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An Update on the State of the Government – with Congressman Josh Brecheen

Our black hero segment today is on Lemuel Haynes. Later, we have Congressman Josh Brecheen, representative from Oklahoma, on to discuss the state of our federal government. How are things progressing now that the house has new rules? What is happening regarding our relationship with China? Is anything going to be done about our out-of-control spending? All of this and more!�

House Leadership is Turning the Country in the Right Direction – on Good News Friday

We start off our program with another segment from our black history series, this time on Henry Highland Garnet. After that, we work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. The house rules now allow the federal government to transfer property back to the states. The COVID national emergencies are now planned to officially shut down. Socialism has been denounced in the House. And a court case win for the ProLife movement. All of this and more, here on Good News Friday�

Good News Wednesday!

In order to get caught up on our Good News Friday stack, we’ve decided to bring you some good news, today on Wednesday! We start off the program with another segment from our black history segment on Christian Fleetwood. We follow it up with our good news topics- Increased oil and gas drilling bills being passed in the House, in the NHL teams are declining to wear special pride jerseys, the constitution was read before the State of the Union address and a judge in California blocks COVID-19 disinformation law. All of this and more today on Good News Wednesday!�

House Rules, Healthcare and Women’s Sports – on Good News Friday!

Today is Good News Friday! We start off with the history of Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves, followed by more good news from David and Tim’s stack, including more news related to the updated House rules. Now there is more time for bills to be reviewed and congressmen and congresswomen on the House floor can propose amendments to bills. The New York Supreme Court strikes down vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. In Massachusetts, physician assisted suicide is now banned. And in West Virginia, women are now protected from men who want to participate in their sports. All of this and much more today on Good News Friday!�

More on the House Rules – with Representative Josh Brecheen

As a continuation of yesterday’s topic on the greatly improved House rules, Representative Josh Brecheen joins us to provide even more details. A signal has been sent- this brings hope for future victories. This will change the way policy is made for years to come, in a much-needed way.

A Change in Leadership Can Turn This Country Around – with Congressman Brian Babin

Conservatives have a better position in the House. With updated rules, there will be more influence. Bills have to be available to read 72 hours before the vote is taken, oversight has been restored, proxy voting is being eliminated, there are improvement to border security and Improvements in the spending budget, among many other items!

Militias, Voting By Proxy, Autonomous Zones, Federalism And More – On Foundations Of Freedom

Militias, Voting By Proxy, Autonomous Zones, Federalism, And More - On Foundations Of Freedom: Exactly what constitutes a militia? Do proxy voting plans violate Constitutional principles, or even the rules of the House? Are we sacrificing principles for party? Does the President have a right to protect against zones like Chop? Tune in to hear the answer to these questions and so much more!

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