Decision 2020 – What’s Going On In Pennsylvania?

Decision 2020 - What's Going On In Pennsylvania?: Will We Be Closer To Knowing Who The Lawful President Will Be This Week?Were there any big developments over the weekend? What did Judge Patricia McCullough's decision mean for Pennsylvania? Does the American public support Trump's election battles?  Tune in to hear what may happen this coming week as we continue to get closer to the truth of Decision 2020!

2020-11-30T21:19:53-05:00November 30th, 2020|Constitution & Legal, Government & Policy|0 Comments

Three Reasons Free Speech Is Endangered

Three Reasons Free Speech Is Endangered: We talk about free speech a lot on this program as it pertains to cases dealing with Christian bakers, photographers, etc, but there’s another side of free speech that we don’t think of as often. What about the attacks on free speech that occur on online outlets? Do companies have the right to choose who to censor? Tune in now!

2019-02-05T23:12:39-05:00February 4th, 2019|Constitution & Legal|0 Comments
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