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The Government Has Been Dragging Its Feet on Drilling for Oil in Alaska – with Todd Tiahrt

We start the program with a black history segment on George Washington Carver. Our topic for the day is a petroleum reserve in Alaska. The drilling company has been waiting 20 years to get a permit to drill, but the government has been dragging its feet. Tapping into this reserve would bring gas prices down drastically. Will this be able to go through with the Biden administration? Congressman Todd Tiahrt is on today to tell us about it. �

Is Science Too Politicized? – Patriot Academy Session With Michael Knowles

Is Science Too Politicized? - Patriot Academy Session With Michael Knowles: What is the relationship between science and politics? What is the basis of leftist politics? Is there a science of history? Did you know political science replaced political philosophy? Who influences the new fourth branch of our government - the administrative state? Tune in to hear this important interview with Michael Knowles from Patriot Academy.

Foundational Freedoms Trampled – With John Whitehead

Foundational Freedoms Trampled - With John Whitehead: Today we take a serious look at the many Constitutional infractions going on around the country. Governors are stepping over all kinds of lines and butchering First Amendment rights.  Is the Constitution just a piece of wax in the hands of judges, governors, etc.? Tune in to hear what you can do to preserve your essential freedoms!

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