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Insight from Nehemiah on Property for Today – with Rabbi Lapin

There is a growing difficulty for the individual to own property, in our country. To better understand what is going on, we bring in Rabbi Daniel Lapin for some insights from Nehemiah on property ownership. Should land be available to everyone? What does land ownership mean? What can we learn from Nehemiah on the state of property ownership, today? How is it that government is making it all so disproportionate? We will address all of these questions and more.

Don’t Despair; Do This Instead, Part 2 – With Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Don't Despair; Do This Instead, Part 2 - With Rabbi Daniel Lapin: What is the solution to problems we've forgotten? Is there ANY other civilization apart from a Bible-based one? What happens when a society abandons God-ordained tradition? What do we find when we study America's 40-year cycles? What can we learn from ancient Jewish wisdom? Tune in to hear this enlightening session with Rabbi Daniel Lapin from the ProFamily Legislators Conference!

God’s Purposes In The Old Testament – With Rabbi Daniel Lapin

God's Purposes In The Old Testament - With Rabbi Daniel Lapin: How do we know which directives in Leviticus to obey and which are no longer applicable? Are there any permanent principles of ancient Jewish wisdom? Are there important blueprints written in the Bible?  What is God's purpose of His message to mankind. How does hair contribute to the stability of a society? What is one of the greatest threats to a long-term durable society? Does the moral law of God change over time? Tune in to hear Rabbi Daniel Lapin answer some tricky questions with surprising answers!

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