Patriot Academy Session: Cultural Marxism, Part 2 – With Voddie Baucham

Patriot Academy Session: Cultural Marxism, Part 1 - With Voddie Baucham: How do we apply the implications of the Gospel to politics? Have you heard how cultural Marxism has infiltrated our education system? Has critical theory influenced your pastor?  What does understanding our culture's worldview have to do with preaching the Gospel? Tune in to hear part 2 of this important session with Voddie Baucham. 

Evangelical Pastors Are Pandering To Marxist BLM – With Dr. Everett Piper

Why Are Evangelical Pastors Pandering To Marxist BLM? - With Dr. Everett Piper: What matters more--objective facts or subjective feelings? Why is BLM tearing down statues of Civil Rights Leaders? Are pastors ignorant or caving to cultural pressure in their support of the BLM organization? Are we dividing the nation rather than uniting the nation, thus moving backwards instead of forwards? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with Dr. Everett Piper.

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