Thanksgiving And The Legal Battles – As 2020 Continues

Thanksgiving And The Legal Battles - As 2020 Continues: Are the recent changes to Trump's legal team shakeup or strategy? Why is the Trump Administration working with Biden's transition team? Is one of Trump's cases finally reached a federal Court of appeals? Is Thanksgiving worth celebrating? Tune in to today's program so you don't miss the answers to these questions and more!

2020-11-25T08:58:26-05:00November 24th, 2020|Constitution & Legal, Government & Policy|1 Comment

Dennis Prager Challenges Today’s Youth – From Patriot Academy, Part 1

Dennis Prager's Challenge For Today's Youth - From Patriot Academy: What is happening in America today? Why does the Left want to fundamentally transform America? What is the difference between the Left and Liberals? Why isn't the Left protesting Brazil or the Arab Muslim world? We are in the greatest crisis in American history (with exception of the Civil War). Tune in to hear Dennis Prager answer these important questions and more!

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