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The Faith of Those Who Achieved Miraculous Milestones – With Bill Federer

The Faith of Those Who Achieved Miraculous Milestones - With Bill Federer: What do Galileo, Newton, Kepler, Broyle, Blaise Pascal, Francis Bacon (and other great innovators) have in common? What should you know about these great minds who made vital discoveries in science, medicine and innovation? Cancel Culture is trying to hide the Christian roots of many revolutionary discoverers. Tune in to hear Bill Federer share surprising facts from his new book Miraculous Milestones!

America’s Lost Heroes – African American Patriots 

America's Lost Heroes - African American Patriots: Were all the Founders racists slave owners; or, were many of them actually abolitionists? Were slave-owning Founding Fathers the exception or the rule? Did you know in Maryland more blacks than whites voted to ratify the Constitution? Do you know when the first black American held an elected office? Have you heard of Robert Smalls, a general in the Civil War? How about Benjamin Banneker? Tune in to hear why Black History is part of our American History.

Looking at Bill O’Reilly, the Constitution, Jefferson, Socialism, and more! On Foundations Of Freedom Thursday

It's Foundations of Freedom Thursday, a special day of the week where we get to answer questions from you, the listeners! Always answering your questions from constitutional principles! Tune in today as we answer your questions such as should taxes pay for moms to stay home one year after baby? What does article 1 section 2 of the constitution mean? What’s the truth about Jefferson?  Is the historical context of Bill O'Reilly's books reliable? And so much more, right here on WallBuilders Live!

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