A Response To The 1619 Project – With Tim Barton At The ProFamily Legislators Conference

A Response To The 1619 Project - With Tim Barton At The ProFamily Legislators Conference: Is the 1619 Project telling the truth...or rewriting our history? Are candy bars really racist? Did America create slavery? Did Nikole Hannah-Jones, the author of the project really say she didn't care about accuracy? How did a number of atrocities end in America? Tune for this important broadcast; this is one you will want to share as well!

Patriot Academy Session: Cultural Marxism, Part 2 – With Voddie Baucham

Patriot Academy Session: Cultural Marxism, Part 1 - With Voddie Baucham: How do we apply the implications of the Gospel to politics? Have you heard how cultural Marxism has infiltrated our education system? Has critical theory influenced your pastor?  What does understanding our culture's worldview have to do with preaching the Gospel? Tune in to hear part 2 of this important session with Voddie Baucham. 

Evangelical Pastors Are Pandering To Marxist BLM – With Dr. Everett Piper

Why Are Evangelical Pastors Pandering To Marxist BLM? - With Dr. Everett Piper: What matters more--objective facts or subjective feelings? Why is BLM tearing down statues of Civil Rights Leaders? Are pastors ignorant or caving to cultural pressure in their support of the BLM organization? Are we dividing the nation rather than uniting the nation, thus moving backwards instead of forwards? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with Dr. Everett Piper.

Voters In Four Key Swing States Support Confirming Kavanaugh! Good News Friday!

Voters In Four Key Swing States Support Confirming Kavanaugh: We call it Good News Friday because it's a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. In this episode, we talk about how the midterm turnout surges for both parties. How the majority of voters in four key Swing states support confirming Kavanaugh. How Trump’s EPA outpaces Obama in cleaning up hazardous waste sites! And more!

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Alexandria Cortez Could Abolish Immigration? Foundations Of Freedom Thursday!

Alexandria Cortez Could Abolish Immigration? It is Foundations of Freedom Thursday, a special day of the week where we get to answer questions from you, the listeners! Always answering your questions from constitutional principles! Tune in today as we answer your questions such as what does it take to get the Bible to be taught in schools? Did our Founders write about evolution VS creation? How far can openly socialist Alexandria Cortez go?  And so much more, right here on WallBuilders Live!

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Textbooks Are Coming Out With Overt Political Indoctrination

Textbooks Are Coming Out With Overt Political Indoctrination: In today’s episode, we have David Bradley on to talk about how the recent textbooks coming out with overt political indoctrination are being criticized. Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government of the next.” Tune in now to learn why and how we can change our school's textbooks.

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