Superman Stars In Movie About Abortion House Of Horrors: Tune in today as we talk with Dean Cain on a new movie coming out on The House of Horrors abortion clinics. This is a story that everyone needs to watch to see the truth about what goes on in abortion clinics. This is a broadcast you won’t want to miss.

Air Date: 10/31/2018

Guest: Dean Cain

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Later in the program, Superman himself will be with us. Dean Cain is going to be on the program, and he”€™ll be talking about a new movie that’s out right now called Gosnell, and this is a story that not enough people know about.

Philadelphia House of Horrors

David, Tim, we probably need to go back and talk about what actually happened here, because even when this horrific—what they called House of Horrors in Philadelphia—was finally discovered, the media just ignored it because it would have, in their minds, revealed the evils of abortion. Most people have never even heard the name Kermit Gosnell.


We talked about it a lot on our show when this was first breaking, but that’s been several years now. One of the things with this movie that we have seen, is that there has been a blackout where news media didn”€™t want to cover the story.

You’re right Rick, when Kermit Gosnell was first exposed, and they called his abortion shop a house of horrors, the media didn’t want to talk about it. There was a media blackout too because they didn’t want people to actually know the atrocities of what abortion mills actually look like.

Even though Kermit Gosnell is the guy who got busted for committing abortions, and what that actually does, and there might be people hearing this that go, “€œOh, wait a second. He was going beyond abortion.”€

No, it’s true. What he did was even beyond the barbarism of abortion his was even much worse.

But what he did is not all that different or unique from what other abortion clinics do and have been accused of.

Brutality Unmatched by Any Other Murderer in US History

It really was a level of brutality, where women died in the midst of him trying to do these abortions, both because of bad practices by him and because of the nature of abortion itself. There were babies that were born alive, and he would take them into the next room, and he would break their necks. He would use scissors and snip their neck or spinal column to kill them.

Just the absolute grotesque nature of what was going on was something that, if people would have realized, it would have turned their stomach so greatly that there would have been such an outcry to stop this, and every every abortion facility that does these third trimester abortions, the awfulness of what it is, recognizing it to be murder.

But the media didn’t want to talk about it. Now there is a movie out. The media doesn’t want to talk about it, again because it exposes something that they view as valuable to their perspective and their life worldview.


So yeah, Tim. There were people who really were avoiding even covering the topic, partly because it was so grotesque.


On that side, the grotesque side, I don’t know how to create a good picture of this. But one thing about West Texas, is we have a lot of feedlots. There are feedlots that you, when you’re 50 miles away, know you’re getting close to the feedlots. They’re just packed with thousands and thousands of cows. It is a filthy place to be.

A Disgusting, Filthy Place

That’s the way that clinic was. It literally was filthy, filthy, filthy.

It is like, “€œTake me to a feedlot, and let’s do brain surgery.”€

What he did, and this is talking about a medical procedure, but abortion is killing an unborn child, but as a medical procedure it was filthy. Absolutely filthy. It blew the people away when they went in there to investigate, just the filth of what was there.

Then as they started finding what was there, and what he had done, and they took it to the grand jury, the grand jury came back with a 280 page report of what Gosnell had done. It is so barbaric that it defies logic, it’s just—you can’t.

It’s kind of like hearing what Mengele did at the Holocaust areas in Auschwitz.

You go, “€œYou did what what humans?! You experimented how?!”€

Tim, you talked about how there were babies that were born alive and he would take scissors and snip their spinal cords while they’re alive. The grand jury documented that hundreds of babies had been born alive, they would have survived with any kind of medical treatment, and he just simply flipped them over and murdered them.

Hundreds! Not just a few hundred. So when they got all the evidence and they took this into trial, what they did was they convicted him of four counts of murder—actually three counts of murder and one of manslaughter. Three babies they got him on. They could have had hundreds and the three women that he killed, and they got one. They’d nailed him on one for involuntary manslaughter he wasn’t trying to murder.

