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Making a Difference, Part Three – With David Barton At the ProFamily Legislators Conference

Making a Difference By Learning True History With David Barton, Part Three - At the ProFamily Legislators Conference: Can your pastor apply the Bible to current issues? How did 613 laws help transition a group of former slaves to the number one premier nation in the ancient world? How did locals act during the American Revolution? How have revivals happened historically? What percentage of Americans actually chooses our leaders? Tune in to hear how you can make a big difference by simply being involved in your small area of the world!

A Response To The 1619 Project, Part 2 – With Tim Barton At The ProFamily Legislators Conference

A Response To The 1619 Project, Part 2 - With Tim Barton At The ProFamily Legislators Conference: It's Black History month; but, you may have never heard of several of these influential black Americans. Why? Their lives do not follow the mainstream narrative. Today we continue sharing Tim Barton's response to the 1619 Project. Tune in to hear this important broadcast!

America’s Lost Heroes – African American Patriots 

America's Lost Heroes - African American Patriots: Were all the Founders racists slave owners; or, were many of them actually abolitionists? Were slave-owning Founding Fathers the exception or the rule? Did you know in Maryland more blacks than whites voted to ratify the Constitution? Do you know when the first black American held an elected office? Have you heard of Robert Smalls, a general in the Civil War? How about Benjamin Banneker? Tune in to hear why Black History is part of our American History.

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