Setting the Record Straight-America’s History in Black and White Part 1

Setting the Record Straight-America's History in Black and White-Part 1 - There is much to Black History that has been left out and misrepresented. This is a special program we're going to bring to you. It's a series from an incredible DVD and book that David Barton put out a couple of years ago called, Setting the Record Straight, America's History in Black and White. The information is incredibly powerful and it will absolutely blow away a lot of the things that you've heard and have been taught.

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Where Did Our Political Colors Originate? Everybody Needs A Rabbi

Where Did Our Political Colors Originate? Everybody Needs A Rabbi: This is the last segment of a three-part series with Rabbi Lapin at the Pro-Family Legislators Conference. Rabbi Lapin does a great job pointing out where we are in America as a Christian nation and how we've got to be more certain about what we believe. Also how important it is for us to realize why these principles are necessary to keep freedom alive in our country. Rabbi Lapin also gives an interesting perspective on what our laws are based on. In this episode, you’ll learn why Democrats switched colors with Republicans and how, Biblically, our political colors, red and blue, came about.

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