The Origins of Thanksgiving: Faith, Founding Principles and America’s Forgotten History

We've got an enlightening journey to embark upon, folks! With the insightful Tim Barton as our guide, we're all set to unravel the gripping history and significance of Thanksgiving in America. Unearthing the foundation of this cherished festival, we discover that it was established a whopping 150 years before our revered Declaration of Independence. Listen in as we emphasize the untold importance of Thanksgiving - a time of reflection on faith, culture, and constitutional principles. Next, we invite you to an exceptional tour through American history at the WallBuilders Museum. Tim Barton, gives us a virtual tour through an awe-inspiring collection of over 100,000 original documents and artifacts from the founding era. Prepare to be riveted as we uncover the intriguing tales of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and more. Furthermore, we explore the fascinating relationship between Washington and Alexander Hamilton during the American Revolution. As we delve deeper, we emphasize the efforts of WallBuilders, a non-profit organization that's preserving America's forgotten history and founding principles. Hear how they wield original documents and rigorous research to arm politicians and the public with accurate information in our age of rampant misinformation. We throw a spotlight on the profound influence of the Bible on our founding fathers and early American history. Strengthen your knowledge base and join us as we urge listeners to verify historical information and comprehend the full narrative. Together, we can discover the truth, find courage, and promote good amidst division. So buckle up, and let's dive into an unforgettable journey through time!

Running to the Roar: A Deep Dive into Historical Revivals and Their Relevance Today

Get ready to ignite your understanding of truth as we take you on a journey through historical revivals. In this exploration, we unearth the profound relevance revivals have in today's context and the crucial role the Bible plays as a guiding light. Strap in, as we move from understanding revivals to the incredible process of how they span generations. We delve deeply into the significant role the older generation plays in moulding the younger with biblical teachings. In the final leg of our journey, we uncover the tenacity and resilience required for revival, drawing inspiration from George Whitefield's unyielding dedication during the Great Awakening. We conclude with an inspiring call to action, inviting you to be a part of our mission of truth by supporting WallBuilders. We promise this is an episode that will leave you contemplating the intersections of policy, faith, and culture through a Biblical and historical perspective.

Running to the Roar: Lessons from the American Revolution and Community Engagement

Can the strength of a community truly shape the course of a nation? Brace yourself to unravel the power of local engagement as we journey back to the American Revolution. Our discussion brings to light the pivotal role local communities played in the war for independence, illustrating how the echo of local action can resonate on a national level. From Lexington to Bunker Hill, we'll uncover the spirit of community-led initiatives that shaped the future of our nation. In a societal landscape where bigger is presumed better, we'll challenge this norm, probing the megachurch phenomenon and the yardstick of success. We'll reflect on the life and teachings of Jesus, reminding you that impactful change often starts small. From the intricacies of marriages and nuclear families to economic principles drawn from biblical parables, we'll illustrate how these teachings not only shape personal lives but societal structures. Prepare to rethink your understanding of success and the profound influence you can exert within your own community. Tune in for an enlightening dialogue on faith, history, and the power of local engagement.

Running to the Roar: Drawing Courage from Biblical Lessons amid Social Challenges

Ever wondered why the lion, a creature frequently mentioned in the Bible, roars so powerfully? What if I told you that by running towards this terrifying roar, rather than away from it, we can discover true safety? Prepare to be challenged as we unpack the profound lessons lodged within biblical tales, drawing wisdom applicable to the current state of America. We dissect the current culture, delve into the courage found in the Book of Job, and discuss the war horse, a creature eager to charge into the battle head-on. Has the narrowing narrative of social media and the de-platforming of groups based on family, morality, and pro-life views got you concerned? We tackle these issues, advocating for the importance of challenging the enemy's strongholds and facing the 'roar'. Through the biblical examples of Caleb and Joshua, we draw inspiration for courage and fearlessness in confronting our adversaries. Moreover, we ask the question, how do we recognize when our prayers for revival have been answered? Join us as we extract wisdom from the Bible to navigate these trying times.

Arise and Rebuild the Walls – with Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins is on with us today to tell us about his new 14-day study on Nehemiah. The only way we will be able to rebuild our nation and restore our defenses against the enemy is if we all work on the culture in our own areas of influence, just as it was done in Nehemiah as they rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. You will be encouraged, and you will fall in love with the Bible, again!

Warrior Poets Restoring the Culture – with John Lovell

Masculinity is crumbling in our country, and Warrior Poets are the antidote. Our liberties are being stripped away and children are especially under attack. John Lovell is on with us today to tell us about Warrior Poet Society and his book, The Warrior Poet Way, providing answers to the declining morals that are so present in our country, today.

Millennials Shifting Further from Biblical Faith – with George Barna

Today, we have George Barna on with us to discuss the shifting worldviews among the various generations, specifically the negative inpact that COVID has had on worldviews. We narrow our focus in on the Millennial generation. They are drifting further from Biblical faith, as a result of their experience during the COVID pandemic.

Can We Peaceably Save Our Country? – with Floyd Brown

What happens if we apply a practical biblical plan? Floyd Brown is on to tell us about his new book, Counterpunch. How can we fight back for faith and freedom? Tune in today to hear the answers. The key is coming together in unity with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Don’t Forget Our History and Heroes – with Tim Geoglein

We must teach the American story to the rising generation. If we forget who we are we will not know the direction of the country. We are facing an epidemic of historic illiteracy. The future of America is on the line. Tim Geoglein is on with us today to tell us about a new book that aims to remedy the ignorance of our history and heroes, and get us turned back in the right direction.�

Government, Life, Sports and TV – on Good News Friday!

Lets get some good news, today! We’ll work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. More good news on rules and process changes in the House, including reducing the size and scope of the IRS. Other topics include gaining ground in the Pro Life front, God being recognized in sports, and wholesome television.

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