God’s Way Works – On Good News Friday

It’s Good News Friday, so lets take a look at some good news from around the nation that the media doesn’t report. First on our list, we talk about some recent archaeological discoveries in Israel affirming, yet again, the truth in the Bible. Next we switch gears and discuss Disney’s decline in light of their woke agenda, showing us that when you follow God’s ways, you prosper, and when you don’t, you don’t. Finally, A winner of the Ms. America Pageant states that being a mom is her greatest calling. Lets follow a Biblical model. We also talk about Biblical discipleship and the great commission. All of this and more, on WallBuilders’ Good News Friday!

Going Back to the Foundation – with Jerry Newcombe

Today we have Jerry Newcombe on to discuss his new film series, Foundation of American Liberty. We need to combat civic and biblical ignorance. If we don’t know the truth about our history, we will fall for the lies. The Left inundates us with false, re-written history. We need more truth to be known, and Jerry Newcombe is fighting that battle. Tune in today to find out more, and to learn how you can get this solid biblical truth for yourself and in your community.

Is the Church Committing the Sin of Silence? – with Bill Federer

With all that is going on in our culture today with abortion, the transgenderism movement and disregard for Biblical truth, it is the Church’s duty to stand up and say no. Yet, too many Christians today are committing the sin of silence, standing by and allowing evils to unfold. Bill Federer is our guest today, to tell us about it. What can we do to stand up for what is right and speak up against the wrongs that are happening in our culture?

A Need for Biblical Perspective in Business with Steve Dulin

Today we have Steve Dulin on to discuss the need for biblical perspective in business. Steve’s construction company has experienced supernatural success by using God’s principles in the business. He brings this to the table as an example of how applying God’s principles can lead to a successful business. We discuss curriculum and conferences that are made available to business owners who want to put God at the forefront of their business.

New Archaeological Discoveries In Israel And The Importance of Truth – With Omer Eshel

New Archaeological Discoveries In Israel And The Importance of Truth - With Omer Eshel: Are archeologists looking for truth or trying to create their own truth? Has archeology EVER disproved the Bible? Have you heard about the new discoveries in Israel and what they may have to do with the Biblical story of Gideon? Tune in to hear this insightful interview with expert Omer Eshel!

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Dangerously Low Percentage Of Americans Hold A Biblical Worldview – With George Barna

Dangerously Low Percentage Of Americans Holding To Biblical Worldview - With George Barna: Did you know only 6% of adults in America have a Biblical Worldview? Does having a Biblical Worldview even matter? Is the Bible even true and reliable? Tune in to hear George Barna discuss his latest survey on Biblical Worldview in America as well as helpful action steps.

Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Should We Be Surprised?

Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Should We Be Surprised?: In this episode, we interview Dr. Everett Piper on his article titled, “Reports of Sexual Misconduct Should Not Be a Surprise.” The solution to the problems we are seeing today starts with fixing the root issue. We need to teach this generation about foundational truths and morals. For years, our schools have mocked morality. Why are we now shocked to find we live in a society that has no understanding of personal morality?

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