Texas Can Stand for Secure Borders – with Mark Meckler

Today, we have Mark Meckler on to discuss the issue of border security. There is a boom in fentanl related deaths and child sex slavery and trafficking. What can we do to fix the issues with our border security, when Washington DC refuses to act? There is a provision in the Texas Constitution to repel invasion. On April 29th, Texans will stand at the state capitol and demand action.

An Update on Government with House Leadership – with Congressman Roger Williams

Our black history hero segment today is on Clara Brown. Later in the program we have Congressman Roger Williams on to give us an update on government, now with Republican house leadership. What is his take on the State of the Union address? What is going on with our relationship with China? What about the southern border? All of this and more, today on WallBuilders!�

A Change in Leadership Can Turn This Country Around – with Congressman Brian Babin

Conservatives have a better position in the House. With updated rules, there will be more influence. Bills have to be available to read 72 hours before the vote is taken, oversight has been restored, proxy voting is being eliminated, there are improvement to border security and Improvements in the spending budget, among many other items!

Executive Powers of the President, Governors Races and More – On Foundations Of Freedom

What limits the executive orders of the president? Why did Governor Abbott of Texas invoke Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution and what does that mean for border security? Why should border security be a Federal issue? What is going on with the Katie Hobbs in the Arizona governors election?

Values Voter Summit Interview With Congressman John Hostettler – Foundations Of Freedom Thursday

Values Voter Summit Interview With Congressman John Hostettler: What is the proper role of the government? What can states do to put the federal government back in its jurisdiction? The federal government is far too large, but what are the practical things we can do about it? Tune in now to find out! 

Congressman Hice Visits The Border- What Is Happening With The UN

Congressman Hice Visits The Border- What Is Happening With The UN: Congressman Jody Hice is with us to discuss what is happening at the border and what is going on with the UN.  The UN is, unfortunately, promoting abortion across the world. They are now claiming that it is a human right to kill humans. Tune in now to learn more.

AOC Compares Border Security To Concentration Camps

AOC Compares Border Security To Concentration Camps: For the Left, it’s not about truth anymore, it’s about what will get people to vote for them. What a disgraceful comparison AOC has made in the name of winning herself votes. Today, we are interviewing the man who invited AOC to see the concentration camps with an actual Holocaust survivor. Tune in now to learn more!

DACA – What Is It and Is It Good or Bad?

DACA - What Is It and Is It Good or Bad?: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a policy that was implemented as an executive order under President Obama. Guest, Mark Gonzales, from the Hispanic Action Network, provides some insightful information on the subject. What should we, as Christian Republicans, be doing about DACA? Join us today as we discuss DACA, immigration, border security, chain migration, the definition of "nuclear family", and more! 

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