Violence Against Churches is on the Rise – with Arielle Del Turco

Over this past year, attacks against places of worship have doubled as compared to previous years. Vandalism, arson, bomb threats, shootings are among the attacks. Christian beliefs are taking an unpopular position in the eyes of the growing secular culture. This is plaguing the nation as a whole and is unspecific to location or demographic. What can we do to turn the culture around and protect our places of worship?

Elections, Gun Laws, Church Shootings, And More – A Week Of Thanksgiving, Day Three

Elections, Gun Laws, Church Shootings, And More - A Week Of Thanksgiving, Day Three: Do you know where there was a 42-point turnaround in the elections earlier this month? What did the Illinois Supreme Court decide about the unconstitutional taxes on ammunition? How was another church shooting recently averted? Is Texas allowing biological boys play in girl's sports?  Tune in to hear these stories and more, as we celebrate Thanksgiving by having "Good News Friday" all week long!

2021-12-15T14:03:56-05:00November 24th, 2021|Godly History & Good News|0 Comments

Guns, Science, Free Speech, and More on Good News Friday!

Guns, Science,Free Speech, and More on Good News Friday:  Good News Friday today on WallBuilders Live!  Tune in now to hear about just some of the good things that have been happening in our country recently. In this episode, we discuss things such as, science and the Bible, Christians and guns, free speech on campus, blocking physician assisted suicide, and more!

2017-11-24T23:15:36-05:00November 24th, 2017|Godly History & Good News|0 Comments
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