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Dennis Prager Challenges Today’s Youth – From Patriot Academy, Part 1

Dennis Prager's Challenge For Today's Youth - From Patriot Academy: What is happening in America today? Why does the Left want to fundamentally transform America? What is the difference between the Left and Liberals? Why isn't the Left protesting Brazil or the Arab Muslim world? We are in the greatest crisis in American history (with exception of the Civil War). Tune in to hear Dennis Prager answer these important questions and more!

Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed As A Hate Group

Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed As A Hate Group: General Jerry Boykin is with us today to talk about the Southern Poverty Law Center and why they are now being called a hate group. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a group that calls out organizations as hate groups, that is why it is an interesting paradoxical situation in which they find themselves. Tune in now to learn more!

2018-10-03T09:53:59-04:00April 10th, 2018|Popular & Christian Culture|0 Comments

The Anti-Semitism Before The Holocaust Is Happening Again Now

The Anti-Semitism Before The Holocaust Is Happening Again Now: It's 70 years after the Holocaust and that anti-Semitism that you saw in this rise before the Holocaust is happening again now. The same way that the Jewish stores were boycotted, now Israeli products are. The same way that Jews were afraid to wear a Yarmulke or publicly being a recognized as a Jew on the street, is the same thing that's happening now. There's a fear. And it's our responsibility to learn from these horrors from the past and to make sure this doesn't happen ever again. In this episode, you will learn aspects of World War II that maybe you had never heard before, you'll have a new understanding of what America did, who Americans are, and what Christians and Jews did together in Poland and things that we can do to help now.

2017-05-31T10:34:44-04:00May 30th, 2017|Military & Veterans|1 Comment
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