Shutting Down Woke Nonsense in the School Board – with John Amanchukwu

A school board in California is thrown out and replaced after parents discover their woke policies. John Amanchukwu is on with us today to tell us about it. He testified at their school board meeting and is solid beacon of truth, laying out the facts and speaking out against critical race theory and LGBTQ favoritism. Be sure to check out his book, Eraced, and tune in with us today!

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Biblical Counseling for Biblical Sexuality Blocked in Minnesota – with Pastor Gus Booth

In Minnesota, law prevents Christian counselors from charging for “Conversion” therapy, helping individuals out of their sexual sins. Pastor Gus Booth is on with us today to talk about the law, and what is being done. We must stand for Biblical truth.

Good News in the Courts – on Good News Friday

Today, we work through more of David and Tim’s stack of good news articles- The cases against Jack Phillips have made their way to the Supreme Court and a victory for him sets precedent for future cases. Also in the Supreme Court, affirmative action and race-based selection in education is being shut down. Public polling is showing LGBTQIA+ favorability is down after many Americans find there agenda so off-putting. After a postal carrier loses his job over having to work on Sunday, the Supreme Court rules in his favor.

Gender Transition Surgeries Being Forced on Kids – with Mat Staver

The left is pushing gender transition surgeries onto any kid who claims to feel like the opposite gender. They don’t want parents to stand in the way. The medical industry is incentivized to stand with the left by the large amounts of money to be gained. These are permanent mutilations that result in sterilization. Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel is on with us today to discuss the situation. There is push-back, but will it be enough?

San Francisco Paying Transgenders for Being Transgenders – with Bob McEwen

The city of San Francisco is paying transgender individuals $1,200 a month to support their lifestyle. These funds are coming directly from the tax payers. Today, we have former Congressman Bob McEwen on to talk to us about it. With his insights and background in economics, he explains to us why this is unsustainable and an all-out bad idea. By promoting this behavior San Francisco is continuing to send the culture into a downward spiral. What can we do to set things right? Join us today for the answers.

Good News Wednesday!

In order to get caught up on our Good News Friday stack, we’ve decided to bring you some good news, today on Wednesday! We start off the program with another segment from our black history segment on Christian Fleetwood. We follow it up with our good news topics- Increased oil and gas drilling bills being passed in the House, in the NHL teams are declining to wear special pride jerseys, the constitution was read before the State of the Union address and a judge in California blocks COVID-19 disinformation law. All of this and more today on Good News Wednesday!�

Bans On Biblical Counseling – With Mat Staver

Bans On Biblical Counseling - With Mat Staver:  How many states are fighting bans on biblical counseling? Should governments be able to force certain viewpoints and speech? Are new laws forbidding Christian counselors from offering true help and solutions to clients? Tune in to hear Mat Staver discuss the court battles over bans on biblical counseling and more!

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White Slaves, Discrimination In Medical Care, And More – On Foundations Of Freedom

White Slaves, Discrimination In Medical Care, And More  - On Foundations Of Freedom: Were there ever white people enslaved in America? Why is medical care restricted for individuals who refuse the jab? How does a secular worldview relate to medical care? Can we make the case that CRT, wokeness, and LGBTQ language are a form of religion and cannot be in public schools? How is "religion" defined, and why does it matter so much in this nation? Tune in to learn the answers to these questions and more on today's Foundations of Freedom program!

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