Indifferent to Human Life

He’s so indifferent to human life that you had three women who died as a result. They nailed him on one of them for involuntary manslaughter.

But his disregard for life, whether it was the life of the woman or the life of the child, is just barbaric. The fact that he had no consciousness of any kind of cleanliness or medical safety—it was just unbelievable. The story itself is so barbaric that you kind of want to not even cover it.

So for this story to come out would not have helped the pro abortion agenda. This all happened around Philadelphia, and you’re not going to tell me the Philadelphia is a red part of a state that it’s loaded with pro-life activists. It has pro-life activists, but we don’t think it is pro-life city. So there’s no way the media there wanted to cover and show how bad this abortionists of this abortion clinic was.

What they’re able to do in this movie, is kind of give the tone of what’s there without the barbarity that goes with it. So it’s a it’s a really good tone depiction of what happens.

But as you guys pointed out, there was a blackout on the news story and there’s been a blackout on the movie itself.

This is the most prolific serial killer in American history. Nobody’s killed this many people in American history. He has the record. It is worthy of a story and of being told. They’ve told it in a very tasteful way, but nonetheless man and the the story itself are just absolutely abominable, inhumane, barbaric, it’s just atrocious.

We”€™ll be Right Back


A quick break guys, then we’ll be right back. Later in the program, Dean Cain will be with us. He”€™s an actor, you know him as Superman. You’ve seen him in tons of movies. He was in God’s not dead and a lot of other movies as well, but he stars in this movie Gosnell and he’ll be with us to talk about it.

We’ll be right back after the break to talk a little bit more about what happened here, how the movie was made, and how even how the prosecution came about. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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The Media Won”€™t Cover This


We”€™re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. We’re talking about the movie Gosnell that’s out movie theaters right now, and one of the stars of that movie, Dean Cain, will be with us later in the program.

David, Tim, we were talking about just the barbaric, horrific nature of this situation in Philadelphia and how it was practically ignored and how, even when it was discovered, no one wanted to talk about it in the media. Initially the prosecutors didn’t want to go after it because they were afraid of being seen as going after abortion. It took a lot for even that to happen, and then for the movie to be made.

Hollywood studios didn’t want to touch it even though, you mentioned, David, this guy’s the highest number of murders in our history. You’d think Hollywood would be all over that, but no. They don’t want to touch it.

So this actually ended up being funded through crowdfunding. They literally did a Kickstarter campaign, I think they got kicked off Kickstarter and went to Indiegogo, but it was it was a crowdfunded deal where thousands and thousands of people donated and they raised something like two point four million.

I’m on their e-mail list because I’ve made a small donation, the best I could do. They raised enough to make the movie and have star power like Dean Cain. So hats off for their efforts in pushing. John Sullivan he’s done a couple of the Dinesh D’Souza movies and some other things, but the group that”€™s behind this, I’m so thankful that they actually made the movie to bring this to light.

99 Percent Approval!


They made the movie, and it’s doing really well. Opening weekend it was the number one new release, and the second week it was top ten.On box office on sites like Rotten Tomatoes where viewers review the movies, it got a 99 percent viewer approval. It’s just been absolutely amazing.

So this is a movie that’s doing very well, and yet with all of this—and by the way, the multiplex theaters where you got 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 or 15 or 30 theaters, it’s in the top ratings. It’s as doing like number 6 in a group of 30 theaters, and number 8 and a group of 15. It’s the top, and yet they’re cutting it out. They’re absolutely cutting it out. It had 668 theaters running it, now it’s down to 480. There are all these reports of when people go to buy the tickets, the people sell tickets say, “€œNo, we’re not showing that.”€

“€œWait a minute. It’s on your screen.”€

“€œNo, we’re not showing that.”€

They”€™re going online and they’re shutting it down online. So it’s absolutely amazing the way they’re trying to shut this out, and you know the first part is talking about how bad this is. Don’t think that’s like going to see a halloween movie. It’s not that kind of a movie. It is a very good movie of what happened and how bad it was.

