The American Commission- Constitution Alive Segment 11 Part One

The American Commission: Our Constitution is still alive and applicable today! As citizens, we all have a duty to study the Constitution, to understand where our rights and our freedoms are laid out in that document, and how our government structure should work. The reason our government continues to overstep its boundaries is that “we the people” don’t know what those boundaries are! Tune in now for the first part of our two-part series from Constitution Alive! 

Constitutional Right Of Self-Defense Historically- Part Three

Constitutional Right Of Self-Defense Historically- Part Three: Tune in today for the last part of our three-part series on the Second Amendment and the right of self-defense. We will be discussing the historical and constitutional perspective on the Second Amendment. Listen now to learn more about what the Founders had to say about our right of self-defense, learn how our right to protect ourselves and our right to vote are both protected throughout the Constitution, learn how the Constitution has been twisted in recent times, and more!

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