Slavery In America – With Matt Walsh At Patriot Academy

Slavery In America - With Matt Walsh At Patriot Academy: At what point can we have a fruitful dialogue concerning racism? Was slavery in America BEFORE the white Europeans showed up? Did Americans start the slave trade? Was the kind of slavery practiced in America more brutal and inhuman that what was common across the globe? Do you know what happened in modern-day Peru BEFORE Europeans showed up? What about the practices of the Aztecs. Does the history taught in our schools need a bit more context? What is a truly unique aspect of America's relationship with slavery that is hardly ever discussed? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with Matt Walsh from Patriot Academy and learn the important answers to these questions and much more!

Evangelical Pastors Are Pandering To Marxist BLM – With Dr. Everett Piper

Why Are Evangelical Pastors Pandering To Marxist BLM? - With Dr. Everett Piper: What matters more--objective facts or subjective feelings? Why is BLM tearing down statues of Civil Rights Leaders? Are pastors ignorant or caving to cultural pressure in their support of the BLM organization? Are we dividing the nation rather than uniting the nation, thus moving backwards instead of forwards? Tune in to hear this eye-opening interview with Dr. Everett Piper.

Hijacking the Real History of Jesus – With Rabbi Feldstein

Hijacking the Real History of Jesus – With Rabbi Feldstein: With all the moral relativism in our culture, society is crumbling. Now, there are even falsified stories about our Savior Himself. Is it possible for people to have their own truth? Tune in to hear this message about the importance of returning to a solid foundation.

Interviewing Dennis Prager on the Movie No Safe Space

Campus Snowflake Coddling Will Have A Big Negative Impact: Every year in Washington D.C many speakers, including President Trump, gather for the Values Voters Summit. We wanted to share with you some interviews we had at the summit. Today, we are interviewing Dennis Prager on the lack of freedom of speech on college campuses today. 

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