Christin Bentley on the Despicable Content in School Libraries

Are you curious about how to navigate age-appropriate content in school libraries in our relativistic culture? Join us as we untangle the complexities of aligning the content in school libraries with an absolute moral standard. We'll discuss how the absence of an absolute standard has blurred the lines in defining age-appropriate content, and how this confusion extends to the role of schools and parents in molding children's moral compass. Furthermore we discuss the truly despicable nature of the books that can be found in public school libraries, many encouraging transgenderism and the sexualization of children. Christin Bentley sheds light on the progress made in Texas with the passing of HB900, which offers a toolkit for auditing and removing unsuitable books from school libraries. We'll also ponder over how to take action at and beyond the local level. Christin's compelling perspective will inspire you to step up and make a difference in your local community.

2023-10-24T22:00:24-04:00October 25th, 2023|Broadcast, Education & Schools|0 Comments
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