This Movie Reveals the Reality of the Abortion Industry


Specifically, it”€™s a pro-life movie, right? It’s not just a movie of what happened, it’s a movie about the grotesque that is abortion. In fact, there have been people that have posted on social media that they went to see the movie and they were pro-choice. They were in favor of abortion, and they saw the reality of what the abortion of the industry really is. The movie doesn’t show abortion, unfortunately, because then nobody would want to see the movie. This is not a movie that glorifies or even highlights what an abortion is. It’s a movie that reveals the dark nature of the industry, and the dark nature of this serial killer, what he did, and what it took to bring him to justice.

What they found when they went to his facility, it really is a very pro-life move. The reason we would encourage people to see it is because we want to support the movies that are promoting the life values, that are exposing these young girls that we are dealing with, and that are exposing the worst serial killer in American history that nobody wants to talk about.

He’s gone to jail for life, and then they’ve added on many extra years at the end of his life to make sure he can never get paroled. This guy can have no parole. Kermit Gosnell is in prison for life, and then they added a whole bunch of extra years on because of the barbarity and brutality of what he did.

How Kermit Gosnell was Brought to Justice

The film reveals the very strong pro-life values that we would have, because it shows that barbarity of what abortion is, but also shows the people that were involved in trying to bring this guy to justice and the heroism and the courage and the faithfulness of sticking to this, where they sometimes wouldn’t even take no for an answer and said, “€œNo, we’ve got to get this guy. We’ve got to figure it out and show it.”€

It does show some of the heroes involved in bringing Kermit Gosnell to justice.

So it is very much a positive movie, us participating, seeing it as having us get involved and supporting something like this, will also communicate to Hollywood that, “€œWe like these positive value films.”€

Certainly we need more things like this, and if it has to be crowdfunded, we did it with this one.

It would be great if Hollywood would say, “€œNo, this is a story that Americans need to know, and recognize who the serial killer was, and what he did, and the courageous and heroic people that were involved in bringing him to justice.”€


You’re right, Tim. One of the ways to show support here, and get more movies that will have truth like this, and be historically accurate like this, is to go see it in the movie theater. That sends a message, you”€™re voting with your dollars when you do that.

It is frankly just a good movie, it’s emotionally strong. Great acting.

Speaking of the actors, Dean Cain stars in it. Most folks know him from Lois and Clark, he played Superman. He”€™s in tons of other other movies, and he’s going to be with us when we come back from the break. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome Dean Cain, AKA Superman!


Welcome back, and thanks for staying with us here on Wall Builders Live. Dean Cain is with us, you know him as Superman, and have seen him in many other movies that you probably don’t know. He was also a star football player at Princeton, drafted by the Buffalo Bills, and now he’s even a reserve police officer in St. Anthony, Idaho. Dean Cain, thanks for coming on bro.


Honored to be on. Thank you very much.


Hey man, so the Gosnell movie—it took a lot to get this movie made. It’s the untold story of America’s most prolific serial killer. You star as the detective, in that movie, that wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept investigating. What was this like? It had to have been creepy, even to walk into that place in the sets that you guys designed, to relive what happened there.


It was. They called it a house of horrors when they went inside, and it literally was a house of horrors. In fact, when we were shooting the raid, which started as a narcotics bust, and they went in there to raid it for him illegally distributing narcotics. When they went inside, and we started shooting they started finding stuff, I came on set and I said to the director, I was like, “€œHey, come on guys. Did we go overboard with this?”€

There’s trash bags filled with fetuses, and cats running around, and unsterilised equipment, and dirty stuff here and then and there are milk cartons full of baby parts.

I said, “€œAren”€™t we going overboard here?”€ and they said, “€œNo, this is exactly what it was like. In fact here’s some real footage you can take a look at.”€

It”€™s Not Exaggerated

They showed it to me and I was shocked, absolutely shocked. It was horrific, and it was just shocking to the senses that this place existed like that. And women were going in there to get abortions. It was just frightening.


