What Is The “Intersectionality” Theory Being Taught In Schools? – With Mark Hillman

What Is The "Intersectionality" Theory Being Taught In Schools? - With Mark Hillman: Have you heard the poison the Left is teaching in our schools, entertainment and children's literature? Do you know what "intersectionality" means? Are our schools going to teach HATE of country instead of E Pluribus Unum and LOVE of country? Tune in to hear former Colorado Congressman Mark Hillman talk about these urgent important issues and more.

Why Are Atheists More Involved In Politics Than Christians? – With Lance Wallnau

Why Do Atheists Have More Political Activists Than Christians? - With Lance Wallnau: Studying the Bible should encourage us to engage in culture even more, due to its impact on people. The detachment and apathy of Christians will be our undoing. We need "evangelists" to influence  at all the gates of influence in our culture: the family, church, academia, politics, business, media, and entertainment. Tune in to hear this vital conversation for our times!

Biblical Worldview, Five Worldviews Christians Have That Aren’t Scriptural

Biblical Worldview, Five Worldviews Christians Have That Aren't Scriptural: In this episode, we talk with Summit Ministries' Dr. Jeff Myers about his new book, "The Secret Battle of ideas about God" and also about his youth summer camp called, "Summit." His book and summer camp are both all about enlightening people to know truth and equipping them to stand firm on their Biblical worldview. Today, many Christians have a worldview that doesn't line up with the Bible. Tune in now to hear the 5 worldviews in the church today that you won't find in scripture and learn how you can stand firm on your Biblical Worldview.

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