Collage Board Using AP to Indoctrinate – with Stanley Kurtz

Today we start our program with another black history segment. Our hero today is William Carney. Later in the program we have Stanley Kurtz on to talk to us about the College Board’s addition of advance placement classes such as African American Studies, which are a facade for leftist indoctrination. The good news in this is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is putting his foot down and saying enough!�

Media Providers Collusion with Government is Spurring True Misinformation – with Chris Ruddy

We start the program with another black history segment, this time on Stagecoach Mary Fields. After that we get to our interview segment with Chris Ruddy of Newsmax, where we discuss his article about major media and tech outlets, such as DirectTV and AT&T, and their collusion with government and why this is bad for freedom of speech and how it is promoting misinformation.�

House Leadership is Turning the Country in the Right Direction – on Good News Friday

We start off our program with another segment from our black history series, this time on Henry Highland Garnet. After that, we work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. The house rules now allow the federal government to transfer property back to the states. The COVID national emergencies are now planned to officially shut down. Socialism has been denounced in the House. And a court case win for the ProLife movement. All of this and more, here on Good News Friday�

The Lemon Test and Our Constitutional Republic – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

First we star off the program with our black hero segment on Blanche Kelso Bruce. Then for Foundations of Freedom Thursday, we answer more listener questions- Has the Lemon Test been removed now that there have been a rulings in favor of faith? What is the difference between a representative democracy and a constitutional republic? As well as some podcast listening suggestions from David, Rick and Tim.�

Good News Wednesday!

In order to get caught up on our Good News Friday stack, we’ve decided to bring you some good news, today on Wednesday! We start off the program with another segment from our black history segment on Christian Fleetwood. We follow it up with our good news topics- Increased oil and gas drilling bills being passed in the House, in the NHL teams are declining to wear special pride jerseys, the constitution was read before the State of the Union address and a judge in California blocks COVID-19 disinformation law. All of this and more today on Good News Wednesday!�

A New Biblical History Discovered in The Constitution Signing Painting�

An open Bible is discovered in a painting that hangs in our nation’s capitol, depicting the signing of the Constitution. Daniel Dreisbach, professor at American University, is on today to tell us all about it. What does it mean? And what does this say about the faith of our founders? �

The Truth About Frederick Douglass – With Rev. Dean Nelson

The Truth About Frederick Douglass - With Rev. Dean Nelson: What is the TRUE story of Frederick Douglass? Why did he write THREE different autobiographies? Did he hate America? Is America systemically racist? Did you know Douglass had a divine encounter with God? How was Douglass able to have hope and encourage others to keep looking forward and not looking back? Tune in to hear Rev. Dean Nelson talk about the real Frederick Douglass and why his story matters today!

Setting The Record Straight: America’s History In Black And White, Part 3 – The KKK

Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White, Part 3 - The KKK: The Ku Klux Klan, terrorist group murdering Republican Blacks and Whites was started by Democrats. The Republican party was filled with African-Americans. Democrats, therefore, turned to murder and violence. The KKK"€™s declared purpose was to break down the Republican government and to pave the way for Democrats to regain control in the elections. Since the Klan was targeted against Republicans in general it did not limit its fallen simply to black Republicans. The Democrats called Republicans "€œradicals"€ because the Republican Party was bi-racial and allowed blacks to vote and participate in the political process thus making them "€œradical."€ This podcast teaches you the forgotten truth about black history. 

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