People often don’t even know this story, even though he is apparently the biggest serial killer, when you count all of the lives—including the women that died, and of course the babies. But the story hasn’t gotten out there. Even the news coverage was very little. You’ll cover that in the movie, actually, how few people were at even the trial.

But now that the movie is apparently doing really well, even though it was a crowdfunded movie. Is this first time you’ve done one that was a crowdfunded movie? This has become kind of a new thing I guess.


Yeah. It’s certainly the first I’ve done that’s crowdfunded to this size. I think it’s fantastic. It’s wonderful that people get together and decide to make this movie. That’s pretty amazing.

They did a really nice job too. The filmmakers did a nice job on it with like two point two to three million dollar budget, and they did a good job with the film. It”€™s subject matter that the studios don’t want to touch. They don’t want to touch it to to fund it. They didn’t want to touch it to distribute it.

A Hard Road to Viewing

So it was really wonderful when we were able to get it out there. Then of course, when we’re trying to get it out there, we couldn’t buy ads on Facebook. We couldn’t buy ads on NPR because we called him an abortion doctor, which is what he was. So we were running everywhere. We run into roadblocks left, right, and center. We continued to push and be persistent, and keep going. Just like Jim would, the actual detectors that I played, he just kept on going and that’s what we keep doing.

We’re doing really well in the theaters we’re in, but we keep having to fight to keep it in theaters.

So the more we can spread word of mouth, and the more people that can go see it, I think the better shot we have of getting it in more theaters and get more eyeballs.


That’s part of why we wanted to have you on, so people would know about it. Apparently even in these large movie theaters, these 15, 16, 20 theaters, it”€™s doing incredibly well number 6, number 9.

It’s doing well enough that normally those theaters would want to keep it, but yet we see some of them drop in it as, you said, just for the political hot potato.

But it’s a movie that people need to see. John Sullivan and all the guys that put this thing together did a fantastic job, as you said, it raised two point four million on the Kickstarter campaign, and is doing well the theatres now that people need to see it in the movies, not just wait for the DVD, because that actually helps make sure that we get more good movies like this and get good stars like you in them.

Check out the Movie, SPread the Word

So hopefully people will go and check it out this weekend as we’re sure hoping.

Tell me, Dean, what about—even as the subject matter was uncovered throughout the movie—what was the impact to know that this kind of thing was going on in this abortion clinic, and perhaps in other clinics around the country? On set, was this is a different kind of subject matter? I would think for the people we’re working with.


I guess our reaction is something akin to what I keep hearing about other people’s reactions in the movie theater. It was a quiet reverence, and a stunned disbelief that it could take place. It kind of makes you just shake your head like, “€œWow, this really happened. This is a real person, he really did these things and really felt this way.”€

It just kinda boggles your brain and you just go, “€œWow.”€  

I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that someone could do, that his and this could be their life, that they could do it in a place like this, and it was a constant shock.

It’s one of the things that we hope—and we really do hope that people talk about it. That’s what I keep hearing from audience members, is that they’ll go into the film to watch the film weather they come in feeling pro-choice, pro-life, whatever they happen to be, then they see the film and it changes you to some degree because you’re armed with a lot more knowledge. Then for a week, or at least the last two weeks, people say they just continually talk about it, and they have images in their mind, and they talk about the situation with their friends and family members. I think that’s great.

A Great Movie with a Great Cast


Yeah, and I thought one of the things that was very telling for those people that would say, “€œWell, it it’s just a pro-choice or pro-life type movie,”€ is apparently the prosecutor in this case was pro-abortion, but still said, “€œHey, this is over the line,”€ and prosecuted the case. I thought that unfolded well in the movie as well.


Yeah, no question. Played very well by Sarah Jane Morris, and she was fantastic. She was the heart of the film, and whenever I get teary eyed in the film, it’s almost always with a Sarah Jane Morris scene since she’s she’s kinda stole my heart in this thing. She was fantastic.


