Abortion, Kamala As President, Common Law, And More – On Foundations Of Freedom

Slavery, Abortion, Kamala As President, And More - On Foundations Of Freedom: Why is abortion a states'-rights issue, but slavery was not? Has there ever been a democrat president and republican vice-president? Will democrats have to evoke the 25th Amendment and remove Biden from office?  What is the difference between civil law and common law? Today we're answering your questions; so, tune in for an insightful Foundations of Freedom!

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An Overview Of The Constitution! Constitution Alive Part Three!

An Overview Of The Constitution! Constitution Alive Part Three: Our Constitution is still alive and applicable today! As citizens, we all have a duty to study the Constitution, to understand where our rights and our freedoms are laid out in that document, and how our government structure should work. The reason our government continues to overstep its boundaries is because “we the people” don’t know what those boundaries are! Tune in now for the third part of our three-part series! 

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