Code Talkers – With Peter MacDonald

Code Talkers - With Veteran Peter MacDonald: It's Veterans Day, and we want to honor those who have served our country by telling one of their stories. Today we reveal a little-known strategies that was vital to our victories in war. What was the only military code in modern history never broken by an enemy? Tune in to learn of the unique legacy the Native American tribes left, as Navajo Peter MacDonald shares his World War II experience!

2021-12-15T14:07:23-05:00November 11th, 2021|Military & Veterans|0 Comments

Christopher Columbus And Native Americans Facts- Foundations Of Freedom Thursday

Christopher Columbus And Native Americans Facts: It’s Foundations of Freedom Thursday, a special day of the week where we get to answer questions from you, the listeners! Always answering your questions from constitutional principles! Tune in today as we answer your most pressing questions!

Native American and White Relations Q&A on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Native American and White Relations: Q&A on Foundations of Freedom Thursday.  Did Indians have black slaves?  What was King Phillip's War really about? Were the whites always the aggressors?  David discusses the difference between the secular feudal vs. the allodial approaches that the Christians took as reflected in the Wampanoag Indian and PilgrimTreaty.

2017-08-02T19:21:42-04:00August 3rd, 2017|Godly History & Good News|5 Comments
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