Biden’s Disastrous Foreign Policies – With General Boykin

Biden's Disastrous Foreign Policies - With General Boykin: What is one huge misconception of Democrats? Is man basically good? Did John Kerry betray our intelligence community and allies security? Did John Kerry share classified information with our enemies? If Kerry would lie about his military service, would he hesitate to lie about committing treasonous acts? Should there be an investigation into John Kerry for giving aid and comfort to our enemies and betraying our great ally? Tune in to hear an important conversation with General Boykin!

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Former Transgender Warns of Gender Hysteria Harming Children

Former Transgender Warns Of Gender Hysteria Harming Children: Today, we are interviewing Kevin Whitt who will be giving us an insider view of what is going on with children transitioning. Kevin Whitt has come out of this lifestyle and has devoted his life to shining a light of understanding of the damage that is done to these kids. tune in now to learn more!

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