Had you worked with Janine Turner before as well?


I had not worked with Janine. I’d known who she was, and known her and met her before, and been a fan of her work, and certainly enjoyed meeting her because she was an extremely lovely lady. She comes in and adds some serious gravitas to some shocking moments, if you will.


Yeah. I thought the scene that she’s in, in the courtroom, was very powerful. Especially as she’s supposed to be the face of the more reasonable abortion crowd, and it turns out, “€œWait a minute. They’re doing very much the same thing.”€

So it was a big deal that it was just like, “€œWhoa!”€

Yeah, slam dunk scene.

Well, man, I know you’ve got to plain the catch. We just really appreciate your time and your coming on, and we appreciate you doing with the movie. Man, you did a fantastic job. We want to put folks to go see it.

Gosnell: The Untold Story of America”€™s Most Prolific Serial Killer


Well, we really appreciate you having us, having me, on talking about the film because we need you. We need you badly, or we can’t move forward. So we thank you so much for having me on, and thanks so much for getting the word out there.


It’s called Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer, starring Dean Cain. Dean, we appreciate you coming on, man.


My pleasure, thank you.


We’re back now with David and Tim Barton. Thanks again to Dean Cain for joining us on the program, and for doing the movie. It sounds like they actually portrayed it in the movie. I was disgusted just watching them walk through that clinic. That scene where we’re Dean plays the the officer that went in with that team. Unbelievable what you can hear him describe it, that he even thought were overdoing it. I thought that was interesting, that he said he actually asked the producers, “€œIs this been overplayed?”€


Well, it’s so interesting that a Hollywood guy would think something is too theatrical. “€œWell, we’re doing too much drama here.”€ And then when he said they actually showed him some footage, and he couldn’t believe that’s really what it was.

It is very, very telling, again, of the nature of the abortion industry and the reason that  especially so many Christians and conservatives there are against groups like Planned Parenthood that operate in these.

This is the Nature of the Abortion Industry

People want to argue that at Planned Parenthood their facilities aren’t that, dirty they’re not that clean. Maybe they’re not that dirty, but they are acting out some of those same practices that led to some of what he did, that got him in trouble. This is, again, it’s the nature of the abortion industry. It’s why we’re so opposed to it.

Guys, one of the things that I think we’ve even mentioned on the show before, there’s only four nations in the world that allow third trimester abortions. It’s North Korea, Vietnam, China and America.

Nobody else in the world allows abortions in the third trimester because they recognize these are human beings that just have not been born yet. And yet these these atrocities these practices continue in America, and this movie Gosnell is just something that hopefully more exposure can bring people to realize why we need to end this abortion industry in America.


Yeah, and Tim, I think you know the way you described that, that’s why people black this thing out. That’s why Facebook wouldn’t allow advertising for it. That’s why Hollywood didn’t want to make it, because what it really does at the end of the day, when you see it, you go, “€œOK well wait a minute what’s the real difference between snip and that baby’s neck the moment after they’re out of the womb, and doing it while only part of their body”€™s out of the womb,”€ which is what we used to call partial birth abortions when we all worked so hard for George Bush to pass a ban on partial birth abortion.

Superman Takes on the Abortion House of Horrors!

This movie highlights the evil of abortion in general, not just what what Kermit Gosnell did, and I think that’s why Hollywood and so many of the pro-abortion community was so against it. So folks, go support it. It’s in movie theaters across the country. You probably only got one or two in your particular city, as they keep dwindling it down to try to keep people from being able to go see it.

But you can certainly find one, and you should and that those finance that financial support of going to see it will help to get that truth out there speaking to get the truth out there.

Go to today and become a financial partner of ours, right there at You can donate one time or monthly, and help us to get the truth out there, spread this good news, and help restore our Constitutional Republic. Thanks for listening today to WallBuilders Live.