve been asked to get into California and show them how to start recruiting candidates and how to start doing alternative media and how to start doing things to take their state back.

And so, while Texas and others have benefited from red people living in a Blue State, there’s a lot of red people still in that Blue State that want to turn that State red again. And I don’t mean in terms of republican democrat, I mean, red and blue in terms of liberal and conservative. You know, who cares the party?

We’ve talked before that our friend in parliament in Australia, he believes exactly what he believes. In over there, they’re called liberals if you believe conservative values. So, what we’re talking about is really moving more in a constitutional, biblical direction. And even California is starting to see an uprising to do some of that, which is really good.

States in the Most Trouble


That’s the good news out there. And there is a lot of that happening, we get to see because we travel the country and get to visit with folks, especially in California. I mean, in some of the places like California, Oregon and Washington, Massachusetts, some of the states that are in the most trouble, where people really are looking for better answers and looking for how to return to the foundational principles that made the nation great in the first place.

And do we need those principles now more than maybe any time in my life? I mean, here we are watching this absolute handing over of liberty for a perceived better safety, but we don’t even know yet if that’s going to be the case. So, it’s a really important time for us to get back to the basics and know what the biblical, constitutional, historical perspective is on all of these issues. And certainly, that means studying the constitution. It means reading, certainly reading through the Bible and looking for wisdom there, because that’s where all the answers actually are.

Socialists Are Destroying California – With Bob McEwen

That’s why I really encourage you to get a Founders’ Bible, and read through that thing and get, not only God’s word that is always applicable to everything, but then get the specific application through the eyes of the founding fathers, the articles and they’re just amazing as they give you that application of God’s Word to what society should look like and how they used it to form America and form our nation and create these documents that protect those liberties, these documents that we seem to be ignoring right now.

So, study those things. Founders’ Bible is a great place to go and then By the way, Founders’ Bible, you get at, that’s And then go to if you’d like to sign up to host a Wall Builders Constitution class. It’s called Constitution Alive with David Barton and Rick Green and you use our tools to teach your friends and family.

Right now while you’re stuck at home, you get a zoom class going and you get folks educated. It’s a perfect time while people are asking about federalism and constitutional powers and Fed versus State and can these governors do these things? All those questions are being asked, you be one of the ones that helps to bring the answers to your friends and family. Check it out at Be sure to visit to get those other materials and then make sure you visit and make that contribution today so that our radio program can reach more people with the truth.

You come alongside us and be a part of the solution. We sure appreciate you. Thanks for listening to WallBuilders Live.