Bans On Biblical Counseling – With Mat Staver

Bans On Biblical Counseling - With Mat Staver:  How many states are fighting bans on biblical counseling? Should governments be able to force certain viewpoints and speech? Are new laws forbidding Christian counselors from offering true help and solutions to clients? Tune in to hear Mat Staver discuss the court battles over bans on biblical counseling and more!

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The Christian Left – With Lucas Miles

The Christian Left - With Lucas Miles: How do Christians slide into Progressive Christianity? Where has the Progressive Christian viewpoint hijacked traditional (and Biblical) Christian beliefs? How do we counter dangerous heresy?How is our faith being used as a political weapon? How did Hitler use "Positive Christianity"?  What is TRUE Christian unity? Historically, what has happened when Biblical beliefs are applied to a society? Tune in to hear this timely interview with Lucas Miles discussing his new book The Christian Left.

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Biden’s Disastrous Foreign Policies – With General Boykin

Biden's Disastrous Foreign Policies - With General Boykin: What is one huge misconception of Democrats? Is man basically good? Did John Kerry betray our intelligence community and allies security? Did John Kerry share classified information with our enemies? If Kerry would lie about his military service, would he hesitate to lie about committing treasonous acts? Should there be an investigation into John Kerry for giving aid and comfort to our enemies and betraying our great ally? Tune in to hear an important conversation with General Boykin!

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David Barton On The 10th Amendment – At The Profamily Legislators Conference

David Barton On The 10th Amendment - At The Profamily Legislators Conference: How many pastors think the Bible applies to every area life? What should the federal government actually be doing? What should be left to the states? How did the Founders' Biblical worldview facilitate the establishment of checks and balances, the key to our long-lasting Republic? Tune in to hear principles vital to our Republic!

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Socialism And The Trump Card – With Dinesh D’Souza

Socialism And The Trump Card - With Dinesh D'Souza: Do you think most pro-socialist college students know that socialism is about creating a forced conformity across culture? Why are Christians buying into socialistic ideas? If socialism were going to work with any group of people, it would've worked with the Pilgrims. The election before has had such a clear distinction between ideas with such drastic consequences. Why do radical Muslims and transgenders work together? Is socialism a form of slavery? How did such a discredited ideology like socialism be taken seriously by intellectual people? Tune in to hear Dinesh D'Souza discuss his new movie Trump Card, a manifesto against socialism.

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