School Choice, Civil War, And More – On Foundations Of Freedom:

School Choice, Civil War, And More - On Foundations Of Freedom: If school choice bills pass, should the government be able to dictate how the money is used? Why hasn't school choice been achieved in states like Texas? Are there any righteous motives for civil war? Do you understand the "Just War" theory? Tune in to hear the important answers to these questions and more on today's Foundations of Freedom program!

Making a Difference, Part Three – With David Barton At the ProFamily Legislators Conference

Making a Difference By Learning True History With David Barton, Part Three - At the ProFamily Legislators Conference: Can your pastor apply the Bible to current issues? How did 613 laws help transition a group of former slaves to the number one premier nation in the ancient world? How did locals act during the American Revolution? How have revivals happened historically? What percentage of Americans actually chooses our leaders? Tune in to hear how you can make a big difference by simply being involved in your small area of the world!

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