Warrior Poets Restoring the Culture – with John Lovell

Masculinity is crumbling in our country, and Warrior Poets are the antidote. Our liberties are being stripped away and children are especially under attack. John Lovell is on with us today to tell us about Warrior Poet Society and his book, The Warrior Poet Way, providing answers to the declining morals that are so present in our country, today.

Father to the Fatherless – with Boomer Bennett

Today we get the incredible story of Boomer Bennett. Growing up fatherless, he turned to violence and gang life to fill the void in his life. Incarcerated, he found himself at the center of a race riot within the prison walls. He turned to God for forgiveness, and discovered what it meant to have a Father in his life for the first time. Now, he is out spreading the Good News and leading countless others to Christ. This is one story you don’t want to miss!

Don’t Despair; Do This Instead, Part 2 – With Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Don't Despair; Do This Instead, Part 2 - With Rabbi Daniel Lapin: What is the solution to problems we've forgotten? Is there ANY other civilization apart from a Bible-based one? What happens when a society abandons God-ordained tradition? What do we find when we study America's 40-year cycles? What can we learn from ancient Jewish wisdom? Tune in to hear this enlightening session with Rabbi Daniel Lapin from the ProFamily Legislators Conference!

A Week Of Thanksgiving, Day Five – Nuns, Bible Class, Afghanistan’s Underground Railroad & More!

A Week Of Thanksgiving, Day Five - Nuns, Bible Class, Afghanistan's Underground Railroad & More!: Does loving your neighbor include involvement in civil government? Should New York nuns be required to have abortions on their health insurance? How many students would you guess chose to take an elective Bible class? Have you heard about the amazing underground-railroad moment from a rescue effort in Afghanistan? How is Gov. DeSantis handling Biden's unethical dealings concerning immigrants? Tune in to hear these good news stories and more on our last day of the "Week of Thanksgiving"!

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