How Worldview Caused 2020 Events, Part 2 – With George Barna

How Worldview Caused 2020 Events, Part 2 - With George Barna: Why does the idea of socialism appeal to so many Americans? What is the remedy for this openness to, even desire for, socialism? How do we position capitalism to fit within the value-set of Americans...because it does? What happened with polling during the 2020 election? Does the Church have Biblical theology? How can conservatives communicate more effectively? Tune in to hear the conclusion of George Barna's presentation from the ProFamily Legislators Conference!

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Election Results – Which Way Is The Country Going?

 Election Results - Which Way Is The Country Going?: The votes are in...or, coming in. What do the results mean? Today we take a look at the outcome of key races across the nation, and discuss what it means for the future of our nation. Tune in to hear expert analysis of the 2020 elections that you don't want to miss!

The 2020 Election, Personality Versus Policy – With Wayne Grudem

 The 2020 Election, Personality Verses Policy - With Wayne Grudem: What is the Biblical and historical perspective on elections? Do you realize what is at stake in this upcoming election? How do Americans decide who to vote for? Should Christians vote for a third-party candidate? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with theologian and professor Wayne Grudem as he discusses his letter to an anti-Trump Christian friend.

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