Standing in the Gap for Family Values – with Carroll Conley

The Christian Civic League in Maine is making a difference in the area of Life. In Maine a bill was introduced to legalize abortion without restriction. There was a big push back from pro life citizens. Carroll Conley’s organization, The Christian Civic League had a big part in standing up for life and making a difference in the state of Maine. This is just one example of a growing number of people throughout the nation recognizing what needs to be done and being willing to stand in the gap. Carroll tells us about his experience and what we can do to steer our nation in the right direction.

Good News for Life on Good News Friday

Today on this Good News Friday, we work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. Kansas passes a law defining gender as biological gender. Kansas also passes an infant born alive protection act to protect babies who survive an abortion. A lawsuit was placed against Virginia Commonwealth University for not providing protection to its students during violent protests that arose during a pro life function. Alliance Defending Freedom got involved and won the suit. San Francisco’s attempt to boycott pro life states fails when it isn’t financially feasible. A massive pro life convention in Maine meets and provides positive influence at the state capitol.

Protecting Our God-Given, Constitutional Rights – With Mat Staver From Liberty Counsel

Protecting Our God-Given, Constitutional Rights - With Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel: Four to 12 years ago, we were fighting the federal government to protect our constitutional freedoms. Now, we are having to stand against lower-level officials like mayors or governors. Is attending church criminal behavior? Should Californians face a year in jail just for attending church or meeting in their homes? How are judges appointed by Trump responding differently than Obama appointees to religious freedom cases? Tune in to hear this important update from Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel.

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Legal Victories Against Unconstitutional Covid Crackdown Orders – With Mat Staver

Legal Victories Against Unconstitutional Covid Crackdown Orders - With Mat Staver: Are churches being targeted unconstitutionally in some states? What can be done about the government overreach and double standards? Tune in to hear Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel share how they are having victories in court cases.

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