Did The Founders Say We Are Not a Christian Nation? Government Spending, and Supreme Court Justices – On Foundations Of Freedom

Constitution Courses For Leaders, Christian Heritage Week, And More - On Foundations Of Freedom: Should Constitution classes be mandatory for public servants? What is a key to restoring our Republic? Have you ever heard about Christian Heritage Week? Should the American Flag be in the church? Should churches teach Biblical positions to the issues we face today? We're answering your questions; so tune in for Foundations of Freedom!

Why Having A Convention Of States Is Vital – With Mark Meckler

Why Having A Convention Of States Is Vital - With Mark Meckler: Do you know what a Convention of Sates is and why it is more important than ever? Can the Democratic Party be defined as Fascists? What do the woke mob, Red Guards of Mao, and the Brownshirts of the Nazi Party all have in common? How do we push back against the literal type of Fascism taking over our country and limit the federal government? How can we keep our elections from being rigged for years to come? What can you do today to help protect our liberty and restore our freedoms? Tune in to hear Mark Meckler explain!

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